Fashion Blogging 101


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This presentation was given to pre-teens/middle school children at a summer fashion camp in 2011.

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Fashion Blogging 101

  1. 1. Fashion Blogging 101<br />Presented by: Dana Holler<br /><br />June 28, 2011<br />
  2. 2. Why blog?<br /><ul><li>Blog as a business -> revenue
  3. 3. Blog as a way to advance your business
  4. 4. Blog as a social tool</li></li></ul><li>Renowned fashion blogs<br /><ul><li>Sea of Shoes
  5. 5. What I Wore
  6. 6. Adored Austin</li></li></ul><li>WHAT MAKES A SUCCESSFUL FASHION BLOG?<br /><ul><li>Clear, colorful, focused photos
  7. 7. Interesting subject matter (for example, styling a new trend several ways)
  8. 8. Features that captivate the reader and encourage two-way communication:
  9. 9. Polls & surveys
  10. 10. Engaging discussion topics
  11. 11. Responding to readers’ comments to encourage further discussion
  12. 12. Engaging in social media (Facebook, Twitter)
  13. 13. Challenges (for example, wearing same scarf, different ways, for one week)
  14. 14. Set yourself apart from the rest - be a “pioneer” or start a niche blog (for example, blogging about one topic – like shoes – or covering fashion in a specific city)</li></li></ul><li>Blogging faux pas<br /><ul><li>Narcissism - appearing to be too into yourself
  15. 15. Blogging too frequently (several times a day) or not often enough (once every two weeks or less)
  16. 16. Being negative (overly critical of others’ wardrobes, etc.)
  17. 17. Not staying true to your own personality and style</li></li></ul><li>My background<br /><ul><li>Graduated from Appalachian State University in 2003 with a Bachelor’s in Business, focus on Information Systems
  18. 18. No fashion education, but obsessed with fashion magazines
  19. 19. A little journalism in college
  20. 20. Currently work full time as an IT project manager</li></li></ul><li>About Cville fashion<br /><ul><li>Local “niche” blog
  21. 21. Started in September 2010
  22. 22. Content includes:
  23. 23. Sales and fashion-related events in town
  24. 24. Outfit ideas using items from various local stores
  25. 25. Some coverage of beauty ideas and trends
  26. 26. Occasional contests
  27. 27. Personal fashion (outfit photos, etc.)
  28. 28. Main goal of Cville Fashion: to promote local fashion – boutiques, designers, and events
  29. 29. 273 Twitter followers, 100 Likes on Facebook </li></li></ul><li>Monetizing your blog<br /><ul><li>Advertising – free to set up
  30. 30. Google AdSense
  31. 31. You are paid when a visitor clicks on the ad
  32. 32. Affiliate marketing
  33. 33. You are paid when a visitor clicks on the ad AND purchases something from that site
  34. 34. Several sites offer this, for example, Commission Junction)
  35. 35. Commissions may come less often than ad clicks, but are worth significantly more when they do occur
  36. 36. Writing gigs
  37. 37. Local magazines
  38. 38. Guest columnist for other sites</li></li></ul><li>the reality of blogging for $$$<br />Can anyone guess how much money I’ve made in advertising in my first nine months of blogging?<br />
  39. 39. the reality of blogging for $$$<br />Answer: $5.83<br />Reality: Most bloggers use their blog as a supplemental (not primary) source of income.<br />
  40. 40. Writing gigs<br /><ul><li>Have written guest fashion columns for Suzy Said Charlottesville
  41. 41. Currently write one fashion column/month for Charlottesville Woman’s blog
  42. 42. Currently write for the quarterly (printed) version of Charlottesville Woman
  43. 43. Real world advice: Expect about $50/article for paying gigs</li></li></ul><li>Challenges of blogging<br /><ul><li>Time (work/life balance)
  44. 44. Coming up with new content, getting inspired (writer’s block)
  45. 45. Getting the word out and generating site traffic</li></li></ul><li>What’s in it for me?<br /><ul><li>Little money, but…
  46. 46. A presence in our local network of bloggers
  47. 47. Helping the community by promoting local businesses
  48. 48. A creative outlet
  49. 49. Perks
  50. 50. Invites to special events in town
  51. 51. Spots on local radio</li></li></ul><li>What can you do?<br /><ul><li>Learn basic computer skills – typing, uploading/copying photos, creating hyperlinks
  52. 52. Find something unique to write about – a style, a story, a challenge, your designs
  53. 53. Start blogging for free – set up a blog at
  54. 54. Read fashion magazines – keep tear-outs to make your own inspiration boards (I recommend InStyle, Harper’s Bazaar)
  55. 55. Read “deep” material too – books, and magazines like Vanity Fair – to stimulate your reading comprehension, vocabulary, and writing skills
  56. 56. Read fashion blogs frequently
  57. 57. Learn and practice photography (basic skills, at the least)
  58. 58. Learn photo-editing software, like Adobe Photoshop</li></li></ul><li>Questions???<br />