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Concordia july2015

This presentation outlines the vision and the activities of Mozaika, The Humanizing Technologies Lab

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Concordia july2015

  1. 1. Mozaika The Humanizing Technologies Lab Mariana Damova, PhD 13.07.2015 Montreal Data Science - Use Cases
  2. 2. The meaning … 1. Humanizing technologies - technologies that humanize (their users) 2. Humanizing technologies - technologies that are human (close to the human) 3. Humanizing technologies - technologies that enable human to better use ICT human-centric technology
  3. 3. How technology works … The phrase “humanizing emerging technologies” is about reducing the amount of mystery around how a technology works and about helping people retain a sense of control over their changing environments.
  4. 4. Big Data, Linked Data and The Clouds Volume Variety Velocity - Structured - Unstructured - Semi-structured - All of the above - Terabytes - Records - Transactions - Tables, files - Batch - Near time - Real time - Stream
  5. 5. Natural Interfaces • Gesture control • Wearables • Google Glass • Samsung watch • Voice biometrics • Voice control • Dialogue
  6. 6. Nuance Voice Biometrics IVR Authentication Use Case “At VB Bank, my voice is my password” Carol Foster ID VERIFIED a Slide credit: Nuance Communications
  7. 7. Virtual Personal Assistant 2010 Denise - 2012 Denise - 2014 Google Now vs. Siri vs. Cortana - - Use for search: Google Search, Wolfram Alpha, Bing Siri uses Nuance for speech recognition empathy In the future insight trust reliance actionable knowledge
  8. 8. Better Human Understanding, not Big data is the Future of Business. That is where Mozaika is going Mozaika is an SME and a Research Center - semantic data mining, natural language processing, human-computer interaction, data science - information infrastructures serving variety of applications such as enhancing creativity - cultural heritage cataloguing, smart cities - consulting in project development - etc.
  9. 9. Implied technologies
  10. 10. Semantic Web Technologies - Breaking the data siloes
  11. 11. Linked Open Data Cloud
  12. 12. Linked Open Vocabularies
  13. 13. FactForge
  14. 14. Natural Language and the Semantic Web DBpedia URI @Davidcamposh has visto el de Una verdad incomoda de <Al Gore> muy bueno tambi Davidcamposh’ve seen An Inconvenient Truth of <Al Gore> ... is very good also positive sentiment topic: Al Gore Person DBpedia URI Politician United States hasProfession bornIn
  15. 15. EN FR DE Who painted Mona Lisa? Qui a paint Mona Lisa? Wer hat Mona Lisa gemahlt? Who is Mona Lisa’s painter? Qui est le paintre de Mona Lisa? Wer ist der Mahler von Mona Lisa ? Who created Mona Lisa? Qui a créé Mona Lisa? Wer hat Mona Lisa geschöpft? Different language Different syntax Different lexicon Same semantics RDF :Painter :Painting :painted Mona Lisa? rdf:type rdf:type Leonardo Mona Lisa RDF Repository SPARQL Missing Piece A Multilingual SPARQL-Based Retrieval Interface for Cultural Heritage Objects Reason-able View Linked Open Data from the Cultural Heritage domain Gothenburg City Museum Europeana, DBPedia, CIDOC-CRM SPARQL End-point Coverage: 1159 query patterns in 15 languages: Bulgarian, Finish, Norwegian, Catalan, French, Romania, Danish, Hebrew, Russian, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, English, German, Swedish 10 characteristics of cultural heritage objects: creation date, time period, material, title, dimension, current location (museum and city), color, author, type Evaluation Random queries in 7 languages with very few native informants corrections Extendibility Writing a new query grammar requires 150 lines of code
  16. 16. Linguistic Linked Open Data Cloud
  17. 17. Multilingual Single Digital Market • Break the language blocking – Single languages address no more than 20% of the Digital Single Market • Enable seamless use of all official languages of the EU – Ensure open access to over 50% of the world’s online population and 73% of the world online market – Approximately 60% of individuals in non-Anglophone countries seldom or never make online purchases from English-language sites • Language technology made in Europe – will transform Europe into a world-wide leader in technology innovation – Will secure Europe’s future as a world-wide trader and exporter of goods, services and information 6/4/2015 EuroDIG 2015 META and LT-Innovate Multilingual Europe: The Crowning Touch to the Digital Single Market
  18. 18. Mozaika’s Current and Past projects …
  19. 19. Human Resources Management • Semantic representation of skills, competences, geographical information industries relatedness, organizational and personal information • Semantic matching with ProfiCV From module of the ProfiCV system towards DaaS
  20. 20. CITYSUMMARIES with Digital Spaces Living Lab Real time multi-modal summarization of city experiences and information - trip planning - while visiting - trip memories catcher mobile and web-based Smart Cities application
  21. 21. Information Management for Cosmic Studies Small Communication Satellite Mission Space Technology and Research Insitute at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Sofia State University University “Kliment of Ohrid” RaySat Ltd. (satellite networks ompany) • Support and enhancement of science research and human activities in Antarctica • Hi-speed two-way backhaul data transfer for scientific, safety and other applications • Off-line two-way operational communication services for professional personal or rescue purposes • Continental surface measurements of biological and natural phenomena • Weather monitoring and forecasting Communications project, aiming to mobilize scientific and industrial effort to build a purely Bulgarian product with international impact. 10-60 Mbps data-transfer bit rate 1500-600-km orbit altitude remote sensing of Earth exploration with
  22. 22. Geo Linked Data Interactive map of the Bulgarian Dialects with IBL - BAS
  23. 23. DM2E – Digital Manuscripts to Europeana Codex Suppraliensis metadata in DM2E format with ILI – BAS and DM2E project
  24. 24. Virtual itineraries browse=%D0%9E%D0%B1%D0%B5%D0%BA%D1%82%D0%B8 Idea initiated from 3D laser scanned architectural objects and an undergraduate course in Multimedia at NBU The shown items are made with Europeana and Geocad93. They are part of Bulgariana collection and are currently hosted at Ontotext. starting with Sofia Holy Forest
  25. 25. Publishing • Linked Open Data publishing • E-Publishing, E-books • Intelligent reading and writing assistants • Scientific literature publishing with Springer Verlag with Sofia University and others
  26. 26. Text and Image - Association based natural language processing - Sentiment expression - Lexical semantics - Visual lexicon Capturing human and personal characteristics based on the tags chosen for an image
  27. 27. So, it will be … These are the Humanizing Technologies Image Credit: Robin Bertolletti
  28. 28. Thank you for your attention Contact: