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Psychology syllabus


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Psychology syllabus

  1. 1. Psychology<br />Mr. Dexter Asuncion, MSCP<br />Email: or<br />Office hours: Counselors office by appointment<br />Psychology is a course that studies behavior of people in multiple areas. We will cover these areas and learn about the definition of psychology, history of psychology which will include people in psychology, careers in psychology, abnormal psychology, psychological testing, social psychology, and life span.<br />Text: Thinking About Psychology The Science of Mind and Behavior 2nd edition by Charles Blair-Broeker and Randal Ernst<br />There will be a 30.00 rental fee for the book for the semester. Please note that unless I receive payment for the book you will not be given the textbook. Cash or check is allowed and I will give a receipt.<br />Damage to the book will result in a full charge to repurchase another book. At no points should the book be marked in any manner. Please take care of the book to allow future students to have access.<br />Class:<br /><ul><li>No food or drinks allowed in class.(water OK)
  2. 2. Do not touch air condition at any time. If you are cold please let me know
  3. 3. No horse play/ cut downs/ and bad language.
  4. 4. Dress code will be enforced
  5. 5. Show up to class on time-you will need a note if you are late to class
  6. 6. Penalties for violations of rules: Warning, personal detention, school detention slip
  7. 7. Use restroom prior to class
  8. 8. No leaving of class unless you have an excuse
  9. 9. No electronic equipment-cell phone, ipods, mp3 players will be allowed in class.</li></ul>Grades:<br /><ul><li>Grades wil be distributed according to Damien standards(refer to handbook)
  10. 10. If you are absent you need to see me the day you return to get missing work. Failure to show up will result in lost of points
  11. 11. No extra credit will be given at anytime so do not ask.</li></ul>Turning in papers and projects:<br /><ul><li>Need to turn in hard copy and email me to both addresses. I will email you a response to let you know if I got the assignment and if it can be opened
  12. 12. Hard copies are due in hand on day of assignment and electronic copies are due by 8:00 PM that evening. No exceptions!
  13. 13. Notes and assignments:
  14. 14. Notes and assignments are posted online and are required to be brought to class daily. I will be checking if you have your notes with you. You will be penalized if your notes are not with you.
  15. 15.
  16. 16. You are responsible for your notes.</li></ul>Syllabus can be subject to change<br />By signing this paper, you agree to the structure of the class and that you will be responsible for the areas that I have covered. Please cut and return to teacher<br />Student signature_______________________________________ Date___________________<br />Parent Signature________________________________________Date___________________<br />