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  1. 1. ACADEMIA DE ESPAÑOL D’AMORE Spanish Immersion ProgramOur programs offer students the opportunity to learn Spanish and to discover our culturefirst-hand.SPANISH PROGRAM INCLUDES:Intensive Spanish classes, homestay with carefully selected Quepos osta Rican families, Quepos-Costaafternoon Latin dance, Costa Rican cooking and conversation classes, excursions and conversationcultural activities. Class schedules are given by the school, depends on your Span Spanishlevel, we place you in class morning or afternoon time. OPEN ENROLLMENT: Spanish courses are offered year round. New classes start on ENROLLMENT: Mondays every week of the year. SHORT & LONG TERM COURSES You may choose the length of the program (from COURSES: one week up to six months). p HOURS OF INSTRUCTION: Four hours a day, plus one free conversation hour INSTRUCTION: everyday. SMALL GROUPS: Spanish classes are offered in small groups with an average of 4 : 4-5 students (max. 5). Individual classes and special packages for groups are a also available.OUR METHODOLOGYAt ACADEMIA DE ESPAÑOL D’AMORE we believe that only when Spanish lessons areinteresting, functional, and fun to do is it possible to learn quickly and easily.Consequently, the essence of our courses is avaried and dynamic teaching approach. Our aim isto teach classes that are intensive, yet challenging oand enjoyable. Academia de Español D’Amore, inexistence for seventeen years, is a high qualityeducational institution created to facilitate thelearning of Spanish it offers six specific levels ofSpanish proficiency to guarantee the students an anishappropriate placement. Our methodology is based on the wholelanguage immersion method of learning; thereforethe professors conduct the lessons completely in Spanish. It calls for active participationfrom our students. m Our practical courses enable the students to communicate,comprehend and use accurate pronunciation in Spanish as quickly as possible. Academia de Español D’Amore – Spanish Immersion Center – – - Toll Free in USA 877-434-7290 – Wisconsin Tel/Fax: (262) 367-8598 367
  2. 2. The intimate classroom setting and particular training methodology provide theflexibility to adapt our teaching style and approach to meet your individual needs. r All our classes emphasize speaking abilities, but we consider the Spanishlanguage as a whole; therefore, our methodology takes into account its differentcomponents: grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, cultural understanding and pragmatic pronunciation,use.SPANISH CLASSESOur Spanish classes usually consist of 4 to 5 students never more than six. This intimate students-never class size helps us tailor our programs to specific needs of the student and to adapt our teaching methodology to each learning style. Student will be placed in classes according to the Spanish proficiency level, which is determined by a written test sent by email and an oral evaluation exam first day of classes. The Spanish level will be confirmed vel by the instructor of the class based on the performance during the class. Throughout the course the progress will be assessed daily by the teacher and our Academic Director. Every day instructors hand in a progress report for each student inthe class. This information helps our Academic Director determine and decide, along withthe student, the steps for reaching his/her language goals.We provide four levels of Spanish instruction: Beginners I, II Intermediate I, II Advanced I, II Specialized courses Beginner Level Beginners course I, II has been designed to provide an introduction to elementary Spanish. The primary objective of this course is to offer students the opportunity to acquire communication skills in what we call "Survival Spanish". Functions include: asking/giving directions, using appropriate greetings, introductions and courtesy expressions as well as being able to communicate in different situations such as communicate visiting a bank, restaurant, or other public places. Furthermore students should be able to give their personal information, and talk about personal preferences and activities in growing details. Academia de Español D’Amore – Spanish Immersion Center – – - Toll Free in USA 877-434-7290 – Wisconsin Tel/Fax: (262) 367-8598 367
  3. 3. As a Beginning student, you will study basic sentence structures, learn everyday vocabulary and develop the ability to clearly communicate basic ideas in Spanish. Intermediate Level The intermediate course is divided into Intermediate I, II and covers most grammatical structures, which will give students the tools needed to achieve more confidence and fluency when using the language. Students will learn these grammatical structures, while improving vocabulary, pronunciation, comprehension, as well as written and oral skills. At this level the students learn to use different compensation strategies to communicate their ideas when they do not know the exact structure or word that should be used. Students will also be able to hold conversations on various topics with native Spanish speakers, using the appropriate forms for each situation. This course emphasizes on Cultural aspects of the language and its real usage. Course emphasis is on culturally authentic reading and writing, along with continued development of listening/speaking competencies. Advanced Level This course includes the study of advanced Spanish grammar. The student should begin to master complex syntactical and morphological structures and special differences used in the language. In addition, the students will face current topics and conversations with a higher level of complexity and abstract thought in order to improve considerably in fluency and precision. This level includes cultural, social and historical aspects on different Hispanic speaking countries as a way to explain the relationship between language, history and culture. The objective of this course is the proficiency and fluency in the Spanish language. Furthermore, emphasis is placed on the comprehension and use of the language in unrehearsed situations in culturally appropriate ways.SPECIALIZED SPANISH COURSESWe also offer medical Spanish for nurses or doctors, business Spanish, Spanish forlawyers and special courses for Spanish teachers. If the student already speaks fluent Spanish, Academia de Español D’Amore offersthe opportunity to improve the ability to converse in Spanish. We help students to achievean understanding of the technical structure of Spanish, as it relates to the specificinterests. Student will learn more about our culture and its impact on the language. Academia de Español D’Amore – Spanish Immersion Center – – - Toll Free in USA 877-434-7290 – Wisconsin Tel/Fax: (262) 367-8598
  4. 4. If the student is a Spanish Language teacher or studying for this profession, weoffer private courses providing additional training. We discuss Latin American history andliterature, focusing on textual and advanced grammatical analysis, composition and literarystyle. You may select the area in which you would like to specialize, and then our SpanishLanguage Coordinator will work closely with you to develop your own program. Spanish Language Course for Medical Professionals This course is designed for health care professionals who need to communicate with Spanish-speaking patients and their families as part of their daily work. It caters to various types of medical personnel including doctors, medical students, nurses, paramedics and can be adapted to each student’s specific needs. This specialized course is offered as a supplement to a general Spanish language curriculum specially selected for each student’s level. Together, these courses facilitate effective communication between provider and patient within the health care setting. Students will benefit more from this course if they have reached at least an intermediate level in Spanish, after attending a regular group class program at Academia de Español D’Amore. Academia de Español D’Amore has designed the text carefully used in classes, in order to allow students to become familiar with the Spanish medical vocabulary and have the necessary tools to interview patients, explain or discuss various medical topics, and also act as interpreter, if required. The Medical Spanish course is offered through private tutoring; depending on the month student attends, classes are offered in the morning and afternoon. Occasionally students have the opportunity to further solidify language skills through work at local clinics and hospitals with Costa Rican medical staff. However, we cannot guarantee that you will able to participate as a volunteer or intern in a medical facility in Quepos-Costa Rica. Spanish Language Course for Teachers This course is designed for Spanish teachers or those studying to become teachers. The main objective is to improve their skills in three specific areas:  Oral communication – fluency, pronunciation, structures and social, regional and stylistic variations of the language.  Culture – includes various cultural differences, based on the study of current topics in Latin American literature and mass media communication.  Grammatical precision – widens use of structures, taking into account differences in style and the purpose of the message. Written Academia de Español D’Amore – Spanish Immersion Center – – - Toll Free in USA 877-434-7290 – Wisconsin Tel/Fax: (262) 367-8598
  5. 5. communication is studied in detail, considering formal aspects such as cohesion, coherence and precision. The course provides Spanish teachers the opportunity to considerably Spanish improve their knowledge (linguistic and cultural), and to share their experiences in the classroom with native Spanish speakers who work in the same field. Classes definitely guarantee a better professional, who will improve performance on a daily basis, applying training received at our school. SPANISH CLASSES BY THE HOUR (without Homestay) Academia de Español D’Amore offers private tutories. It consist in a minimum of ten hours a week giving the students the o opportunity to participate in our group sessions of Latin dance classes, Costa Rican cooking classes and our conversation hour.MaterialsIn accordance with our teaching experience and specific needs of our students, ourteachers have produced our own teaching material, which includes games, charts,flashcards, audio tapes and an original and special student book.HOMESTAY WITH QUEPOS-COSTA RICAN FAMILIES COSTAOur families are carefully selected for their friendliness and warmth. They all offer cleanlodging in safe neighborhoods. Homestays are an excellent way to immerse the studentsin Costa Rican culture. As part of the family, students will practice speaking Spanisheveryday and learn first-hand about the Costa Rican way of life and culture. You can stay hand culturewith a family for a minimum of one week or as long as the program you choose. long You may also participate in our outside excursions, social and cultural acti activities.Some of these are available at an additionalcharge, which varies according to the type ofactivity.SPANISH CLASS SCHEDULEMorning classes start at 8:30a.m. and run until12:30 noon. Then there is a free conversationclass hour from 12:30 to 1.30 pm. Afternoonclasses are from 1:30 - 5:30 p.m. (for studentsreceiving 4hrs/day). After their Spanish classes the studentsparticipate in the afternoon cultural activities (it will depends on how many students areparticipating): Latin dance classes ( (Tuesday from 3:00 - 4:00 pm.) Academia de Español D’Amore – Spanish Immersion Center – – - Toll Free in USA 877-434-7290 – Wisconsin Tel/Fax: (262) 367-8598 367
  6. 6. Cooking classes (Wednesdays from 3:00 - 4:00 p.m.) Conversation classes (a free conversation class from 12:30 - 1:30 p.m.)Classes are conducted completely in Spanish. This is the ideal setting to improve yourconversation skills and fluency. Therefore, we have designed our classes to ensuremaximum student participation. Our homestay program, conversation classes and theschools friendly atmosphere also provide additional opportunities for conversation. In addition to activities and classes with the school, you may also participate inactivities outside Academia de Español D’Amore during your free time such as: Visits to “Feria” on Fridays nights, and local markets. Night outings to local discotheques and dance clubs. Night outings to restaurants, bars and theaters located near the school. Weekend excursions to beaches, rain forests, volcanoes and National Parks.VOLUNTEER PROGRAMSDescription of Volunteer Program at Academia de Español D’AmoreOne week to one year projects in Quepos, Costa Rica. Includes: Spanish lessons, projectset-up, room and board with host family, cultural activities, excursions, airport pickup/transfer, pre-departure and localsupport. Academia de Español D’Amoreplans the all trip for you, so you can be safeand comfortable while you maximize yourtime lending a hand to help the localcommunity and gain a new perspective ofyour own life! We offer a wide variety ofvolunteer projects, including: socialservices, orphanage & shelter assistance,construction/maintenance,health/medical/dental, administrative, publicpolicy, economy/business,education/tutoring, environment/ecology. Study Spanish with us and volunteer helping the elderly or handicapped childrenwhile with us or in one of the national parks of Costa Rica after you have finished youSpanish course. Volunteers come from the ranks of students or young professionals whohave the desire to contribute to a third world country development while experiencing life ina Latin culture.Volunteer TypesChildcare/children - Working with Special Needs Children. This project assists theFoundation Roberta Felix in developing and staffing resources for disabled children in ruralcommunities of Costa Rica.Health Care - Community Centers – Seniors - Working with the Elderly. Lead residents atan elderly care center in various activities, help them cook, distribute food, teach English, Academia de Español D’Amore – Spanish Immersion Center – – - Toll Free in USA 877-434-7290 – Wisconsin Tel/Fax: (262) 367-8598
  7. 7. and help them garden. Caring for the elderly helps create a compassionate and nurturingatmosphere at homes for the elderly and senior centers.Natural Resources - Parks- Study with Academia de Español D’Amore and volunteer inone of the National Parks of Costa Rica before or after your study program.By joining this pioneering programme as a volunteer, you will have a positive impact on thelives of disabled children, the elderly, and the preservation of National Parks and learn orimprove your Spanish and explore many of Costa Ricas tourist attractions.Qualifications You must be at least 18 years of age, or with parental consent Enjoy providing service and working with others, flexible in attitude, in good health and have a desire to contribute Capable to live and work in basic and sparse conditions, resilience to work in tropical conditions, and adaptability to relate with a new culture Speak at least minimal Spanish Compliance with the rules and procedures of the volunteer program as established by the National System of Conservation Areas Two photographs passport-size Copy of your passport Filled out application Medical insurance Studying Spanish at Academia de Español D’Amore is a requirementThis Program is open to: Worldwide Participants. This Program is also open to Families,Couples and Individuals.Academia de Español D’Amores Mission StatementAcademia de Español D’Amore – Spanish Immersion Center is distinguished by itsdetermination to provide an exciting education through adventure, culture, and languagelearning.Program Fees Include: 20 hours of Spanish lessons in a group per week Homestay with 2 meals a day Two to three hours of volunteer work per day Registration fees and course materials Cultural activities (one free surf or yoga lesson per stay, dance-once a week, folkloric evening once a month) Placement oral test Free break time refreshments Free wireless and internet service at school Basic accommodations and 3 meals a day at the National Parks Academia de Español D’Amore – Spanish Immersion Center – – - Toll Free in USA 877-434-7290 – Wisconsin Tel/Fax: (262) 367-8598
  8. 8. Highlights Practical experience in the area in which you are interested Hands-on practice to improve and practice your inter-cultural and communication skills A reference from your volunteer organization at the end of your term A broader perspective on world views Chance to learn other foreign cultural activities (i.e. art, cooking, crafts, dancing, etc.) Memorable experiences while traveling and seeing exotic sites Lifelong friends from all around the globe Advantages to your career path exemplifying your experiences, diligence, independence, and inter-cultural communications Support and development of self-confidence and personal skillsUNIVERSITY CREDITSMany of our students have received college credit for their studies at Academia deEspañol D’Amore. Most of these studentscome on their own and apply for creditindependently at different universities in theU.S., Canada and Europe. This is usually themost economical option.In order to meet the requirements for creditwe provide students and universities with thefollowing documents: After completing the course: a certificate of attendance and a letter stating the Spanish level and type of course received. Confirmation of enrollment A transcript of their grades, including the total amount of hours completed.Usually, students who are applying for credit must first have approval from their universityprior to beginning studies at Academia de Español D’Amore. Most institutions also requirethat students take a final exam and receive an evaluation of their work & progress duringthe course. However, each university or college has a somewhat different system forgranting credit so if a student is interested in this option, we can work with their Spanish orStudy Abroad department to set up a program that will meet their specific creditrequirements. Academia de Español D’Amore – Spanish Immersion Center – – - Toll Free in USA 877-434-7290 – Wisconsin Tel/Fax: (262) 367-8598
  9. 9. FIRST DAY OF CLASSOn the first day of class we require students to be at the school at 8:30 am so that we canmake an oral evaluation to determine their Spanish level (placement test). We also givethem information, a student card with telephone number and exact address of thehomestay (for giving a taxi driver), and general orientation. On the first day of class the host family will pick the students up to Academia deEspañol D’Amore after classes, accompany the student and make sure that the studentknows how to get to the school and back home. (It is usually a short 10-15 minute easybus ride. Students catch the bus at the local bus station and it drops them in front or ourschool. Public bus is very easy to use, very cheap (about 0.50 cents) and they run every15 minutes all day long. If students go out at night we recommend that they take a taxiback home (taxis are also cheap $6). Academia de Español D’Amore – Spanish Immersion Center – – - Toll Free in USA 877-434-7290 – Wisconsin Tel/Fax: (262) 367-8598