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Quality Evaluation Reports


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Evaluation Report Evaluation!

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Quality Evaluation Reports

  1. 1. According to Boulmetis and Dutwin quality Evaluation Reports should include the following:
  2. 2. Cover Page…should include the logo of the organization that conducted the project evaluation, the formal name of the project, and a statement of the relationship between the evaluator and the project…
  3. 3. Executive Summary…short statement summarizing the longer report in such a waythat the reader can quickly become acquainted with the contents of a large body of material, without having read it all…
  4. 4. Table of Contents…should list specific chapters or sections of the report
  5. 5. Introduction …statement of the evaluation’s purpose and background information that include a history of the project and a previousevaluations (if applicable) and a discussion of the evaluator’s role in the project…
  6. 6. Methodology…description of the Evaluation Study section that includes a reporting of the evaluation questions, project objectives/goals, sample(s) of participants, data sources used in the evaluation…data collectionprocedures, data analysis for each objective/goal and any limitations thatthe evaluator needs to elaborate, such as regarding the collecting of data or use of certain data sources…
  7. 7. Results and FindingsDiscussion of the program and its results
  8. 8. Summary and recommendations …begins with the evaluator drawing some specific conclusions about a particular successes and shortcomings of the project.After this recommendations should be offered that will assist the project staff in applying the evaluation results to the program improvement efforts…
  9. 9. Appendixes …includes copies of any data sources that were developed for the evaluation, charts and graphs that are too large or cumbersome toinclude in the text of the report, and materials that were developed for the evaluation that were used…
  10. 10. How did the Palm Education Pioneers Program stack up??
  11. 11. Cover Page?
  12. 12. Cover Page?Image courtesy of wikimedia commons
  13. 13. Executive Summary?
  14. 14. Executive Summary? Image courtesy of wikimedia commons
  15. 15. Table of Contents?
  16. 16. Table of Contents? Image courtesy of wikimedia commons
  17. 17. Introduction?
  18. 18. Introduction?Image courtesy of wikimedia commons
  19. 19. Methodology?
  20. 20. Methodology?Image courtesy of wikimedia commons
  21. 21. Results and Findings?
  22. 22. Results and Findings? Image courtesy of wikimedia commons
  23. 23. Summary and Recommendations?
  24. 24. Summary and Recommendations? Image courtesy of wikimedia commons
  25. 25. Appendixes?
  26. 26. Appendixes?Image courtesy of wikimedia commons
  27. 27. All in all the report receives a: Image courtesy of wikimedia commons
  28. 28. References:Boulmetis, J., & Dutwin, P. (2011). The abcs of evaluation:timeless techniques for program and project managers. (3 ed.). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.