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TheTrendWatch #04

  1. 1. winter 2007
  2. 2. Contributors olivier steve damon & charles minhiu USA UK FRANCE CHINA
  3. 3. Network 2.0 Consumer 2.0 Media 2.0 Advertising 2.0 NOTE: Click anytime on the fullsix logo to come back to this page. Click on the arrows to go to the previous or next slide.
  4. 4. Network 2.0
  5. 5. A Maturing Network
  6. 6. DSL today: 212,000k access a DSL connection worldwide: 59,000k in Europe 54,000k in the USA 90,000k in Asia + 15,000k have access to a FTTH connection in the world
  7. 7. Internet Users vs. Non-Users: 96% 59% 67% 2000 41% 33% 4% USA Europe Asia 89% 68% 52% 2006 48% 32% 11%
  8. 8. Hours Spent Online / Month: Average worldwide Monthly Hours Online Among Age Group 15+ 43 hours in Asia 35 hours in Europe 27 hours in the USA
  9. 9. Multiplication of access points: Internet Everywhere - Google provides free WiFi in Mountain View, CA - Wifi communities develop (FON: 5,800 hotspots in France / 81,000 Worldwide) - 3G+ becomes affordable - Smartphones and WiFi gizmos everywhere (PSP...)
  10. 10. - 18 million Internet Users Download an Average of 5 Podcasts per week - Over 50 million Ipods sold in total (8,5 million alone in Q2 2006) - PSP sales at the end of 2006 (Sony Projection): 20 Million - Music radio audience down 8.5% this year alone The End of Radio?
  11. 11. A Network with a Human Face
  12. 12. ME vs. US The Web is no longer about Individualism, but about Sharing and Collaborating
  13. 13. ME vs. US Internet Users create and develop online identities and expect recognition from peers...
  14. 14. ME vs. US The Explosion of Online Video Gaming has triggered the increase in creation of Community Websites over the last 2 years, providing a virtual platform for gamers to gather and socialise.
  15. 15. ME vs. US Internet Users want to valorize their offline contacts; social and professional networks are now being shared Online
  16. 16. Consumer 2.0
  17. 17. Consumer Über-Informed
  18. 18. über-informed WEB 2.0 offers consumers a whole new way of getting the best information about products they plan to Buy: Trips, Books, Music, Movies,...
  19. 19. über-informed WEB 2.0 offers consumers a whole new way of getting the best information about products they plan to Buy: Trips, Books, Music, Movies,...
  20. 20. über-informed These new types of Content search provide opportunities for players in the Video and Music Markets
  21. 21. The Word Of Mouth Community is gaining Mainstream Audience Unique Visitors Audience - May 2006 in the US: 51 Million : MYSPACE 14 Million : FACEBOOK 12 Million : YOUTUBE 9 Million : MSN SPACES 5 Million : FLICKR
  22. 22. Indymedia With the support of internet users, Virtual NewsGroups rise and compete with Mainstream Media Groups...
  23. 23. Consumer-bloggers making profit Annual Incomes From main players In the Pro Blog Market: $ 3 Million : Nick Denton ( Gawker + Gizmodo) $ 1 Million : John Battelle (Federated Media) $ 730 K : Mickael Arrington (Techcrunch) $ 600 K : Markos Moulitsas (Daily Kos) $ 500 K : Andrews Carton (Tréonauts Blog)
  24. 24. Web Overtakes Newspaper In Europe Average hours spent online per week per European in 2006 Average hours spent online per week per European in 2003 Average hours spent reading newspaper and magazines per week per European in 2003
  25. 25. Consumer Participation Entertainment
  26. 26. The Rise Of Web TV We Witness the Launch of IndyMedias...
  27. 27. Consumer expression snow ball effect
  28. 28. Freedom Of Speech An opportunity offered by the Web... and seized by the general public
  29. 29. The Press -2.6% Newspaper Circulation in the US, Q1 2006 +8% Newspaper-run Web sites increase their audience in the US, Q1 2006
  30. 30. New Info Sources The general public becomes a source of Information for Mainstream Network and Media
  31. 31. Challenging Mass Media Bloggers uncover the Truth and Expose Mainstream Media Mistakes
  32. 32. Media 2.0
  33. 33. Going Digital Paper Magazines move Online in mass to reach and maintain their audience
  34. 34. Focused, Up-to-date, Interactive Internet Offers more Information Sources...
  35. 35. Television viewing continues to shrink... The week of July 4th was the least-watched week in recorded history, as only 20.8 million viewers were tuned in to primetime TV at any given moment. This was down from the previous low of 21.5 million viewers set last July. The fact that records are being set, shows that network TV is gradually losing its hold on popular culture: video games, the Internet, and MP3 players, other ways of watching video content (Consumers can now watch TV on cable, satellite, FiOS, IPTV, and the Internet, all of which offer far more options than the on-the-air networks) gain audience.
  36. 36. Podcasting Stealing Radio Audience By 2010, today's 94% penetration for terrestrial radio will have sunk to 85%." 27% of 12-24 yr. olds attribute their reduction in radio consumption to MP3 and podcast. Worldwide figure from ARBITRON, a radio industry research firm
  37. 37. “Pick&Mix Media” vs. “Linear Media”
  38. 38. Any Time, AnyWhere Users can now access any content, without the constraints of Linear Media
  39. 39. DVDs -4% Shipments in the 1st half of the year, compared to 2005
  40. 40. Advertising 2.0
  41. 41. Advertising, Consumer Generated Content
  42. 42. Get Recognition from the Brand Renowned Brands Challenge their customers to produce Ads...
  43. 43. And be part of the success Movie companies invite Fans to take part in the production, promotion and merchandising of their Films
  44. 44. Advertising, Interactive Offline Campaign
  45. 45. Interactive Everywhere Brands promote their goods with Offline Interactive Advertising campaigns
  46. 46. Go Where Your Consumer Is Brands promote their goods in Second Life
  47. 47. Advertising, The Viral Advertising Age
  48. 48. Promote via Viral Sexpacking: More than 3 million Visitors, 1,5 Million Video Downloads Sexpacking: 24,500 Google hits / 1,367 Blogs according to Technorati
  49. 49. Promote via Viral Music Groups promote their work and sell it on Community Websites: on the iTunes Music Store as of September 5, 2006, this single has reached #11 and the album #2.
  50. 50. Not a penny of paid media > 1+ million views on YouTub, significant play on TV talk shows + biggest-ever traffic spike to three times more than, Dove's Super Bowl ad and resulting publicity last year, according to
  51. 51. Advertising, The Video Game Era
  52. 52. Video Games’ Codes Brands Use and Parody them to promote their goods
  53. 53. “New Playground” Growing Opportunities are available for Brands in Games and Virtual Worlds ANIMATION: Mr Bruce Prokopets
  54. 54. In-Game Advertising - In 2005, advertisers spent approximately $56 Million placing ads in video games, up from $34 Million in 2004 - In-game avertising results in a 60% increase in awareness for new products and animated 3-D ads achieve twice the recall of static billboards
  55. 55. Advertising, New Killer Applications
  56. 56. Create Mashup Brands from separate markets become partners in order to create Killer Apps
  57. 57. Advertising, Branded Entertainment
  58. 58. Be the Entertainer Brands use entertainment as a means to promote their Image