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Starting A Biz - A Brief Summary


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Some sharing on what I had capture after doing more than 50 business plan.

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Starting A Biz - A Brief Summary

  1. 1. Starting A Business Manifestation of Dream Prepared by Daniel Chang
  2. 2. Foolish
  3. 3. Why – start a biz? Leverage Get ThePersonal Changes Take Engage On Your Result Goal In Life Action People Talent (Money)
  4. 4. What is your passion?
  5. 5. Business Plan VS Business Model
  6. 6. Business ModelA business model describes the rationaleof how an organization creates, delivers,and captures value[1] - economic, social,or other forms of value.It gives a complete picture of an organizationfrom high-level perspective.
  7. 7. Business PlanA business plan is a formalstatement of a set of business goals,the reasons why they are believedattainable, and the plan for reachingthose goals.
  8. 8. Business Plan AnatomyExecutive Management PersonnelSummary Team PlanCompany Operation FinancialDescription Plan Projection Product Marketing Supporting Services Strategy Document
  9. 9. Executive Summary Why should I pay attention? How much What are investment you require? offering? How do Who are you make your money? market?
  10. 10. Company Description USP + Vision + Brand Mission Who is behind? Why this venture is created?What isthename?
  11. 11. Product or Services Offering Solves Why your How What UniquenessProblem Solution Adoption what ideas is would the technology, customer better, customer pattern & problem? cheaper or adopt your process more offering? that make innovative? it attractive?
  12. 12. Marketing Strategy Market Scenario + Marketing Competition Approach Marketing Program Customer
  13. 13. Operation Plan • IT & Business Intelligence Performance Management Quality Management CRM (R.I.C.E)• Organization Design • Management Process Manpower Plan Marketing Process Value Chain Partner System Sales Process Procurement Process • OfficeOrg. • Plant Process • Branch • Office Automation Location
  14. 14. Management Team CEO Strategic Planning Director of Director of Director of HR DirectorMarketing/Sales Operations Finance
  15. 15. Personnel Plan Policies Performance People Rules & Jobs KPI Regulation Description Human Capital Reward RemunerationDevelopment
  16. 16. Financial Projection 1 year to 5 years duration Break-Start-Up Balance Income Even Cashflow Capital Sheet Statement Analysis
  17. 17. Supporting Document Legal Documents
  18. 18. change
  19. 19. When are you going to take the ACTION!!!