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Academia De EspañOl Panfleto

  1. 1. Academia de Español DAmore Spanish Language School in Costa Rica LA ACADEMIA DE ESPAÑOL D’AMORE in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica was founded in 1992 and is today recognized as one of the best Spanish language schools in Costa Rica. In addition to offering excellent Spanish language programs, you will be hard pressed to find a more beautiful location within Costa Rica. When students arrive at the Spanish school in Manuel Antonio, they are given an oral proficiency interview to determine their level. Based on this interview, they are placed tentatively in one of six levels. Once placed in a class, students will experience the school’s total immersion methodology.Location and FacilitiesAt only 30 minutes by plane from San José Costa Rica. ACADEMIA DE ESPAÑOL D’AMORE islocated in the pacific coast town of Manuel Antonio just to the south-west of Quepos. ManuelAntonio is simply described as a tropicalparadise. Its sandy white beaches and high cliffsare situated in a vibrant rain forest full ofextraordinary flora and fauna surrounded by anendless blue sea. The school itself sits on theside of a mountain overlooking the ManuelAntonio Beach Park Area and the Pacific.Classrooms are comfortable, and are situatedboth inside the building and outside on thecomfortable patio. This school is the perfectoption for those who want to get away from to thebeaches and natural parks of Costa Rica, while atthe same time learning Spanish. LA ACADEMIADE ESPAÑOL D’AMORE offers free high speed internet service at specific times of the day. Wealso offer wireless connections for those interested in bringing their laptops.
  2. 2. Course Options and FeesLA ACADEMIA DE ESPAÑOL D’AMORE offers six levels of Spanish proficiency to guarantee thestudent an appropriate placement. Studentsrange from absolute beginners to advancedspeakers of the language.LA ACADEMIA DE ESPANOL D’AMORE offersthe following Course options:Group Classes: 4 lessons per day in class sizesof no more than 6 individuals. Average class sizeranges from 4-8 students. During four lessonssessions (in the morning or in the afternoon),students participate actively in a small groupenvironment. Each student is assured attention tohis individual academic needs.Private Classes: One-on-one Spanish language instruction is designed especially for people whowant to progress at their own pace, work on specific vocabulary, have special needs or who havelimited time available. The scheduling for these classes is similar to the Group 4 Spanish Program.Combined Program: This is an excellent Spanish program. It allows people to study and learnSpanish in a very short period of time. In the mornings you will take the Group 4 Spanish Program.In the afternoons you will then take 2 lessons per day of private Spanish language instruction. Theafternoon session can be used to reinforce what was learnedAn additional “Gratis” Conversation Hour is also offered everyday for students to practice theirconversational skills in a very fun and casual setting. Classes only Classes & Family Two week course $845 U.S. $995 U. S. Three week course $1100 U.S. $1325 U.S. Four week course $1340 U.S $1640 U.S. Five weeks course $1675 U.S $2050 U.S Six weeks course $2010 U.S $2460 U.S Seven weeks course $2345 U.S $2870 U.S Eight weeks course $2680 U.S $3280 U.S Courses begin every Monday, from 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM or 1:30 PM to 5:30 PM. La Academia de Español D’Amore determines if student are placed in morning or afternoon group. Payment is neither non-refundable nor transferable once classes begin. Deposit of $100.00 U.S. is required with application. Remaining balance of tuition must be paid the first Monday of course at 9:00 AM. Payment is accepted in U.S. Dollars, Costa Rican Colones, cashier’s check or traveler’s checks, personal checks or credit cards are accepted. The school is closed for Costa Rican holidays, classes cannot be recuperated.
  3. 3. Teaching MethodLA ACADEMIA DE ESPAÑOL D’AMORE is renowned for its teaching methodology based on theholistic way of learning (Total Immersion Methodology.)This is a way of teaching in which the target language is taught with strong active use without using any translations at all, and it is completely intended to help students achieve communicative competence since day one. For those students that experience difficulty with the total immersion concept, the Spanish school offers supplemental instruction in English once a week to clarify any doubts or problems. The main goal of the school is to guide students towards the achievement of communicative skills that will help them interact in a more comfortable and confident class, homestay, and world setting. With this objective in mind, the staff of the school feels completely motivated to offer a high quality program compounded by four hourclasses, from Monday to Friday, with choices of two, three, four, or more weeks.AccommodationStudents are suggested to participate in the homestay program designed to satisfy the fulfillment ofa complete immersion in foreign language acquisition. Local host families are carefully selectedand provide two delicious meals daily, cultural interchange and laundry service. As a guest in ahost family, you will be treated as a member of the home by sharing meals and experiencestogether and enriching your internationalcultural opportunities. Our past studentshave commented that this program is oneof the best aspects of the school.Alternatively, students can choose beachlodging at one of the many hotels orcabinas which surround the school.ActivitiesAs a reinforcement of this Total ImmersionProgram, ACADEMIA DE ESPAÑOLD’AMORE considers the strong importanceof the cultural interaction for learningSpanish with more efficient results. Therefore, La Academia de Español D’Amore offers:Latin Dance Classes (Salsa, Merengue, andCumbia). Learn how to dance Salsa, Merengueand Cumbia in a fun and entertaining way. Learnthe origin and history of these dances, andvocabulary of the human body. Learn graduallyfrom the basic steps to the most artistic pirouettes.Feel the rhythm of Latin music while moving yourbody in a very healthy and relaxing way. Practicewhat you learn in these classes with “ticos andticas” in the different dancing places of Manuel
  4. 4. Antonio, and Quepos. Make friends and practice your Spanish while you dance and have fun.Tropical Fruit Classes. Learn the names of the most delicious fruits in the world. Taste the flavorof the most intriguing and juicy shapes, sizes, and colors. Learn and taste different categories ofvocabulary that have to do with the healthiest products of the tropical forests.Latin Music Classes. Consider music and its lyrics as one of the most productive strategies tolearn Spanish and the culture that is behind it. Strengthen your listening comprehension skills, yourgrammar patterns, and increase your vocabulary with some of the most popular Latin Americanand Spanish singers. Listen, learn, and sing with the most beautiful songs of love, life, andpassion. Bring your musical instruments and play while you sing songs that will captivate yourheart and will enhance your love for Costa Rican and Latin American culture and folklore. Also,once in Quepos/Manuel Antonio you will have the chance to enjoy yourself with horseback riding,sport fishing, international cuisine, bars and discos, river rafting and expeditions in kayaks, surfing,snorkeling, bird and butterfly watching, quiet beaches, astounding sunsets and the most exclusiveSpanish Immersion Center in Costa Rica! One day a week, students participate in a field trip thatfocuses on a social or environmental issues in the Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica area or the town ofQuepos.LA ACADEMIA DE ESPAÑOL D’AMORE offers the opportunity to study and concentrate on SPANISH FOR SPECIFIC PURPOSES. Spanish for Medical Professionals or Students: This is a linguistic concentration on the Human Body and its anatomy, illnesses and diseases, symptoms and characteristics, prognosis and diagnosis, treatments and procedures, the hospital and its human and physical components, etc. Spanish for Lawyers or Law Students: Legal terminology and documentary will be the main focus in this program. Creation of fictitious legal situations together with analysis of real events willlead the student to a better grasp and usage of legal procedures in a Spanish context.Spanish for Business Professionals or M.B.A. Students: Deep study of the language mainlyconcentrated on different areas of business action and all of the technical terminology involved inthis field of work: advertising, marketing, finances, foreign trade, Costa Rican economy, etc.Spanish for Teachers and Professors: Learn how to interact in a teaching-learning processsetting in Spanish. The main concentration of this program is based on the teaching procedures:designing the curriculum, planning a class, preparing activities, giving instructions, explainingmaterial and contents of study, learning the Costa Rican educational system, etc.These programs are offered only under private instruction and the schedules will be designed tothe convenience of both teachers and students.ACADEMIA DE ESPAÑOL D’AMORE ScheduleACADEMIA DE ESPAÑOL D’AMORE is open year-long except for the last two weeks of thecalendar year and the following Costa Rican National Holidays: Holy Thursday and Friday (April21st, April 22nd), Día de Juan Santa Maria (April 11), Labor Day (May 1), Anexión deGuanacaste (July 25), Mothers Day (August 15), Independence Day (September 15) CultureDay (October 12). Classes can not be recuperated on these days. To assure the highest qualityeducation it is suggested that the students accommodate their travel plans to begin the school onthe following Mondays, 2011:
  5. 5. January 3 10 27 24 31February 7 14 21 28March 7 12 18 25April 4 12 18 25May 2 9 16 23 30June 6 13 20 27July 4 11 18 25August 1 8 16 2 29September 5 12 19 26October 3 10 17 24 31November 7 14 21 28December 5 112 19 26Students that enroll on other Mondays will be placed in an existing class.Arrival information When the students arrive in the school, they are given an O.P.I. (Oral Proficiency Interview) according to the A.C.T.F.L. standards (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages). Placements are based on the Conversational Approach; that means the students are placed according to how much they can produce orally, in small groups of no more than five students. This group size allows students to have a more intense contact with the language and a more personalized interaction with teachers and other classmates. P. O. Box : Costa Rica – Apdo. 67-6350 Manuel Antonio, Quepos Tel/Fax: (506) 2777-0233 – (505) 2777-1143 2812 Horseshoe Bend, Hartland, WI 53029 Tel/Fax: (262) 367-8598 4150 Arch Dr. #216, Studio City, CA 91604 Tel: (818) 434-7290