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Elizabethan era

Intro. to Shakespeare and the time he lived in...used before we read Romeo & Juliet

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Elizabethan era

  1. 1. Elizabethan Era 1560-1603 and Shakespeare 1564-1616
  2. 2. Queen Elizabeth I•Considered to beEngland’s “Golden Age”•Ruled for 44 years•Never married. Hugedeal at the time.•Nicknamed the “VirginQueen”
  3. 3. Fashion in the Elizabethan Era• Men wore their hair short, while women combed their long hair upwards where it was fixed with a wire frame that formed a heart shape.• Purple clothing was a sign of royalty.• During the Elizabethan era, men and women wore very high collars, fashioned after Spanish couture.
  4. 4. Fashion• Women strove to imitate her curly red hair, using different recipes for bleaching their hair. Some of these recipes used strange elements, including urine!
  5. 5. Hygiene• Baths were not common due to the amount of work to fill a tub.• Toilets consisted of Chamber Pots• Waste disposed in cesspools and dung heaps…. Sometimes even just out the window into the streets
  6. 6. The Plague• Also known as the Black Death• Wiped out 2/3 of people• Symptoms: sores that bleed and turn black• Killed in 4-7 days• Transferred by fleas• Thought disease was spread by bad smells
  7. 7. Punishments• Women who gossiped too much were put put in a brank, paraded around town, and whipped.• Amputation• Torture• Death
  8. 8. Entertainment• Feasts• Festivals• Dancing• Jousts• Hunting• Plays
  9. 9. Shakespeare• Born 1564; Died 1616• Wrote 37 plays & 154 sonnents• Married Anne Hathaway• Three children• Globe theater
  10. 10. His Death “Good friend for Jesus sake forbeare, To dig the dust enclosed here. Blessed be the man that spares these stones, And cursed be he that moves my bones.”• Buried in Stratford at the Holy Trinity Church
  11. 11. The Globe Theater• Actors were all males• Sat about 3000 people• Cheapest “seats” were in front (standing room only)• Performances during the day (open roof!)• “All the Worlds a Stage”
  12. 12. The Globe Theater
  13. 13. The Globe Theater• Original no longer exists• Rebuilt 1997• Can go see plays there now