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Gamify this!

  1. 1. Gamify This!Damien Austin-WalkerHead of
  2. 2. Gamification A. Over-hyped tosh: #hypedtosh B. Useful mechanic for driving behaviour: #behaveMan C. Just classic application and UX design: #UXinnit @b33godGamification: over hyped tosh or useful mechanic for drivingbehaviour? Or just good application design as always hasbeen, or good user experience design [ask audience andvote on twitter hashtag #gamifythis #NFPtweetup]Classic app design and user experience design is often aboutsimplification. Whereas Gamification often introduces an*extra* layer or experience for users so that they canchallenge themselves or others to come out on top.Young people have been raised with games as a major formof entertainment. They expect fast-paced action andcontinuous incremental reinforcement, to capture theirattention, you need to get how games are played
  3. 3. Motivators Instrinsic vs Extrinsic @b33god“Extrinsic motivation produces quick behavior changes in thestudent, but typically, these changes are temporary and lastonly as long as the reward is available.”“Some extrinsically motivated students are only learningmaterial to earn the reward, and might not fully absorb thenew information.”“Intrinsic motivation is characterized by fascination with asubject, and learning something for the sense ofaccomplishment it provides.”Life as a Teenager -“Since the activity is generating the motivation, it is mostlyself-sustaining for as long as the child wants to continue theactivity.”Motivating Learning in Young Children -[thanks to Noam and Utku from MintDigital these quotes]
  4. 4. The Mechanics ■ Status ■ Achievement ■ Reward ■ Competition @b33godWhat is the definition for gamification?Motivating people using the mechanics of status,achievement, reward, and competition. The idea of ‘Levellingup’, and leaving you hanging for more so you want to comeback. Badges showing different levels of achievement linkinginto status, progress bars and meters, points and otherrewards that can be earned, loyalty awards, andleaderboards. What really makes people engage in games isthe human desire to compete, against others and againstthemselves.
  5. 5. The elements ■ Feedback cycles maintain engagement ■ Clear goals: empowering to achieve ■ Narrative: compelling ■ Challenging but achievable @b33godWorks better when applied to lots of small actions.Slight motivational triggers and rewards have moreproportional effect than a big motivational trigger or rewardfor a big action. Continuous incremental reinforcement keepsthe person engaged and playing
  6. 6. Green Shield Stamps @b33godGreen Shield Stamps were a sales promotion or incentiveloyalty scheme using trading stamps, designed to encourageor reward shopping, by being able to buy gifts. Founded in1958 they ran until 1991
  7. 7. Ford’s SmartGauge™ @b33godSmartGauge with EcoGuide’s unique design uses two, high-resolution, full-color liquid crystal display (LCD) screens oneither side of the analog speedometer that can be configuredto show different levels of information, including fuel andbattery power levels, average and instant miles-per-gallon.Growing leaves and vines track and reward the driver’sefficiencyThis is a very fitting use of Gamification as it is highly relevantto and fully integrated into the environment it is used indashboard. I cannot find any statistics from Ford on howsuccessful they think its been in encouraging smarter andmore efficient driving.
  8. 8. Piano Stairs @b33godPiano Stairs - a nudge or changing the incentive?Is it sustainable or does the fun wear off?
  9. 9. Foursquare Started out as Dodgeball - then revived as Foursquare with gamified elements. @b33godNumber of users is not increasing. It had reached a plateausince Aug of 2012Do users eventually get tired of games and stop playing? Dogamified platforms need to continually evolve and introducenew features to maintain engagement and use?For longer term sustainability do we need to use gamemechanics alongside more intrinsic and real worldmotivators?
  10. 10. App-tivism @b33godGreenpeaces campaign to lobby Volkswagon to becomemore eco-friendlyOver 2 years they got 520,683 petition signatures to pressureVolkswagon to make greener carsPart game and part PR. Is the Jedi training applicationgamified or simply a game in the truer sense to engagepotential supporters and motivate them to sign the petition? Isthere a difference?!
  11. 11. Coppafeel @b33godcopperfeel.orgThe app aims to instill a long-term habit of breast checking.Based on research from psychology and behavioraleconomicsUsers receive a photo message each month from a differentceleb or image. The app also houses a feature where youcan get your friends or partner involved by making them your‘boob buddy’. You ask them to take some photos, and theypop up on your phone each month.They reported getting great fundraising results when they setup leagues between universities - it spurred them all on to tryand beat each other.
  12. 12. Kickit @b33godSimply input your quit date and a few other details and kickitwill tell you how much youve saved and how long youve quitfor.Add some incentives to help you kick the habit. Kickit will tellyou exactly how many days you need to quit smoking for untilyou reach that goal. Incentives can be something like savingup to buy an iPad.Kickit will also tell you how your health is improving. Startingwith frequent updates that help inspire you to continue withyour goal.
  13. 13. Re-Mission @b33godGame for young cancer patients."The issue of medication adherence is a complex problem forteens and young adults with cancer. They typically havenumerous prescriptions that change frequently and havequite toxic adverse effects. These young people need intensesupport to help make medication adherence a priority. In therandomized trial, patients who played Re-Mission were morelikely to adhere to their oral medications. Not only did theyenjoy the game, but their improved adherence may possiblylead to improvements in overall survival.”- Tina Baggott, RN, PhD, PNP-BC, CPON University ofCalifornia San Francisco, Assistant Professor
  14. 14. Free Rice @b33godIf you get it right, you get a harder question. If you get itwrong, you get an easier question.For each answer you get right, they donate 10 grains of riceto the United Nations World Food Program:
  15. 15. Big Mouth @b33godBigMouth is a discussion forum which uses badges andleaderboards to incentivise posting, commenting and otheractions on the site. http://bigmouth.vinspired.comAlso take a look at crowdfunding which uses badges,progress bars and levels of investment.
  16. 16. Gamifying Donations @b33god (USA)Similar UK platforms: a charity to support, connect account to your socialnetworks. You can donate to a users supported charity viathe website, SMS or by Tweeting amount and including usersGivey Tag. up a sweepstake and challenge your friends to guess theresult of your event
  17. 17. Hosted Gamification mechanics/ @b33godMozilla open badges is free (and open), the other two cost.
  18. 18. Thank you!#GamifyThisIve