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Gatorade digital strategy PDF

  1. 1. Gatorade Warren Damman New Media Driver’s License A43963752
  2. 2. Target Audience !   Gatorade currently markets heavily using sponsorship and television advertisements. !   Gatorade needs to add some different marketing techniques using various forms of Social Media. !   This will help Gatorade gain new customers and retain the ones they already have; which account for 95% of sales.
  3. 3. Target Audience !   The new marketing campaign will focus on a Digital Marketing Campaign. !   Gatorade will use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and various other social media sites. !   The majority of the campaign will focus on social media users (of all ages) and also point focus towards the elderly, who are not avid Gatorade consumers.
  4. 4. Main Goals !   Gatorade is trying to get people of all ages to consume their product. !   If everyone who plays sports or watches sporting events enjoys their product and purchases their product, then they have successfully marketed their product. !   To do this, Gatorade needs to focus a lot of their marketing efforts on everyone; from kids to elders.
  5. 5. Tactics & Tools !   Gatorade will begin by creating things they do not already have.(i.e. Clothing line that emphasizes being active and healthy) !   Gatorade could produce new lines of their product that focus on different markets. (i.e. Elderly hydration, child hydration, more nutrient filled beverages) !   Gatorade could expand their current marketing efforts into different areas. !   For example, since they already sponsor sporting events, search for bigger and newer events to sponsor.
  6. 6. Gatorade’s Advertisements
  7. 7. Marketing Strategies !   Gatorade will want to continue promoting their product on television because this form of communication has given them great success in past years. !   Gatorade will also want to continue sponsoring sporting events. This has given much attention to the brand and will continue to do so over the upcoming years.
  8. 8. Digital Marketing Plan !   Using Twitter to tweet about certain deals or new products will help spread the word to millions due to Twitters high traffic rate. Millions of potential customers use Twitter daily and this will increase brand awareness. !   Using Facebook to run competitions, contests, and help give more information about products is key because of how many people use Facebook on a daily basis. It will reach millions of people very quickly, and has the ability to give information about the product right on the spot. !   Creating YouTube videos that link to all forms of social media (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) will help spread the word throughout the YouTube world and will draw attention. Cool videos will also draw attention to the brand. Inspirational videos and exercise videos will get people motivated.
  9. 9. Digital Marketing Plan !   Gatorade can market through Instagram, which will help people get visual ideas of what is going on in the Gatorade world. Videos and Pictures showing people results of dedication, and product placement will help draw attention to the brand. !   Creating a Blog site that will have all sorts of different information regarding the product and things it sponsors. For example: !   Have people write guest blog posts that have different topics about sports, exercise, motivation etc. !   Have all social media sites link to this blog to get full connection between the various social media sites.
  10. 10. Budget !   PepsiCo spends roughly $100 million per year marketing the Gatorade brand. !   Of this $100 million, about $80-$85 million is used on television ads, sponsoring sporting events, and magazine articles. !   To change this, PepsiCo will now put $25-35 million of their marketing budget towards the new digital plan. !   The $20-$30 million dollar increase in marketing through social media will increase brand awareness on the internet and change how people are seeing the advertisements.
  11. 11. Key Performance Indicators !   Creating surveys that can be accessed through social media sites will increase survey response and give Gatorade a better idea of how their marketing campaign is working. !   These surveys will give the brand good information about who is buying their product, and what they can do to modify the campaign for improvement. !   These surveys will give Gatorade insight on if they are achieving 0 defects, full consumer satisfaction, and possible areas of improvement.
  12. 12. Gatorade – Is it in You? Gatorade Information Gatorade Facebook Gatorade Current Advertisement