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Inzignia+book review


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Finally I found a book for creative being that want to develop business plan that reflect the reality of market place. After having reading more than 200 over business titles and more than 20 books on business plan. This is one of the book that see have a lot of valuable lesson and principle that we can put to practice.

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Inzignia+book review

  1. 1. Sharing by Daniel
  2. 2. I was trying tohatch my idea…
  3. 3. Planning for the Plans to Change
  4. 4. Choosing Your Problem
  5. 5. Making a Tactical Inventory
  6. 6. Selecting Your Battlefield
  7. 7. Aligning Your Strategy and Tactics
  8. 8. Setting your Goals
  9. 9. Writing Plan A
  10. 10. Forecasting Your Multiple Futures
  11. 11. Reinforcing Success and Abandoning Failure
  12. 12. Managing by Metrics
  13. 13. Evolving to Plan B
  14. 14. Creating the Culture
  15. 15. The Principle of The Principle ofThe Principle of Correlation & Cascading Problems Causation ObjectivesThe Principle of The Principle of The Principle of Solutions Alterations Multiple Futures The Principle ofThe Principle of The Principle of Strategic Force Paper Plans DebatesThe Principle of The Principle of Concurrent Doubt Thinking
  16. 16. Scenario Planning Strategic Alignment DebatingTactical Inventory Problem Definition Strategic Planning Learning Alteration Tactical Optimization
  17. 17. Is not a It’s a evolution ofcontingency plan a plan Strategic Adjustment To reflect the fast changing environment
  18. 18. Thank YouDaniel