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Overview of Memphis Public Library & Information Center


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A brief history and overview of the library, itc collections services and various agencies.

  • Thanks for sharing the values of a library, Damone. I am helping out at a library for children in my community so I can appreciate these points. Most of the books we have were donated by residents of the community whose children have outgrown the books they have collected. This beats recycling them for paper as there are children whose parents cannot afford to buy or are not keen to buy them books to read.
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Overview of Memphis Public Library & Information Center

  1. 1. Memphis Public Library & Information Center Board of Trustees Orientation
  2. 2. 1888
  3. 3. Frederick H. Cossitt
  4. 4. 1893
  5. 5. 120 years later…
  6. 6. As a City of Memphis agency in the Division of Public Services and Neighborhoods
  7. 7. 19 Locations                           
  8. 10. 650,000
  9. 12. We serve lifelong learners…
  10. 13. And encourage young readers.
  11. 14. We serve newcomers wishing to improve their language skills…
  12. 15. And small business owners wanting to grow what they have built.
  13. 16. Our programs bring history to life…
  14. 17. And our computers connect people with the vastness of the World Wide Web.
  15. 18. We are in the business of satisfying the customer’s need to know. ?
  16. 19. Old tools…
  17. 20. New tools!
  18. 21. We help our customers find just the right book.
  19. 22. or the resources to move one step closer to their dreams…
  20. 23. We can make assignments just a little easier…
  21. 24. And, at the end of the day, we can even help them enjoy what they have accomplished.
  22. 25. Our structure looks like…
  23. 26. This.
  24. 27. Our regions look like this…
  25. 28. North Region North Raleigh Crenshaw Cossitt Frayser Hollywood Gaston Park
  26. 29. South Region South Cherokee East Shelby Levi Parkway Village Whitehaven
  27. 30. East Region Bartlett Cordova Highland Poplar-White Station Randolph
  28. 31. Children’s
  29. 32. Humanities
  30. 33. LINC/211
  31. 34. Business/Sciences
  32. 35. History
  33. 36. WYPL TV/Radio
  34. 37. Support Services
  35. 38. Staff Development
  36. 40. of satisfying the customer’s need to know