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Advanced Distributed Learning: Enabling Enhanced Learning Experiences


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What are enhanced learning experiences and how do we enable them? Presentation from ELSE 2013. TLA, Experience API, Virtual World Framework (VWF), and Mobile Training Implementation Framework (MoTIF) projects introduced.

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Advanced Distributed Learning: Enabling Enhanced Learning Experiences

  1. 1. Advanced Distributed Learning:Enabling Enhanced Learning ExperiencesDamon Regan, Ph.D.The Tolliver Group, Inc., supporting the ADL InitiativeeLSE 2013
  2. 2. What are enhancedlearning experiences?2
  3. 3. 3
  4. 4. How do we enable enhancedlearning experiences?Unlock the power of data to spurinnovation and improve quality4
  5. 5. Move from managing “documents”to managing discrete pieces ofopen data and content5
  6. 6. Information-Centric Approach6Presentation LayerPlatform LayerInformation LayerOpen Data & Content(Information)Systems, Processes, Management & Web APIsPublic DigitalServicesThe Layers of Digital Services DigitalServices
  7. 7. • NASA Topography Databrought real slopesinto SSX Snowboarding• Zynga changesgameplay on the flybased on playerstatisticsLeveraging Data for Play
  8. 8. 8
  9. 9. •Experience Tracking•Content Brokering•Learner Profiles•CompetencyNetworksTLATraining and LearningArchitecture (TLA)9
  10. 10. TLA Experience APIWeb Service Specification &Open Source Examples10
  11. 11. Traditional Tracking11
  12. 12. Share It12LRSDesktopTabletSocial MediaMobile PhoneSmart PhoneAugmented Reality
  13. 13. Act On It13AssessmentServiceReportingSystemsStatisticsServicesLMSLRS
  14. 14. ADL Learning Record Store (LRS)Open Source Software14
  15. 15. Learning Management System (LMS)User ManagementCourse ManagementRun-TimePlayerSchedulingGrade BookSearchDeliveryLearning RecordsStatisticsRepositorySequencingPreferences AssessmentReportsWhat is an LRS?15
  16. 16. What is an LRS?16Learning Record Store (LRS)Learning Records
  17. 17. Get Involved – Experience API17• Stakeholders – Find out about the latest specrelease, open source software and other majorannouncements• Adopters – Work with ADL and other developersto integrate the Experience API into your learningenvironment• Specification Contributors – Influence thespecification and technology
  18. 18. Enabling Games and Virtual WorldLearning Experiences18
  19. 19. Virtual World Framework‣ A fast, light-weight, web-based architecture forcreating and distributing, scalable, collaborative, andcomponent-based virtual spaces‣ Design Goals• HTML5 and Web-based standards• Open source• JavaScript for simulation logic• Replicated computation
  20. 20. 20
  21. 21. 21
  22. 22. 22
  23. 23. Enabling Mobile LearningExperiences23
  24. 24. Why Mobile?“As part of this strategy, the delivery ofcredible, rigorous, and relevant trainingand education products through themedium of hand held devices for theindividual Soldier provides the optimumdelivery mechanism for the future force.”Army Learning Concept 201524
  25. 25. JKO/ADL MobilePilot25
  26. 26. • Free App available in Apple and Android Appstores• Course completions synch with JKO desktopsystem for tracking and reporting• Download job aids• Get the latest JKO news• Access podcasts, videos and e-books• Course content segregated by participatingpartners and PIN• Public content and news announcementsavailable without PINFeatures and Benefits26
  27. 27. • USFK TDY Theater Specific Required Training• USFK PCS Theater Specific Required Training• Operational Swahili• VCAT Afghanistan Pashto +L• VCAT Afghanistan Dari +L• Cross-Cultural Competence Trainer (3CT) forCiviliansCourses Currently Available27
  28. 28. • Continuing ADL/Partner lab coalition collaboration– Best practices and lessons learned sharing– Content sharing• Expansion of content development• Integration of Experience API• Instructional strategies for mobile learning• Guidance and best practices on mobile learningdevelopment for the DoD communityJKO/ADL Mobile Pilot Way Forward28
  29. 29. Mobile Training ImplementationFramework (MoTIF)Produce examples, guidelines, and bestpractices for designing mobile learning29
  30. 30. Approach30Integrative Learning Design Framework (ILDF)Developed by Dr. Brenda BannanConsists of 4 Phases:1. Informed Exploration (needs analysis)2. Enactment (intervention development)3. Local Evaluation (road test & iterative feedback loops)4. Broad Evaluation (diffusion of innovation)Currently in Phase 1 (needs analysis): March – July 2013
  31. 31. Resources31ADL Training & Learning Architecture (TLA) Experience API (Tin Can API) & Public Groupshttp://xapi.adlnet.govADL GitHub Main Link Digital Government Document Mobile Learninghttp://ml.adlnet.govVirtual World Framework (VWF)http://www.virtualworldframework.comADL VWF Sandbox
  32. 32. 32Let’s Connect!@damonreganDamon Regan, Ph.D.Technical Team Co-LeadThe Tolliver Group,