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Thal happy mockups

  1. 1. Intro A personal home page that gives patients a quick visual of all of their upcoming appointments, procedures and labs, plus a To Do list for appointments still needing to be scheduled. The To Do list is prepopulated with a reminder to refill a prescription each time one of the patient's prescriptions is running low. Patients are also reminded how many days it has been since their last transfusion and they are able to schedule their next transfusion appointment with the click of a button! This screen gives patients easy access to their Progress page and a visual of their weekly Medication Adherence as well as an Info Card that provides the most important information they will need to communicate during Emergency Department visits. Thal Happy! A thalassemia coach in your pocket
  2. 2. Appointments The Appointments page allows patients to log all scheduled appointments and view appointments in an easy-to-read screen. Once patients click on an appointment they are able to categorize it from a list of typical appointments needed by Thalassemia patients, as well as customize reminders and add appointments to their existing Phone Calendar.
  3. 3. Tracking Medications, Tests, and Symptoms The My Log page gives patients the opportunity to track all of their medications, test results and symptoms in one screen. This page is organized in a way that represents the most important factors in Thalassemia care. The Symptoms page allows patients to quickly record symptoms that Thalassemia patients may experience in a visually understandable way. The page also gives patients the opportunity to write notes about their symptoms so that it is possible to record details, such as where they experienced pain or what they did to relieve that pain.
  4. 4. Test Medication Detail Once patients click into the Chelator page more detailed information about their chelator is shown, such as dosage and frequency. On this page is it is possible for patients to record when they take their chelator by quickly clicking the Take It Now button. The Monitoring section is an custom reminder about the labs and appointments necessary to monitor for toxicities of their specific chelator.
  5. 5. Care Team The Care Team page gives patients the ability to keep all contact information for their providers in one quick and easy place. This page therefore serves as a visual reminder about the providers the patient should continue to schedule regular appointments with and communicate changes in their help with. The page has a unique feature that allows the patient to call each provider by simply clicking on their title. No more searching through your phone contacts each time you need to schedule, change or cancel an appointment!
  6. 6. Resources The Media & Resources page houses the most up-to-date and reliable information about developments in Thalassemia care and serves as a connection to the Thalassemia community. Patients are able to find answers to their questions through the Ask an Expert feature and connect with the Cooley's Anemia Foundation all in one place. The Thalassemia Center Locator gives contact info and video introductions to each of the Comprehensive Thalassemia Centers. This allows patients to plan in advance when moving from one location to another or when transitioning care from pediatric to adult providers.
  7. 7. Info This button allows easy access to the administrative features of Thal Happy, such as the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. This is also another simple way for patients to utilize the Info Card for Emergency Department visits as well as download important information to communicate with providers, either through a Data Download or PDF snapshot. Patients are able to select from a list of languages, which makes it possible for Thalassemia patients around the world to use this amazing app! Finis