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Kitchen layout


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Kitchen layout

  2. 2. The kitchen is the production center of the food service. A functional kitchen is a combination of the efficiency of modern technology and good architectural design. Food preparation can be facilitated and done effectively in a kitchen designed and structured in such a way that the arrangement of the work centers coincide with space, time and work flow.
  3. 3. Kitchen Principal Work Center • Sink - center for washing and trimming food and dishwashing • Range - the work triangle • Refrigeration Center – be near enough to the food preparation area to minimize movement between areas. • Cooking Center – should provide ready access for food preparation center.
  4. 4. Types of Work Center Arrangement Wall Type – used in small kitchens; the arrangement calls all three centers placed along one wall. * Best utilized in narrow rooms. * Suitable for one or two people to use at one. * Suitable for small family stay at apartment or condominium.
  5. 5. Corridor or Two Type – in this arrangement, the two centers are placed along two walls opposite each other. * Comprises counters on both sides of the room with 1.2m width corridor down the middle. * This set-up saves steps and makes sense where food preparation comes before entertaining. * First choice of many top chefs.
  6. 6. U-TYPE – in this type, a work center is placed along each of the walls. * Utilizes three full walls for maximum storage and work space. * Suitable for both large and small rooms * Suitable for condominium and terrace house.
  7. 7. L-SHAPE – used in large kitchens; this has two work centers, one placed on a long wall and the other on a smaller wall. * Versatile layout with cupboard along two adjacent walls. * Work well with sitting area that is integrated into the same room and overcomes any shortage of wall space. * Idea for a family and entertaining guest.
  8. 8. PENINSULA OR ISLAND TYPE – One or two work centers are located at the center of the room. * Suitable for large rooms with lot of available floor space. * Easier for several people to work together at the sometime.