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Picc and gicc (convention centers)


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Picc and gicc (convention centers)

  1. 1. The Philippine International Convention Center(PICC) made history as Asia’s first internationalconvention center, setting a trend that led othercountries to build their own.Philippine International Convention Center, thepremiere venue for meetings, exhibitions and specialevents.
  2. 2. An architectural landmark on its own, housing works ofvarious Filipino master artists in painting andsculpture, it opened in 1976 to host the World Bank –International Monetary Fund Annual Meeting. Afterthis, the Philippine International Convention Center(PICC) established itself as one of the most versatileevent arenas in the Asia-Pacific region by being thevenue of political summits, medical conventions, andconcerts of international artists as varied as LucianoPavaroti, the Bolshoi Ballet, Ricky Martin and BurtBacharach.
  3. 3. The PICC has five (5) building modules, the DelegationBuilding, Secretariat Building, Plenary Hall, ReceptionHalland The Forum. Spaces herein are versatile enoughto be transformed into almost any number of settingsfor any kind of exhibition, convention or special event.
  4. 4. The Reception Hall, an exquisite hall withextensive red carpet and giganticchandeliers, with permanent stage anddressing rooms for live shows and specialevents, it can accommodate 2, 500 guestsfor a sit-down dinner or 5,000 for a cocktailreception.
  5. 5. A low-slung bridge through tropicalgardens connects to the Plenary Hall, oneof the most impressive of the 5 buildingmodules. It can convenientlyaccommodate 4,000 people in a theatreset up for convention meetings or specialevents. Also equipped with permanentstage, dressing rooms and VIP lounge.
  6. 6. At the Southern end of the PICC complexis the Secretariat Building, a three (3)storey building which houses moremeeting rooms, a banquet hall, exhibitionareas, a media center, an executive finedining restaurant and a cafeteria for 500people.
  7. 7. The five-storey Delegation Building housestwelve (12) meeting rooms, two (2) newbanquet halls, two (2) corporate boardrooms,Registration and Documents DistributionCounters, executive offices, office spaces andlounges that can accommodate differentgroups. Six (6) of the meetings rooms arenew, totally different and an updated look,high-ceilings with recessed downlight pendantlamps with dimmable halogen light fixtures.
  8. 8. Our mission is to continue our unfailing commitment to provide the highest quality ofservice and the best facilities through effective and efficient management of our human and physical resources.
  9. 9. We aim to maintain our position as one ofthe world’s best convention and exhibitioncenters as it brings peoples together in anendless quest for global exchange of ideas.
  10. 10. Chairman: Amando M. Tetangco, Jr.Vice Chairman: Juan De Zuñiga, Jr.Board members : Pacita Rosalinda Y. Aguirre Raquel D. Garcia Cristina M. Sarino Susan S. Villar Gabriel Lim Cruz Adviser to the BSP Governor on PICC matters: Juan Quintos, Jr.
  11. 11. as an architectural landmark onits own housing work of variousFilipino master artists inpainting and sculpture, it standsas a constant edifice in an ever-changing environment;
  12. 12. rich in terms of cultural heritage andsignificance in Philippine history.Hosted countless prestigious andnotable events such as: Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit, World Law Conference World Congress of Anaesthesiologists 74th Annual World Dental Congress of the FDI and a roster of other events;
  13. 13. strategicallywell-secured roundCenter is located. PICC is atthe clock withManila, a fewthe heart of closed circuitminutes cameras (CCTV). Alsotelevision away from theinternational airport, close toequipped with baggage x-raymajor hotels metal detectors.machines and and excitingnightlife, shoppingcanines andHas bomb-sniffing malls andother interesting tourist spots;roving security guards toensure safety and security inand around the center;
  14. 14. Meeting rooms are equippedHas with medical clinic, Simultaneous ATMMachine and bank services Interpretation System (SIS) Center a minimum of two (2) to a from is equipped with maximum of seven (7) ramps, porchlifts and elevators languages. for the physically-challenged Has ample parking spaces up to as many as 400 vehicles;
  15. 15. core strength of PICC rests on the talent andThe Center has adapts environmental programs onexpertise as its principals and professionals.watersuch of energy efficiency, PICChas a unique team management, and wideconservation, waste of individuals whose otherrange of skills, dedication and experience areenvironmental practices in air quality, building &difficult to replicate in such & small number oflawns, food a, transportation, general office proceduresand communications, training & capability buildingand purchasing & contract compliance. PICCcontinuously evaluate existing practices and lookfor new and better alternatives that would supportsustainability that benefits thestakeholders, lessens negative impact on
  16. 16. Georgias newest and second largest conventioncenter, the GICC is uniquely positioned to offer itsguests and clients unprecedented convenience.The worlds only convention center directlyconnected to a major airport, our modern facilityembodies the grace and efficiency of flight itself.
  17. 17. Most proud of with their GICC staff that consistentlyearn the highest ratings from event planners andguests for service, support and attitude.
  18. 18. 1983 City of College Park establishes the Businessand Industrial Development Authority (BIDA) tosolicit major hotels and start work on a publicassembly facility owned and operated by CollegePark through BIDA.1985The first Georgia International Convention & TradeCenter (GICTC) opens with 136,000 total squarefeet.
  19. 19. 1991The $28.5 million expansion of the GICTCbegins, adding 193,000 square feet of floor space.1991GICTC joins forces with eight airport area hotels tooffer top-drawer convention venue with modernzaccommodation.
  20. 20. 1992Michelle Swann is appointed Executive Director.1993GICTC opens Phase 2 expansion, and changes nameto the Georgia International Convention Center(GICC). New facility at new locations to be 329,000square feet, including 5 exhibit halls totaling120,000 square feet, 35 meeting rooms and 2ballrooms, and a culinary arts center with Proof ofthe Pudding as the sole, in-house food and beverageprovider. Phase 2 expansion costs: $31 million.
  21. 21. 1994GICC, in conjunction with a dozen airport-areahotels, forms the Hartsfield Convention Connection(HCC) to promote the airport area in general and1996generate more business forawards for the yearGICC receives two Industry the convention center.1996-1997: The Prime Site Award for service andfacility excellence, and Planners Choice Award forexcellence in meetings management.GICC announces the completion of its 1996renovation in August.
  22. 22. 19972000ProofExecutive Director, Hugh Austin, unveilsin-GICC of the Pudding is selected as exclusive planshouse catering provider.a new Georgia Internationalfor the development ofConvention Center, a 400,000 square foot facilitywith a 40,000 square foot ballroom, Georgiaslargest. The facility will include 150,000 square feetof exhibition space, 15,000 square feet of flexiblemeeting space, three executive board rooms, a VIPGreen Room, and a 10,000 Culinary Arts Center. Thenew facility will be located on Camp CreekParkway, about a ¼ mile from the airport.
  23. 23. 2001GICC wins Prime Site Award.2003The new GICC opens.2008Construction begins on 2 new hotels on the GICCcampus — a 403-room Marriott Headquarters hoteland a 147-room SpringHill Suites. Construction alsobegan on a 100,000 square foot office building
  24. 24. 2009Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International AirportsAutomated People Mover, the ATL SkyTrain, beginsoperation, transporting visitors from the airport to2010the GICC, a two-minute trip that, at the time, marksThe Atlanta Airport Marriott Gateway opens on thethe GICC as Americas only convention centerGICC campus. The 403-room convention centerdirectly connected to a major airport.hotel is LEED-certified and features a ballroom and2009 also marks the opening of the 147-room LEED-meeting space to supplement the GICCs offerings.certified SpringHill Suites hotel.