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Give your marketing a boost 41 things in 41 days


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Digital Marketing benefits your business. It can create leads, sales and satisfied customer.

Over 8 weeks here is a plan to boost your marketing. Just an hour each day is all you need.

Find ideas on how to integrate digital marketing and social meda across the marketing mix and in a number of channels.

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Give your marketing a boost 41 things in 41 days

  1. 1. Give your Digital Marketing a Boost. 41 things to do in 41 days. A Practical Guide 1Wednesday, 20 June 12
  2. 2. marketing needs single-mindedness. so you can do more with your time. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution- NonCommercial-ShareAlike License. 2Wednesday, 20 June 12
  3. 3. @damiensaunders 3Wednesday, 20 June 12
  4. 4. How much time does this take? Don’t worry! AIM TO You determine the time you want to SPEND NO spend on developing MORE THAN 1 and implementing a HOUR EACH strategy. DAY 4Wednesday, 20 June 12
  5. 5. Week 1 1.Create an account on Twitter for you and your brand – find some friends to follow 2.Create an account on Facebook 3.Create a social media analytics account on MarketMeSuite to monitor your fans and followers 4.Create a Google Alert to track online mentions of your brand 5.Create a Google Alert for mentions of your product What should I do if I already have an account? Audit your account instead ... 1.Check your settings (like privacy options) 2.Check your profile photo 3.Update your description & other linksWednesday, 20 June 12
  6. 6. Week 2 1.Create a Google Alert for mentions of your competitors 2.Create a Google Alert for mentions of you 3.Find out what Web Analytics Tools you use like Google Analytics & 4.Find out how you track Campaigns and how you use Adwords. 5.Setup 30 days of scheduled tweets using MarketMeSuite Avoid sharing your personal Google & Gmail Account If you use Google, it’s worthwhile setting up another Google Account that you can link to Adwords, Analytics & Alerts. It will take a bit of effort to link the accounts, but the benefit is personal privacy.Wednesday, 20 June 12
  7. 7. Week 3 1.Setup a weekly marketing e-mail on Mailchimp 2.Setup your free Pro account 3.Setup your own URL shortener with pro 4.Check you can track your new custom URL’s with Google Analytics 5.Plan 15 blog topics to post every other day for the remainder of the 40 day plan Always plan ahead - keep a list of blog posts If you’re busy with life, then it pays to plan ahead. Try to make a list of all the things to write on your website for the next month and then draft blog posts for these.Wednesday, 20 June 12
  8. 8. Week 4 1.Create an account for your business brand on Foursquare 2.Claim your business stores and head office on Foursquare 3.Complete a personal social network audit 4.Update your personal LinkedIn profile 5.Update your Company’s LinkedIn profile Already have social network accounts? Check out the tips on Week 1 and complete an audit of your profiles, photos, linked accounts and privacy settings. See if you can spot other ways to cross-promote your digital marketing like adding your blog to LinkedIn Apps.Wednesday, 20 June 12
  9. 9. Week 5 1.Add the company blog RSS to your company profile on LinkedIn 2.Add yourself to Crunchbase 3.Add your company to Crunchbase via Techcrunch 4.Create a page for your business on Google Plus 5.Update your business listing on Google Plus (was Google Places and Google Maps) Google Plus is rapidly evolving - you need a plan. Read up on all the changes in Google Plus and create your own mini-plan. Do you ... 1.Need a business page? 2.Search Google Maps and check the results page 3.Do you need to claim your business map page?Wednesday, 20 June 12
  10. 10. Week 6 1.Review your template for your Press Release 2.Update your business card to something more social 3.Run your website through Hubspot’s free marketing website analysis tools 4.Start an SEO marketing plan diary 5.Create a calendar for the next 6 weeks and start thinking of blog posts for each of those days Got the message? Digital Marketing Needs You. 1. There are many ways and places to cross promote & integrate your digital marketing. 2.Keeping a Diary of what you do will pay off when. Keep notes of what impact your marketing has on sales, leads, visitors and internal feedback.Wednesday, 20 June 12
  11. 11. Week 7 1.Link your company blog to its Twitter Account 2.Add a Foursquare reward for the mayor or a random customer 3.Add a tip to interesting geolocations 4.Write an email newsletter for your clients – offer a competition for them to follow you or check-in via Foursquare. 5.Write a list of your standard methods for calculating your ROI What’s the Return on Investment? RoI calculations usually include lots of ‘soft-measures’ like increase in visitors, leads, followers and even customer feedback. Start by adding up costs such as your time, advertising costs, web hosting costs,Wednesday, 20 June 12
  12. 12. Week 8 1.Try and identify which social networks and digital marketing activities contribute towards these ROI measures 2.Try and brainstorm new ROI measures for social media marketing 3.Search your email inbox and trash folder for examples of good and bad email newsletters or auto-confirmation emails. 4.Write a page of what you accomplished in the past 8 weeks 5.Write a page of what worked well and what needs improvement. What have you achieved? What have you learned? Look back at your SEO Diary and Analytics reports.Wednesday, 20 June 12
  13. 13. Week 9 1.Present your report to someone else and get their suggestions Don’t Stop Now ... Get your diary out, check your notes and start your next 8 week plan.Wednesday, 20 June 12
  14. 14. Want to see the full list? Click here to see the full listWednesday, 20 June 12
  15. 15. Key Themes in this 8 week plan were...1. Identify the social media accounts you use for digital marketing2. Complete an audit to update your social network profiles3. Find out how you track and report on digital marketing4. Cross-promote and integrate your social networks in your social media5. Start something new with Foursquare, Mailchimp & Google Plus6.Plan ahead - create a calendar of blog posts and future marketing activities7. Report on what you learn & achieve. It’s the best RoI. 158.Contact me ...Wednesday, 20 June 12
  16. 16. Trends in digital marketing Ol’ Skool Nu Skool • Print Ads • Social Media • Data Analytics • Magazines • E-mail • Automated • Expos & Trade • CRM Marketing Shows • How to Videos • Location based • Banner Ads • Time-limited • Tele-sales • Search deals • Direct Mail • SEO • Re-targeting • Radio • Online-Offline • Viral • TV Targetting 16Wednesday, 20 June 12
  17. 17. marketing needs Bri3sh  Interac3ve  Media   Associa3on  -­‐  Member single-mindedness. so you can do more with your time. This  work  is  licensed  under  the  Crea3ve   Commons  A7ribu3on-­‐NonCommercial-­‐ ShareAlike  License.   To  view  a  copy  of  this  license,  visit  h7p://­‐nc-­‐sa/ 3.0/;  or,  (b)  send  a  le7er  to  Crea3ve   Commons,  171  2nd  Street,  Suite  300,  San   Francisco,  California,  94105,  USA.Wednesday, 20 June 12
  18. 18. Want to read more? click to visit 18Wednesday, 20 June 12