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Quantified Self: How digital technologies can help change behaviors (and maybe even change the world)


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How does self-tracking work? Why do people do it? And why should we care? My thoughts on a digital trend that might help change the world for the better using technology (sensors + mobile + social media + gamification).

Quantified Self: How digital technologies can help change behaviors (and maybe even change the world)

  1. 1. Jawbone Up WristbandFitBit Zeo
  2. 2. Quantified Self- Technology Self Improvement
  3. 3. You’re doing something right, and want to Something is wrong make sure youand you want to fix it. continue to do things right.You want to compareyour performance or You need support to experiences with stay motivated. others.
  4. 4. SocialData Mobile Games Media
  5. 5. Data entry Sensors • Mobile apps • Wearable • Websites • Embedded • AttachedPhotograph your meals Track your lid Monitor blood pressure Track your brushing The Eatery GreenGoose Withings Beam Brush
  6. 6. Browser Call log Dog walks history EnergyEmails sent GPS/location consumptionKeystrokes Mood Music playsScreen time Sex Spending
  7. 7. If you are trying to break a habit or change your life, socializing (publishing) your data improves efficacyFriends bear witness and provide support You’re held accountable
  8. 8. Data can be aggregated You learn about yourself inrelation to othersWe all learn moreabout the world
  9. 9. Data Visualizations Analysis Data-Tracking QuantifiedPersonal Self TechnologiesBehavior Motivation Gamification & Support
  10. 10. patients • chronic conditions athletes • pregnant women • smokers in quit process personal-tech evangelists development and hackers junkies Who?
  11. 11. Help consumers understand how a • Illustrate how a lipstick color affects aproduct impacts their woman’s mood lives Better target consumers with • Show ads for high end running shoes toappropriate products consumers who run more than 2 miles a day and messaging Reward consumers • Encourage biking to work: reduces carbonfor behaviors that are emissions, improves individual health, and good for society and sells more cycling equipment good for business • Track and illustrate the benefits of regularImprove the nation’s blood pressure monitoring, which leads to a health decrease in heart attacks and strokes
  12. 12. Help people And by doingplay real life so change the better world