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  • Here is the agenda for today I will start with a short introduction of the talent portal
  • Usually conduct 2 rounds – July for JC students and end Oct for Secondary students Students enjoy the networking session with the Infocomm professionals the most Accenture invested in hiring an external career consultant for the visit this year. Overwhelming response for Google’s Visit this year
  • Showcasing top talent through the National Infocomm Competition (NIC), National infocomm club awards (NICA) and the National Infocomm Scholarships (NIS) and Integrated Infocomm Scholarships (IIS). Make learning fun by visiting infocomm companies such as Google, Microsoft, HP and Barclays. Hone leadership through the ambassadors programme and teambuilding organised specially for Infocomm Clubs ambassadors of club leaders. Mention Vishnu winning Youth IT Leaders Award.
  • year-long infocomm competition held annually that allows students to hone their skills and showcase their talent in infocomm. Into its fifth year in 2010, students from secondary schools, junior colleges, Polytechnics and ITE will compete over 16 challenges. students will compete in three circuits: (a) Secondary School, (b) Junior College (JC) and (c) Polytechnic / ITE. Points will be awarded to the top winners in each challenge. The school with the highest accumulated points will be the circuit champion. The NIC is brought to you by IDA, with the support of MOE , and is organised by NTU, NUS, SMU and all 5 local polys, ITE, Information Technology Standards Committee, SCS and Science Centre Singapore. The industry partners include Adobe, Microsoft, Cisco Systems and Sun Microsystems. WINNERS AND PRIZES OF THE NATIONAL INFOCOMM COMPETITION 2009   In addition to infocomm-related prizes, cash and a trophy, the winners of each circuit will be provided a one-week knowledge acquisition trip to Silicon Valley, USA.
  • 50 SCS student chapter students from SMU attended All students who are in the following courses are automatically enrolled as members: Nanyang Polytechnic School of Information Technology Ngee Ann Polytechnic School of Information & Communication Technology Republic Polytechnic School of Information & Communication Technology Singapore Polytechnic School of Media and Info-Communications Technology Temasek Polytechnic Temasek Information Technology School National University of Singapore School of Computing Nanyang Technological University School of Computer Engineering Nanyang Business School   Singapore Management University School of Information Systems SIM Global Education James Cook University Singapore School of Information Technology
  • He also mentioned that IDA and MOE are working closely to promote computing amongst the pre-tertiary students. The 3 main actions items are: Revamping the ‘A’ level computing syllabus, where students will learn computing through providing solutions to real-world problems. Computer Science Reloaded Programme to ensure computing as a national capability from primary to junior college levels. All students will be confident of their computing skills. Computing Teachers Development Programme to ensure a pipeline of quality teachers to provide quality education for your child The objectives are to equip students with relevant and deep infocomm skills from a young age and to provide them with opportunities to express creativity. Many of these programmes also aim to broaden their exposure to the industry so that it provides a holistic education and gives them a head-start in planning for their career.
  • Promote infocomm as ideal career choice/or area of study Increase awareness of careers in infocomm and infocomm-related industries Interactive platform to showcase various manpower initiatives Engage youths, general workforce and infocomm professionals Build vibrant community with conversations targeting youths and infocomm professionals Target Audience: (in order of priority) Students Considering an Infocomm Career Infocomm Professionals General Public Features of the Talent Portal Include:- Bi-monthly Interactive Poll Twitter Feed Events Listing Career Guide (inclusive of IT Personality Quiz) Facebook Connect Feature Google Content Search Blog Engine Monthly eDM (Infocomm Talent Portal Newsletter)
  • IDA Student Talent Attraction Initaitives

    1. 1. MDEV Student Outreach
    2. 2. Increasing Mindshare & Awareness <ul><li>Create talk and buzz surrounding Infocomm </li></ul><ul><li>Strengthen the awareness of infocomm as a course of study and a career of choice </li></ul>Manpower Marcom Campaign <ul><li>Talent Portal </li></ul><ul><li>Infocomm Possibilities @Work Programme </li></ul><ul><li>Career Talk </li></ul><ul><li>Youth Infocomm Day </li></ul><ul><li>Growing, thriving industry </li></ul><ul><li>Make a difference to the world </li></ul><ul><li>Rewarding career </li></ul><ul><li>Fun & intellectually stimulating </li></ul>Marcom Objectives Messages <ul><li>Talent Attraction - Youths </li></ul><ul><li>Talent Retention - Professionals </li></ul>Initiatives Outcomes
    3. 3. Infocomm Career @ Work Programme (Q2/Q4) <ul><li>Students to have a sneak preview into the technologies and life of an infocomm professional </li></ul><ul><li>Experience the dynamism of the Industry through guided field trips. </li></ul><ul><li>The objective is to inspire students to be a part of this dynamic infocomm profession. </li></ul><ul><li>It started in 2008 and more than1000 students have benefitted </li></ul>
    4. 4. Infocomm Career Talks in Schools (Ad Hoc) <ul><li>Talks given to students by IDA Personnel on </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Infocomm Landscape </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Career Prospects </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Educational routes </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Scholarships </li></ul></ul><ul><li>Part of Scholarship/Careers Fair or stand-alone talk </li></ul><ul><li>Schools who have benefited: </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Methodist Fairfield Secondary </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Raffles Institution </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Saint Andrews Junior College </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Temasek Junior College </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Victoria Junior College </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>NUS SoC hosting for local Poly students </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Chuo University from Tokyo </li></ul></ul>
    5. 5. Infocomm Clubs Framework – 3 Focus Areas Showcasing top talent Industry engagements Leadership training <ul><li>Competitions (eg. National Infocomm Competitions, </li></ul><ul><li>National Infocomm Clubs Awards) </li></ul><ul><li>2. Scholarships (eg. National Infocomm Scholarships, </li></ul><ul><li>Integrated Infocomm Scholarships) </li></ul><ul><li>Fun out of classroom learning </li></ul><ul><li>Company visits, talks and events specially for club members </li></ul><ul><li>Ambassador programme (Vishnu Prem won 2011 SCS Youth IT Leader Award) </li></ul><ul><li>Club Leaders Teambuilding </li></ul>
    6. 6. Youth Infocomm Day (Q4) <ul><li>Wow and excite students about Infocomm in a fun way </li></ul><ul><li>Invite Industry leaders, Computing schools and Infocomm Clubs to showcase technologies and projects. </li></ul><ul><li>Held in conjunction with National Infocomm Club Awards and Infocomm Club Ambassadors Appointment </li></ul>
    7. 7. National Infocomm Competition (Awards Ceremony/Launch in Q2) <ul><li>Inculcate interest & raise exposure in infocomm among students </li></ul><ul><li>Allows students to hone their skills and showcase their talent in infocomm </li></ul><ul><li>Common branding to boost prestige of infocomm competition </li></ul>Attracted over 10,000 student participation for the various challenges since 2006.
    8. 8. Youth Infocomm Seminar (Q3) <ul><li>An annual career seminar to get exclusive insider views on the life and journey of top infocomm professionals from </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Brandtology </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Google, Southeast Asia </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Buzzcity </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>BT Frontline </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Barclays Capital </li></ul></ul>Close to 200 students from Junior Colleges and Polytechnics attended
    9. 9. Singapore Computer Society Students Chapter – Dialogue Tea Session (Ad Hoc) <ul><li>Series of dialogue sessions to be held quarterly for the IT student community </li></ul><ul><li>Allow students to engage with role models of the IT industry in an informal setting on topics that are of interest to students. </li></ul><ul><li>RADM (NS) Ronnie Tay, CEO of IDA, was the speaker for the first session held on 27 Aug 2010. </li></ul>
    10. 10. Enhanced Learning in Infocomm Technology (ELITe) <ul><li>Aim: Equip infocomm students with “beyond-academic” skills during their undergraduate programme to enhance their industry-readiness </li></ul><ul><li>Target Audience </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Outstanding Year 2 infocomm undergraduates </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><ul><li>Singaporeans or PRs </li></ul></ul></ul><ul><ul><ul><li>Non-Scholars </li></ul></ul></ul><ul><li>Programme Duration </li></ul><ul><ul><li>From Year 2 till graduation </li></ul></ul>Courses & Certifications Monitoring & Tracking Internship Opportunities Infocomm Seminars Mentorship & Industry Exposure Industry- relevant Projects
    11. 11. Integrated Infocomm Scholarship (IIS) <ul><li>Through-train scholarship covering both infocomm-related diploma courses at the 5 local polytechnics followed by infocomm-related degree courses at the local universities </li></ul><ul><li>Provides scholars the opportunity for valuable industry attachments to major infocomm corporations locally & overseas </li></ul><ul><li>100 scholarships awarded to date </li></ul>
    12. 12. National Infocomm Scholarship (NIS) <ul><li>An unique scholarship targeted at outstanding ‘A’ level, IB & polytechnic students to p ursue an infocomm-related study at renowned international or Singapore universities. </li></ul><ul><li>Exciting career opportunities at leading organizations upon graduation. </li></ul><ul><li>31 partners on board the NIS programme </li></ul><ul><li>239 scholarships awarded since 2004 </li></ul>
    13. 13. Student Engagement within MDEV 2.0 Computational Thinking <ul><ul><li>Revised Computing Syllabus for ‘A’ Levels </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><ul><li>Computational thinking as foundation for new ‘A’ level curricula from 2012 </li></ul></ul></ul><ul><ul><ul><ul><li>Teaching will adopt a ‘problem-driven’ approach </li></ul></ul></ul></ul><ul><ul><ul><ul><li>Real-world problems used to teach students various approaches, tools and creative computing solutions </li></ul></ul></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Computer Science Reloaded programme </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><ul><ul><li>Equip all school students (i.e. primary, secondary and junior college) with a good understanding of computing concepts and applications </li></ul></ul></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Computing Teachers Development Programme </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><ul><li>Complement existing initiatives by MOE to build a pipeline of able computing teachers via local / overseas computing programmes for educators </li></ul></ul></ul>
    14. 14. Infocomm Talent Portal <ul><li>Platform to broadcast and showcase latest happenings in the Infocomm which appeals to students </li></ul><ul><li>Platform to actively engage the youth in Infocomm happenings </li></ul><ul><li>Integrated with Facebook </li></ul><ul><li>Virtual Career Centre </li></ul><ul><li>Facebook with more than to 5,300 fans </li></ul>