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Presentation presented at the 68th Middle Eastern Province Council Meeting in Fayetteville, NC on April 24, 2009 to discuss strategic planning and taking responsibility.

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Meptraining 20090424

  1. 1. 68th Middle Eastern Province Council Meeting: Dynamic Leadership Training Harold Bass Melvin Pierce Sterling Freeman Robert Muhammad Wendell Andrews Gregory Deas Damond Nollan
  2. 2. TRAINING PROGRAM OVERVIEW Presented by: Brother Harold Bass
  3. 3. One Kappa My Brothers, if we are to realize our mission , “Training for Leadership” and if we expect to achieve the desired results, it is imperative that we provide on going training that is designed to incite ongoing growth and development. To this extent I have instructed my Senior Vice Province Polemarch, Brother Harold A. Bass Sr. to conduct the following activities: • Establish a Training for Leadership Committee consisting of 7-9 members with assigned Training duties and Administrative responsibilities. • To develop a Middle Eastern Training Leadership Program that that is consistent with the teachings and findings of Kappa Alpha Psi, Fraternity, Inc. and will incite individual growth and development. • To develop a succession plan that will help identify prospects for key Leadership Fraternal Office positions throughout Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. and the world.
  4. 4. Leadership It starts with who we are Leadership is the capacity and then moves to what we do. to identify and develop one’s resources, Learning and teaching are whether human or material The most powerful tools in the leader’s repertoire. It further involves the ability to Patricia H. Murrell marshal those resources in realizing a vision, reaching a goal, or resolving a problem.
  5. 5. Kappa Thought Process • Kappa Thought Process! • Organize! • Plan! • Execute! • Follow Thru!
  6. 6. Training Program Action Plan • Establish a Training for Leadership Program Committee consisting of a Chair, Vice Chair with 7 – 9 members
  7. 7. Training Program Action Plan Cont’d • Training Committee Duties & Responsibilities: – Select the subject areas for the Training Program with input and direction from the MEP Board of Directors. – Schedule a minimum of four workshop training meetings annually to be held in four geographic locations within the MEP. It is suggested that two Workshop training meetings be scheduled in the fall and two be scheduled in the spring of each Kappa Calendar year.
  8. 8. Training Program Action Plan Cont’d – A list of all Brothers attending the workshop training meetings be updated twice annually and maintained by the Keeper of Records of each Chapter. – The Training Committee should make every effort to minimize expenses in selecting sites for Workshop locations. – Workshop Facilitators should be recommended by the Chair and Vice Chair with approved by the MEP Board of Directors.
  9. 9. Training Program Action Plan Cont’d • The selected subjects for the Leadership Development and Growth Workshops will be recommended by the Membership and approved by the Middle Eastern Province Board of Directors.
  10. 10. Growth Barometers • Attitude – One’s mannerism, outlook, disposition, (positive/negative) position, feelings • Active Involvement – The extent to which a Brother interacts with family, church, community and fraternal activities.
  11. 11. Growth Barometers Cont’d • Commitment – To bring things together, to do what one has promised to do long after the spirit in which the promise was made has passed. – To make time when their isn’t any, to come through time after time, day after day, and year after year. – One who is determined to make things happen.
  12. 12. Growth Barometers Cont’d • Leadership Skills – One who excels in achievement, one who gracefully accepts responsibility, a risk taker, accountable, actively involved in church, family, community and chapter activities. – One who is dependable, articulate, demonstrates patience and is a people person.
  13. 13. Growth Barometers Cont’d – One who understand the roles of the fraternity leadership at different levels within the organization, The responsibilities of elected officers and committee members, the ways in which leadership can relate to members, how to bring in new members and reclaim old ones, how to provide leadership, how to chair meetings, and how to develop other leaders.
  14. 14. Growth Barometers Cont’d • Organizational Skills – This includes such basic techniques as choosing issues, working with individuals, planning strategy, choosing tactics, mapping out campaigns, developing communication systems, good time manages, one who can effectively utilize the media, knows how to canvass, knows hot to develop grassroots fundraising programs, knows hot to conduct meetings, has the ability to conduct investigations, has acceptable public speaking and negotiation skills.
  15. 15. Growth Barometers Cont’d • Sustaining membership – Is the Brother financially current, a Kappa Foundation Member, and/or a member of the Kappa Credit Union?
  16. 16. Growth Barometers Cont’d • Political Education – The ability to develop a sense of framework in which ones organizational skills can work to an acceptable level. It is one who has or is becoming aware of specific issues, one who has an understanding of the Fraternal history and lore, one who is aware of some of the major fraternal movements for social change.
  17. 17. Growth Barometers Cont’d • Fraternal History: – One who demonstrates an acceptable knowledge and appreciation of the Founders of the fraternity, the fundamental purpose and the objectives of the fraternity. – An awareness and knowledge of the organizational structure of the Fraternity and demonstrates knowledge of the current Internationally, Provincial and local goals.
  18. 18. Growth Barometers Cont’d – The Board of Directors of the respective Chapter is charged with conducting three evaluation interviews of the members listed during each Kappa Year. The first interview is to be conducted in September, the second in January and the 3rd in April. – Once the information has been tracked and posted it should be submitted to the Chapter’s Keeper of Records and placed in the Chapter’s Archives for quick and easy reference.
  19. 19. Tracking Progress Chart
  20. 20. Comprehensive Training Program • Membership Orientation Intake Program (MOIP) • Leadership Growth & Development Programs (LGDP) • C. Roger Wilson leadership Workshops • Advisors Workshop Programs • Polemarch Workshop Programs
  21. 21. Kappa Forever! How do we keep Kappa Kappa? How do we keep Kappa Strong? How do we pass Kappa On?
  22. 22. The Four Way Test Of all the things we think say or do, Is it the Truth? Is it Fair to all Concerned? Will it Build Goodwill and Better Friendships? Will it Be Beneficial to all Concerned?
  23. 23. THE STRATEGIC PLANNING PROCESS Presented by: Sterling Freeman
  24. 24. Why a Strategic Plan? • Mission/Vision • Accountability Tool
  25. 25. Agents for a Successful Process • Facilitators • Core Committee • Target Constituency Groups
  26. 26. Overview of the Process • Phase I – Establish Core Committee • Phase II – Review Process and Goals with Chapter • Phase III – Gather and Interpret Data • Phase IV - Develop Draft Plan (Blueprint) • Phase V – Review Draft Plan with Chapter • Phase VI – Revise Plan • Phase VII – Final Review, Approval and Implementation
  27. 27. Phase I – Establish Core Committee • Members of the Core Committee • Meeting Schedule (When? How?) • Core Committee Functions – Establish Plan Goals – Establish Process – Facilitate Planning Process – Develop Plan – Present Plan
  28. 28. Phase II – Review Process and Goals • Chapter or called meeting • Core Committee reviews goals and process with Chapter Members
  29. 29. Phase III – Gather and Interpret Data • Facilitate Discovery Groups, Individual Interviews and other data gathering activities • Interpret data (raw data reports) • Draw conclusions from data
  30. 30. Phase IV – Develop Draft Plan • Introduction • Methodology • Findings • Recommendations (Opportunities) • Timeline, Acceptance & Approval • Appendices (supporting documentation)
  31. 31. Phase V – Review Draft Plan with Chapter • Overview of the Purpose, Goals and Process • Review each Section • Conduct Question and Answer Session • Agree on Revisions
  32. 32. Phase VI – Revise Plan
  33. 33. Phase VII – Final Review, Approval, and Implementation • Overview of the Purpose, Goals and Process • Review each Section • Conduct Question and Answer Session • Approve Plan • Establish Accountability for Plan Recommendations
  34. 34. Track Plan via Accountability System •
  35. 35. Perform an Annual Review •
  36. 36. TRAINING PROGRAM OVERVIEW Presented by: Brother Melvin Pierce and Gregory Deas
  37. 37. Lifelong Journey of a Kappa Man… …BEGINS WITH A SINGLE STEP The birth of a new member into the brotherhood of Kappa Alpha Psi is the beginning of a passage. This passage, this training, is the interchange of knowledge and understanding which is mutually transferred within the body we know as FRATERNITY. This shared knowledge, and the subsequent lifelong journey thus binds us through a common trust which we affectionately know as the BOND. Understanding that the founding principle of Kappa Alpha Psi is the promotion of achievement within our bond, we have taken solemn oaths to dedicate ourselves to that noble task. We have fashioned “Training for Leadership” as our mantra, but we must now utilize it as our instrument. The commitment to train for leadership must be inherited into the foundation of a brother’s initial inception, orientation, and successive membership into Kappa Alpha Psi.
  38. 38. Membership Membership is a solemn commitment. To this Fraternity, the maker of the commitment becomes synonymous with the commitment itself. Your commitment is a lifelong dedication to the ideas and lofty purposes of Kappa Alpha Psi, which considers for membership only those whose personal, social and academic qualifications are acceptable to both college and fraternity. It is the chapter’s duty to see that each member knows the purpose, history and traditions of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. Each older member of the chapter assumes the full obligation to do everything that can aid you, the new member. The chapter should commence to develop the bond of friendship and brotherhood and to instill what is known as the “Kappa Spirit.” The Kappa Spirit is nothing more than “an inward sensibility of membership, with demands upon loyalty, cooperation and responsibility that gives practical assurance to the meaningful survival of Kappa Alpha Psi.” The Kappa Spirit is acquired only through a clear understanding of, and conformity to fraternity purpose.
  39. 39. Membership Cont’d We recognize that many young men entering college are limited in experiences and unschooled in the complexities of group dynamics. Therefore, one of the primary membership goals of kappa Alpha Psi is to prepare members for cooperative group living and a lifetime of dedication to the Fraternity. Kappa alpha Psi hopes that its members will come to understand how the socializing influences of the group will contribute to personal advancement and achievement in all endeavors. But do not let personal goals supersede those of the fraternity. A person who feels he would do the fraternity a favor by joining is not worthy of membership. No one who holds himself superior to the Brotherhood of Kappa Alpha Psi is worthy of this distinction.
  40. 40. Membership Cont’d That good Old Kappa Spirit is not bestowed by any external entity. It cannot be bought, sold, bartered, borrowed or stolen. It comes from within and the only way to keep it is to give it away. It comes from a personal love of Fraternity, loyalty to purpose and ideals, the acceptance of responsibility and interest in the welfare of others… That Good Alpha Spirit is constructive, not destructive dynamic, not static: active, not passive. We can sing until we are hoarse, snake dance until lame, or toast until intoxicated, but not one of these can take the place of the vital sense of belonging.
  41. 41. Membership Cont’d It is in the sense that Kappa Alpha Psi extends to you a warm welcome into the Brotherhood. We trust that the challenges you find in this bond will be springboards to achievement and will serve to heighten your aspirations. We hope your membership will always be a credit to both you and Kappa Alpha Psi. Let it be said here and now that brotherhood is a tow way street; form the newly initiated member to the older (senior) member, and from the older member to the newly initiated. If little or nothing is transmitted, little or nothing is received. The emphasis in Kappa Alpha Psi is upon RESPONSIBILITY rather than privilege. Growth is a continuous process with each generation making its contribution. If after your orientation period, the origin, history, traditions, customs, etc. of Kappa Alpha Psi still has little meaning to you, then surely your membership will mean little to you.
  42. 42. Your Relationship to the Fraternity Kappa Alpha Psi is a brotherhood every member has a right to expect brotherly attitudes and consideration and honorable treatment form the others members. It is your right and privilege to make known wants and desires and to offer suggestions and recommendations. On the other hand, you should remember that Kappa Alpha Psi is a Fraternity and this very fact obligates its members to dwell in harmony in spite if individual limitations. The proper attitude to take toward an erring brother is one of tolerance and sympathetic understanding. Condemnation and desertion are the last words in a true Fraternity man’s vocabulary. Traditionally, differences are settled within the Bond, and are never carried or discussed with non-members of the Fraternity. To be a good member of the fraternity, you should be cognizant of the fundamental purposes of Kappa Alpha Psi which is to be blameless in
  43. 43. Your Relationship to the Fraternity Cont’d To be a good member of the fraternity, you should be cognizant of the fundamental purposes of Kappa Alpha Psi which is to be blameless in unethical conduct; to display the proper attitude toward other brothers; and to meet and discharge future assignments and obligations efficiently and promptly.
  44. 44. Your Obligation to the Fraternity You shall attend all of the chapter meetings and participate in all such chapter functions and activities. Each member has as his first and paramount obligation to uphold the integrity, dignity, and honor of his Fraternity at all times and in all places. You shall refrain from any act or practice which is inconsistent with the Grand Chapter Constitution, Statutes or the character of the Fraternity. Among the voluntary obligations undertaken by the members is the financial one. each member shall consider this and be certain that this obligation is met.
  45. 45. Your Obligation to the Fraternity Cont’d Each member has a personal obligation to the Fraternity and to himself to develop his leadership potential. Each member shall recognize, respect and live in harmony with all similar groups within the community. No spirit or rivalry, competition, or desire for power or advantage shall justify his violating the rights, privileges and dignity of another fraternal group. Interfraternal respect and cooperation are an imperative obligation for every member of Kappa Alpha Psi. All meetings of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity are secret, unless it is approved by the body for a portion of it to be transmitted to others. If any member divulges anything to anyone not a member of this Fraternity or anything transpiring at a ceremony, such acts shall be considered prima facie grounds for reprimand or expulsion depending upon the seriousness of the case.
  46. 46. Your Obligation to the Fraternity Cont’d It is important to remember that Fraternity life and affiliation are a demonstration of democratic campus and community living. Nothing can or should replace loyal cooperative and harmonious fraternal fellowship. The Full significance of this must be understood by each member of the Fraternity, especially at the local Chapter level. Further, others must learn early that most instances. Once the majority has ruled, good sportsmanship and teamwork requires acceptance of the decision and cooperation of the entire group. This alone will make for a cohesive, congenial and strong Fraternity.
  47. 47. MOIP OVERVIEW Presented by: Brothers Robert Muhammad & Wendell Andrews
  48. 48. First Week • Undergraduate Chapters – Advertise/Post Information Meeting – Post Information Meeting flyers, in student union, male dorms, and cafeterias – Next to Information flyer post copies of Kappa Alpha Psi Executive Orders 1, 2, and 3 Fraternity’s Position on Hazing
  49. 49. First Week Cont’d – Undergraduate Chapters clear with college university representative Vice Chancellor for student Affairs, Director for Greek Life, etc. about your intent and request to conduct Membership Intake. – Gather names of potential candidates
  50. 50. First Week Cont’d • Alumni Chapter – Advertise in local weekly newspaper, especially local black newspapers, and with the community PSA outlets (televisions and radio) – Next to Information flyer post copies of Kappa Alpha Psi Executive Orders 1, 2, 3 Fraternity’s Position on Hazing – Gather names of potential candidates
  51. 51. Second Week Prepare Packages detailing intake requirements including letter to parent (under 22 years of Age) Determine the date that the application is due (New: at least 14 days after distribution of packages) Determine when funds are due (two days or three days after i75% of vote) Host Chapter Informational Meeting (collect name, address permanent and local for undergraduate, email address and telephone numbers of all potential candidates) Alumni Chapter are to have copies of Kappa Alpha Psi Executive Orders #1, #2, and #3 Fraternity’s Position on hazing on hand to pass out to potential candidates
  52. 52. Third Week Schedule Date of Interviews Voting results require (Fairly New 75% approval for Undergraduate Chapter, and (76%) Approval for Alumni chapter Notify aspirant of their status (success/ failure) Desire method of communication should be a letter mailed or given to candidate, if email use a validate email address
  53. 53. Fourth Week Complete all paper work/form typed-advisors must help with this exercise. Acquire all necessary signature son all necessary documents Undergraduate Chapter acquire college/university seal on necessary documents check document for completeness
  54. 54. Fourth Week Cont’d Make minimum of three copies of each candidate packet (one for International headquarters, One for the Province Polemarch, and one for your local records Funds are due this week, preferably Wednesday/Thursday Use certified check or money orders and make payable to the Middle Eastern Province (cash and persona checks will not be accepted)
  55. 55. Fourth Week Cont’d Packages of Aspirants and Monies Due; Be sure to check paper work carefully, package needs to be completed an presented by the designated Saturday.
  56. 56. WORKSHOP EVALUATIONS Presented by: Brother Damond Nollan