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All about Glow and the Glow Machine.

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Glow overview

  1. 1. Glow overview
  2. 2. about Glow Our proprietary Facebook Ads system: “the highest distinction of excellence ever offered to our marketing partnersOffices in London, UK and Los Angeles, CA Running & optimising campaigns with direct API integration into:
  3. 3. some of our clients
  4. 4. What is• Glow Machine is a tool which helps advertisers BUILD, MANAGE, OPTIMISE and UNDERSTAND their Facebook ad campaigns on a huge scale• Developed in conjunction with the largest and most sophisticated Facebook ad agencies in Europe & North America• Gives greater control over how, where and when ads are displayed to the target audience• Helps maximise relevancy of ads and enables greater efficiencies to be driven, thereby significantly reducing CPCs and CPAs
  5. 5. Problems we answer1. how the interest graph 2. how to increase the 3. how to understand the can be harnessed for penetration of FB posts ROI generated through more effective ad to as wide and as the network effect of targeting relevant an audience as sharing possible
  6. 6. Product offering coming in 2013Ads Sponsored Facebook Page Post Offer Advanced Page Post & Twitter + Stories Exchange Booster Builder Insights App Insights additional APIs
  7. 7. Integrations Glow Machine is the only Facebook PMD to be fully integrated with both AppNexusDoubleclick • Automatically creates click impression trackers • Shows all conversion data and values in Glow Machine • Brings display social closer together • Compare Facebook marketplace, FBX display (RTB) performance in one interface • Use 1st of 3rd party data segments in FBX All data in the Glow Machine can be imported and exported to any 3rd party system (through our API) • Reporting / MI solutions • internal billing systems • Data Management Platform
  8. 8. Comparing FBX Marketplace buys Single view on all Facebook inventory • De-duplicated conversion attribution across format buying method • Conversion Funnel visualisation (coming Q113) • Full FBX creation trafficking (coming Q113) • Integrates fully with DoubleClick View Click trackers
  9. 9. Reporting Capabilities performance audience creative budget Interactive data visualisations enable immediate recognition of which elements of the campaign deliver the greatest performance We can also join this up with data from other digital channels (search, mobile display)
  10. 10. Customised reporting analysis• Glow will create and distribute campaign reports to your team on an agreed schedule• Data can be fed straight from your data management platform into our tracking system via API• We also have an integration with DoubleClickDfA so data from online and mobile campaigns can be pulled into Glow Machine• Analytical reports can be delivered illustrating key learnings across channels with suggestions that inform campaign strategies
  11. 11. Pricing structure Software License Managed Services 5% of media spend 15% of media spendAll inclusive fees – full transparency with nothing hidden. Volume pricing available.
  12. 12. Testimonials“My company is one of the worlds largest advertisers on Facebook and we are a happy Glowcustomer. What do I like most? They focus building features that actually make a difference forpower users such as us (workflow oriented) rather than the gimmicky features that look good in asales deck. Just one mans opinion.” Angus Lovitt, Director of Performance Marketing,“Glow is clearly the market-leader in Facebook Ads API solutions. Our clients have demonstrated ahigh level of satisfaction with service and results, and having tested other competitive productsreturn to Glow making it their Facebook solution of choice.” Rolf Dinsdale, VP Sales, GlassBox Media Group“Glow Machine has helped StarcomMediaVest to test multiple micro-segments and bid strategiesreally quickly and easily. Ultimately producing excellent results for our advertisers.” Associate Director, SMV Group“By testing and optimising the campaigns through Glow, we can achieve very satisfying results onFacebook – not only from a branding perspective but also in absolute sale numbers.” LoïcLasne, E-Marketing Manager, Lacoste