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TheTrendWatch #01

  1. 1. Trendwatch Winter 05-06
  2. 2. Trendwatch Winter 05-06 Media-fragmentation Blogs Podcast Community Tools
  3. 3. Media-fragmentation People are spending more time on the internet and less time with so-called "traditional" media like TV, radio, magazines or newspapers
  4. 4. Media-fragmentation 61% spend more time on the Internet today than a year ago Burst Media, May 05 ›
  5. 5. Media-fragmentation 36% spend less time today than a year ago watching TV (magazine: 34%, radio: 27%) Burst Media, May 05 ›
  6. 6. Media-fragmentation Simultaneous media usage becoming the norm 70% of media users consume more than one media at a time. Big Research, March 05 ›
  7. 7. Media-fragmentation 66% of those watching TV are online at the same time. Big Research, March 05 ›
  8. 8. Media-fragmentation “The 18-24 year olds are digital nomads who have adopted new media more readily than any other age group. Not only do they use new media more, they are influenced by it much more than any other age group, when it comes to making purchase decisions.” BigResearch, June 05 ›
  9. 9. Media-fragmentation The internet as a primary source of information 50% of Americans distrust Mass Media Gallup Polls, September 05 ›
  10. 10. Media-fragmentation The internet as a primary source of information 3h30 Time spent a week by 1 American worker out of 4 reading blogs at work AdAge, 24 Oct 05
  11. 11. Media-fragmentation “ Dans les bouleversements médiatiques actuels, il nous faut suivre nos lecteurs sur d'autres médias, d'autres supports que le papier seul. Les accompagner sur le Net, mais aussi sur le téléphone et sur les baladeurs numériques et, à terme, sur les Serge July, Libération, 18 Oct 05
  12. 12. Media-fragmentation Computers replace other entertainment appliances 53% of 24Y- use internet to watch movies 76% to play music Burst Media study, July 05 ›
  13. 13. Media-fragmentation Percentage who regularly use the following new media: Big Research, June 05 › Blogs iPods Picture Phones 50.000 45 33.333 30 31 30 22 23 16.667 18 16 14 11 7 5 0 18-24 25-34 35-54 55+
  14. 14. Blogs Blogs have removed much of the control big media has enjoyed for years and has placed it squarely in the hands of the individual: a corporate voice become an authentic human voice.
  15. 15. GM Fastlane Blog › feature the writings of GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz and other GM corporate management. In Lutz's first post, he discusses the success of Saturn and GM's plans to refresh the aging lineup with new products. GM is the first large scale company to bring the human voice of its corporate executives to the public in the weblog format.
  16. 16. Axe › Unilever, owner of Axe brand, are trying to keep their brand top of mind with young lads in the united states by sending fictional characters Evan and Gareth out to try out score-lines on unsuspecting babes. Evan and Gareth 'videoblog' their adventures and the idea is that hopefully this whole thing will go viral.
  17. 17. Vespaway › Blog written by two real Vespa-loving customers. Piaggio USA feels blogs are an ideal way to connect with Vespa brand loyalists and encourage them to become online evangelists. It is an extension of the scooter clubs that have existed offline for years.
  18. 18. Kong is King › Peter Jackson (director) believes in blogging to convert his fans (Lord of the Rings) to his new movie King Kong, posting every day behind-the-scene stories and videos, breaking every closed-set taboo in Hollywood.
  19. 19. Nike Sneaker › Launched in February 05, this blog dedicated to sneaker fans gathered more than 60,000 visitors per month. The blog was closed (as planned) in May but many other blogs were created by people who used to visit it to stay in touch and keep talking about their passion.
  20. 20. Vous les hommes › A Blog for Celio (ready-to-wear for men) where men discuss and receive advices about modern life issues (style, culture...)
  21. 21. Le Journal de ma Peau › The second version of this Vichy blog where the vichy skincare products are tested by real-life consumers attracts a huge quarter of the Vichy website audience
  22. 22. X-BOX 360 › To promote the future launch of its next advanced console, microsoft asked its biggest fans (Ambassadors) to blog about their gaming life and show the visitors exclusive previews and reviews of the X-Box 360.
  23. 23. Budget › Budget launched a blog to organize a treasure-hunt in different states of the USA, giving away video clues and allowing the contestants to post videos and photos of their discoveries. the Up Your Budget site is receiving over 10,000 visits per day and growing dramatically, with a huge word-of-mouth.
  24. 24. Podcast creating new contact moments with the consumers: 30M iPods sold to date (playing music and videos) NY Times, October 05
  25. 25. House of Wax › Celebrities, especially actors and music artists are dabbling in podcasts to push new CDs and films. Paris Hilton recently used a podcast to promote her new movie, House of Wax.
  26. 26. IBM › IBM talks to investors and expects to post approximatively 15 podcasts in 6 months. Planned topics include IBM's takes on the future of shopping, health care, banking and the home, being a look ahead at business issues and technology solutions convergence.
  27. 27. Volvo › By getting in early on a new technology like podcasting, an advertiser can be seen as cool and fueling a nascent medium among early adopters -- typically the most influential people in their social circles. Volvo sponsors for six months and underwrite the launch of the autoblog podcast. Four months into the deal, the podcast has been downloaded 20,000 times.
  28. 28. Durex › Taking advantage of the FCC-free Podcast medium, condom maker Durex has made a deal with popular podcast show, DAWN AND DREW, a Wisconsin husband and wife podcast team, showing people interacting with the brand to make young people understand that there is nothing to be embarrassed about talking/using condoms.
  29. 29. Video Podcasting: coming soon... Already available for porn. And porn is always the 1st industry to catch on new technologies (cf DVD that first were used for porn)
  30. 30. Desktop Apps Creating a permanent presence of the brand on the consumer’s screen.
  31. 31. Dannon Carb Coach › A small application for the desktop to help the consumer count carbs (diet), offer health tips and relaxation techniques.
  32. 32. Pepsi Street Motion Tour › An interactive wallpaper to listen to music, change the desktop image, car-related content frequently updated...
  33. 33. Desktop Widgets › Small applications always open on the desktop (PC and Mac) to check the weather, read the news, receive the latest info about a product (like Harry Potter below)...
  34. 34. Community Tools Pushing Blogs and Podcast one step further: when the users produce the content.
  35. 35. MySpace › connecting with your real-life friends and meet on-line your friendʼs friends who share the same interests.
  36. 36. MyCoke › Mix music, make new friends and create your own blog!
  37. 37. MTV Starzine › Online magazine for MTV using only MTV viewers texts and phone-pics.
  38. 38. Flickr › Photo albums to share. All the pics are tagged so that users can browse the collection of other users sharing the same interests.
  39. 39. › Same concepts but with bookmarks.
  40. 40. Audioscrobbler › A small plugin in iTunes sends the songs details that youʼre listening to create your profile (personal weekly Top 20, most played artist...) and compare your playlist and profile with people sharing the same musical tastes.
  41. 41. Wikipedia › Online encyclopedia written by the users. One of the biggest resources on the web.
  42. 42. Oh My News › Online newspaper written by the readers.
  43. 43. Madonna Tagging Project › The objective of the site is to create the biggest collection of pictures of Madonna. All the pics are posted by fans and are tagged so that they can be searched by users.
  44. 44. Mini USA Roof Studio › Gallery exhibiting the creations of the visitors, asked to decorate the roof of a Mini.
  45. 45. Appendix
  46. 46. Media-fragmentation People are spending more time on the internet and less time with so-called "traditional" media like TV, radio, magazines or newspapers: including at work: - 32% of men spend more than 25>34yo spend more than 3 hours on the internet at work (women: 25%) - 56% for personal reasons - 45% to look for product informations and 37% have already bought online while at work Burst Media, December 04 › transforming media planning, especially towards young crowds: “The 18-24 year olds are digital nomads who have adopted new media more readily than any other age group,” said Joe Pilotta, PhD, BIGresearchʼs VP of research. “Not only do they use new media more, they are influenced by it much more than any other age group, when it comes to making purchase decisions. Which says that they have integrated new media in their daily lives, The usage of new media among younger age groups creates a marketing dilemma for marketers who are wedded to traditional media. New media has an effect on traditional media, such as television, radio and magazines. However, its affect is counterintuitive; users of new media are using radio, magazines and newspapers more, while TV has suffered the overall negative effect. Some new media have more effect on the traditional media than others, e.g. blogging, IPOD/MP3 usage, and text messaging. Marketers and advertisers must now add new media to the media ecosystem as a whole and not bifurcate into traditional and digital media. Bifurcation will miss the possible synergistic effects implied by findings,” BigResearch, June 05 ›
  47. 47. Media-fragmentation Simultaneous media usage becoming the norm - 70% of media users consume more than one medium at the time - 54% of those who listen to radio surf the internet at the same time - 66% of those watching TV are online at the same time Big Research, March 05 › with background noise and foreground media "It's apparent that multitasking and simultaneous media consumption creates competition for the same time and space attention. Media may be relegated to the background when consumers multitask e.g. talking on the phone. When they simultaneously consume media, one of the media can morph into the background and back to the foreground intermittently. That is why understanding which media have the greatest influence on purchasing various merchandise categories becomes a key determinant for marketing ROI in today's complex media environment" Jon Pilotta, Big Research, March 05 › forcing cross media integration While it may become more difficult claim consumer's split attention span, many cross media promotional tie-ins present themselves as a result of this shift in media consumption. This shift, properly acted upon, might finally force true cross media integration. By that, I don't mean placing the same brand message across multiple media but rather messages in one medium that require interaction with another. Obviously. That's already being done to some extent with the simplest example being "go visit our website." Big Research, March 05 › called Road Blocking strategy: “eMarketer points out that many Internet users already use multiple forms of media at once. Even as I write this I'm listening to CNBC in the background. Smart marketers will synchronize their messaging so the end user hears and sees complementary messages at or near the same time. This will be the new definition of what media planners call "Road Blocking." Since the end user's attention is split between different media, it will be essential that messages reinforce each other.” Larry Chase, April 05 ›
  48. 48. Media-fragmentation The internet as a primary source of information - 46% use internet as their primary source of information that will help them at home (all age group) - 47% use internet to gather local, national and international news Burst Media study, July 05 › - 63% of online shoppers say the Internet is their primary source of information when evaluating and comparing products. Burst Media study, October 05 › with people losing trust in the Mass Media - 50% of Americans distrust Mass Media News: Gallup Polls, September 05 › forcing news corporation to adapt themselves Dans les bouleversements médiatiques actuels, il nous faut suivre nos lecteurs sur d'autres médias, d'autres supports que le papier seul. Les accompagner sur le Net, mais aussi sur le téléphone et sur les baladeurs numériques et, à terme, sur les consoles de jeux, avec la référence Libération, celle d'une information labellisée par une rédaction expérimentée, aux compétences multiples et pratiquant l'information avec des règles déontologiques strictes, et qui sont autant de garanties pour les lecteurs comme pour les internautes. Libération à l'heure du Bi-média, Serge July, 18 Oct 05
  49. 49. Media-fragmentation The computer to replace traditional communication media - 65% use internet to stay in contact with family and friends (77% of the 55+yo) Burst Media study, July 05 › eMail + Instant Messenging - 60% send personal email/IM while at work (64% for women, 57% for men) Burst Media study, December 04 › - 80% of 18>24yo use regularly or occasionally Instant Messaging (68% 25>34, 58% 35>54, 43% 55+) Burst Media study, December 04 › Voice Over the Internet on a computer - Skype Messenger (Voice Over Internet) reached 50 Million members in Sept. 05 and has been acquired by eBay. - Google launched his IM service (with Voice) in Aug. 05 Clickz Network, August 05
  50. 50. Media-fragmentation Computers replace other entertainment appliances - 39% of 24yo and younger said internet is their primary way they listen to music - 31% said the internet is their primary way to play game - 53% use internet to watch movies/videos - 76% use the internet to play music (52% all age groups) - 65% to play game (50% overall) 30M ipods sold Burst Media study, July 05 › NY Times, October 05 › Music + Series: iTunes sold 500 Million songs to date + launched in October TV Series to download and watch on your iPod, July 05 › Movies: 24% of young men 13>25 yo saw fewer movies than in 2003 and have shifted that leisure time to IMing and playing video games. OTX Research LA, October 05 › New Media: “Consider the rapid penetration and easy consumer acceptance of video on demand. Cellphones that play broadcast-quality music videos. Video games with ad messages that can be swapped out online in real time. Streaming audio. Pod-casting. Text messages. Instant messaging. Google. TiVo. This isn’t some dark vision of the terrifying implications of a future that may or may not come to pass. It’s the reality of marketing circa the ides of March 2005.” Scott Donato, AdAge Editor, March 05 › Jon Pilotta, Big Research, June 05 ›
  51. 51. Feed Marketing Blogs The Pew Internet study estimates that about 11%, or about 50 million, of Internet users are regular blog readers. A new weblog is created every 7.4 seconds, which means there are about 12,000 new blogs a day. Bloggers — people who write weblogs — update their weblogs regularly; there are about 275,000 posts daily, or about 10,800 blog updates an hour. Blogs vs Mainstream Media (million users)
  53. 53. Feed Marketing Podcast Like a blog... but for your iPod! A new medium means only one thing to advertisers: A new opportunity to sell -- and podcasting holds special potential for marketers "Podcasting is one of the developments, along with online digital music services like iTunes and Rhapsody, that allow a consumer to be their own programmer. That will obsolete terrestrial radio for many advertisers," says Rishad Tobaccowala, chief innovation officer at Publicis Groupe Media 2 ways to do it: podvertising (slides 1+2) and sponsorship (3+4) You've got RSS (Real Simple Syndication). You've got Podcasting (where you can download and time-shift audio content to your iPod or MP3 player). Now you've even got Video Podcasting where you can download MP4 videos into Sony's PlayStation Portable unit or iPods for viewing when you're mobile. As the use of RSS grows quickly, and more consumers buy iPods or MP3 players, these formats will grow in usage. And where there are ears and especially eyeballs, marketers are never too far behind. The podcasts may employ the sponsorship model, or subscription (further off), or simply be done for the coolness factor, customer retention, or PR pop that you'll get if you do it early enough. RSS ad units will settle into some format that offers a decent ROI for the advertiser. There are already coupons being fed via RSS. Expect to see more point-to-point syndication feed models as we move forward in time. Larry Chase, April 05 › docs référence: Mad Ave.'s Rush to Podcasts Podcasting to transform media consumption Pondering Podvertising Possibilities
  54. 54. Chrysler: the Mudds › Chrysler has LAUNCHED an online promotion, called THE MUDDS featuring a family of five. The promotion will have bi-weekly webisodes and members of the family will have their own blog. (launching this fall)