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CONTENTS                                                       Connex-ions                      My Lyme                   ...
We take a team approach to advising clients on    the right strategies to develop a sound plan for                        ...
Lime Fairview opened its doors on May 17, 2010. The atmosphere was filled with             excitement as the team clamoure...
Fairview’sFair view                MyLyme                                 something tohas                                 ...
Fairview Connect        Recognitionin recognition of excellent contribution and            valuable inputs by   Andre Forr...
The summer is HOT @ LIME            Fairview                                                                         well ...
The                 Since May 17, the                           team at fair view                           have been work...
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The Fairview Connect Magazine


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LIME is one of the Caribbean's leading Socio - telecommunications providers. In an effort to re-take the Caribbean and by extension Jamaica, they have activated a number of strategies geared towards improving efficiency and effectiveness of their brand. One such strategies was the increasing their retail footprint across the island of Jamaica in an effort to improve the convenience with which its customers may interact with the support systems provided. This technique also allowed for LIME to more readily engage their existing clients on promotional activities and attract new clients who sought to experience what LIME had to offer.

LIME opened their Fairview store in Montego Bay on July 15, 2009 and since then this flagship store has been a beacon of excellence and a model that was used to further improve the brand and experience that LIME sought to offer its clients.

This magazine sought to capture the activities and the overall feeling of that day. The Fairview connect introduces LIME Fairview and its team of experts to the western hemisphere of the island. The products, services, conveniences and support were greatly appreciated by the citizens of the West.

As LIME continues on its quest for excellence this is only another milestone. Look out for new and exciting developments from LIME; “for living everyday…”

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The Fairview Connect Magazine

  1. 1. CONTENTS Connex-ions My Lyme Section 1 Section 2 “LIME Fairview understands “LIME wants you to have access the role we play in our to the best we have to offer and community” to that end we will make it more affordable for you. “ FAIRVIEW THE . CONNECT . …Get Connected The Launch Special Thanks Section 3 Section 4 “It’s easy; it’s fresh and its Fairview Connect would like to say thanks to those individuals fun @ LIME Fair view. But for their contribution to the you have to come see it to Connect. believe it, for yourself.” Advertisement Advertisement Section 5 Section 6 100 Days of Summer Promo 3G Promo..coming soon!The Fairview Connect…Get ConnectedExcellent Service all day every day“It’s easy; it’s fresh and its fun @ LIME Fair view.But you have to come see it to believe it, foryourself.” Shop #10 Fairfield Shopping Center – St. James, Montego Bay Contact: 876-684-9662 QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER Powered by
  2. 2. We take a team approach to advising clients on the right strategies to develop a sound plan for Advantages of using Fairview solid relationships It’s so fresh, and clean. Fairview is LIME’s first officially April, 01/2009 self-owned and operated Store in Increasing Productivity the West since the closure of the business offices. Fairview caters to Clutter hinders productivity. Clear clutter. all LIME needs for all LIME affiliates Fairview’s Customer Service Alcove has been designed to including its staff. promote optimal productivity while ensuring that each client feels comfortably sequestered to discuss their issues with The Fresh new design makes for an the Service Experts. Fairview’s environment promotes inviting environment for everyone. health, happiness, and prosperity. ipsam voluptatem quia voluptas 09001 More efficient meetings April, 04/2009 If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Plans for the Future Feedback ? Regular Meetings are held to keep abreast of the ever- Fairview Connect intends Fairview Connect wants to know changing bevy of promotional offerings we offer at LIME. In to be the magazine of what you’re thinking. Whether it is order to remain competitive we have to ensure that choice for internal about this magazine or just any issue communication is giving TOP priority amongst our internal customers; we hope to affecting you within LIME please feel clients so that our external clients will have the benefit of a launch several segments free to send your questions, lean mean telecoms machine. such as “Talk di tingz suggestions or remarks to Dem” and “Black Out Fridayz”. Stay Tuned…. Revolutionary Display Kiosks Sequestered Client Services Zone Visionary SME Subdivision Better customer support This new revolutionary way LIME provides information Smaller enterprises are The best way to give better customer support is to make it of advertising, promoting, technology expertise to much greater in number. In more personal. and communicating our local, national, and many sectors, SMEs are also newest products and international clients in a responsible for driving services as a company. comfortable innovation and competition. That’s why LIME is and has beenz focused on them.
  3. 3. Lime Fairview opened its doors on May 17, 2010. The atmosphere was filled with excitement as the team clamoured to their individual stations in anticipations of the first patrons who would connect. The first customers we connected with included a few tourists who happened past the plaza and noticed our distinctive signage above the store. Their first impression was that they were relieved to have seen our sign in the complex where they were doing some shopping; it was convenient for them to resolve an issue they had. Other clients both internal and external were curious about the new location and browsed the lobby to their hearts content. One customer was impressed with how the phones were organised by price, his comment was; "I like the options you have, I know what my pocket can afford". Fairviews decor has connected a variety of colours. However, as you survey the lobby you will notice a consistent layer of rose pink that delicately highlights the lobby area. One customer described it as inviting. This in addition to the uniquely designed work stations that help to portray a new and fresh approach to delivering effective and functional products and services to our clientele. The Fairview team have had quite some time to connect. Prior to the opening of this location they had quite some time to establish the necessary steps and objectives to take that would ensure that Fairview would be an exceptional location in terms of how we delivered ourselves. The executive team could be seen tightly interlaced with members of the retail team as they fervently worked to ensure that our NEW store was properly merchandised and our systems were all go. Despite the many challenges they continued to work as if there were no obstacles. The team at Fairview were all working together in unison and today we are sure that we are READY-TO-CONNECT.Powered by "I like the options you have; I know what my pocket can afford".
  5. 5. Fairview’sFair view MyLyme something tohas feel specialdedicated policy aboutthis segment especially ifto all active youve beenLIME eyeing the newemployees. Some Nokia N97 or themay think that Blackberry 9700.LIME has forgotten LIME wants you to have access to the best wethe most important have to offer and to that end we will make it moreresource it has, its affordable for you.people, butFairview intends to Another facility that has the grapevine on fire isbe the flagship that that employees have the best credit option indelivers world- Caribbean Region. An interest FREE payment planclass service not that can be protracted over a period of months andjust to its external conveniently deducted from your salary. A simpleclientele but also to one page document is required your consent. It isits internal clients available at the Fair view location. Just ask Mr.and their families Dwight Farquharson, Support Engineer fortoo in the West. Mobile at Church Street, when he heard about the options that we had available he took advantage soOne such offering that he could get one of our high end smart phones.that employees will In his own words "My Lyme phone a di best".be glad to hearabout is the Every time a fellow member of staff walks throughdiscount plan that the doors they are greeted with the same 10-10is now being policy we offer our external clients. We are proudoffered. All active to be the store to represent for LIME and anythingLIME personnel that can be done to help you feel better about ourcan take advantage store please feel free to let us know. We appreciateof a 10% discount your feedback.on all handsets thatare not currently So this is a special invitation to all the members ofavailable in a the LIME family. Come make a statement withpromotional your hand set and make your LIME become aoffering. This is MyLyme
  6. 6. Fairview Connect Recognitionin recognition of excellent contribution and valuable inputs by Andre Forrester (Photographer)towards making “The Connect” a success.
  7. 7. The summer is HOT @ LIME Fairview well priced and positioned support for roving agents. Applications for W The summer is HOT again and LIME Clients were elated with the location, products/services, a convenient location service can now be processed in minutes Fairview is there to cool it down with the calling it fresh and new. Scores of persons relative to other major shopping district, as the client completes one of our bevy of specials and promotional turned out to see what LIME Fairview had as well as the ability to have any LIME application forms. Equipment can be offerings. to offer. One client decided to drop in related issue addressed by the very apt checked, configured and trouble-shooted based on the excitement she heard on and competent service experts on site; to ensure that clients get what they want, RJR news. The media was in frenzy with then LIME is poised to retake the when they want it. the likes of ......from Hype TV. Dancers, telecoms/entertainment industry. LIME girls and lots of games, prizes and surprises kept more people coming to the LIME Fairview has definitely broken the location to satisfy their curiosity about mold in terms of its decor and functions. the hype. The ideas are revolutionary. Agents will no longer be tethered to cubicles to be Spokespersons Fiona Fennell and Tazhma able to provide assistance to clients. As The official launch, which took place on Williams from RJR interviewed several they peruse the 50x50 showroom floor Saturday June 26, was a spectacular LIME officials, inquiring about LIMEs which showcases some of the most event. The timing was perfect as the week intentions for its future as well as the modern handsets, classified to fill the was loaded with several other major future plans for Jamaica and the region. needs of just about every individual events such as the LIME cocktail party at regardless of their personal preferences. It’s easy; it’s fresh and its fun @ LIME Wexford Hotel, and the LIME stage show Once again LIME has exemplified its Whether it is a simple hand set or the Fairview. But you have to come see it to at UDC Beach "Dump-Up" beach, commitment by selecting Fairview as the latest smart phones, LIME has something believe it, for yourself. Montego Bay. The event featured well location of choice for Western Jamaica. If for everyone. known artists like the patronage at the launch was any Chino, and Cecile alongside MC Pretty Boy indication of how our clients felt about Wireless systems, broadband internet Floyd. the amenities such as the ample parking, access and laptops now provide added
  9. 9. The Since May 17, the team at fair view have been working Lees Fifth Avenue, Watts-new, Extras and First Global bank among many others Fairview feverishly to Our neighbours including the members of the spread the word Free-Port police station and ACS/E-services about our new welcomed us as used the opportunity toConnex-ion store. avail them of the various promotional offerings we had. One such activity was to launch a LIME Fairview understands the role we play “LIME Fairview reach-out campaign in our community here at fair field to connect with shopping centre and as we endeavour tounderstands the role we our closest rebuild relationships, we intend to play in our community” neighbours. The continue to build on the "connex-ions" we Fair field have made in our community. shopping complex is home to several stores including Hi-Lo supermarkets, Fontana Pharmacy,