Environment & Social Media #euenv


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Presentstion to #euenv conference 4 Sept 2010 (video clips can be found at www.delicious.com/damianob (tagged #euenv)

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Environment & Social Media #euenv

  1. 1. Learning from the Best Examples of great use of the internet & social media by environmental organisations 4 September 2010 #euenv Damian O’Broin Ask Direct
  2. 2. More www.askdirect.ie www.twitter.com/damianobroin www.slideshare.net/damianob www.delicious.com/damianob damian@askdirect.ie
  3. 3. Who’s heard of Charlie Simpson?
  4. 4. Charlie Simpson Age 7 Fundraising God and Social Media Genius
  5. 5. What can we learn from Charlie? ‣ It helps if the world is already paying attention ‣ You don’t need to be big to deploy social media techniques ‣ Traditional media still have a big role to play ‣ Have a good story & make it emotional ‣ This was about Charlie, not UNICEF
  6. 6. What I’m going to talk about ‣ 5 great examples of social media & online activism by environmental NGOs ‣ 1 bonus campaign that has nothing to do with the environment ‣ What we can learn from each of these
  7. 7. Social Media Basics •YOU build the community •YOU provide the stories, the tools and the inspiration •And then you get out of the way
  8. 8. 1 Defenders of Wildlife & Sarah Palin
  9. 9. •$1.3m in 3 months •24,500 donors •60% new to DoW
  10. 10. EyeOnPalin.org
  11. 11. •55,000 votes •$130,000 raised •2,000 new donors
  12. 12. Thurs, 9.19am: Coast Guard notified of fire on Mariner Energy Platform Thurs, 8.20pm: Defenders of Wildlife email action received
  13. 13. Lessons from The Defenders of Wildlife ‣ Look at your name, brand and positioning ‣ Enemies are good ‣ Timeliness ‣ Follow through and feedback ‣ Find ways to involve your supporters ‣ Invest in your data
  14. 14. 2 Amnesty International & Shell
  15. 15. £10 to buy a square centimetre of the ad £30 to have your name at the bottom of the ad Target of £20,000
  16. 16. Lessons from Amnesty’s Shell Campaign ‣ Give supporters something tangible ‣ Multiple emails in single campaign (optimum is 3 -6) with updates, progress and feedback ‣ Thank supporters and demonstrate how their support made a difference
  17. 17. 3 Earthjustice & Foursquare
  18. 18. Lessons from the EarthJustice Foursquare Campaign •Social Media can add interactivity & responsiveness to media campaigns •Some tools (i.e. Foursquare) are still niche - this is not mass market stuff •Know your audience and the local landscape
  19. 19. 4 Environmental Defence Fund & Deepwater Horizon
  20. 20. Lessons from EDF •Consistent messaging across campaigns •Apply tried and tested direct marketing practices to your emails •Dedicated landing pages
  21. 21. 5 Greenpeace & Nestlé: The Kit Kat / Palm Oil Campaign
  22. 22. On 17 March, Greenpeace launched the latest phase of their campaign against Nestlé and their use of palm oil....
  23. 23. This is what happened next...
  24. 24. Wednesday 17 March •Greenpeace launch report, start campaign and post video to You Tube •Moderate amount of criticism on Nestlé facebook page •Nestlé demand that the video is removed... You Tube comply •Greenpeace post video to Vimeo instead and within hours has 78,500 views
  25. 25. “There’s nothing like the threat of censorship to get the social media masses mobilised”
  26. 26. Thurs 18 – Fri 19 March •Volume of attacks on facebook page has ramped up and supporters start adopting the Kit Kat Killer logo as an avatar •Nestlé start deleting comments
  27. 27. Nestlé:! ! ! Oh please...it's like we're censoring everything to allow only positive comments" Paul Griffin:! not sure you're going to win friends in the social media space with this sort of dogmatic ! ! ! ! approach. I understand that you're on your back-foot due to various issues not ! ! ! ! excluding palm oil but social media is about embracing your market, engaging and ! ! ! ! having a conversation rather than preaching!" Nestlé:! ! ! Thanks for the lesson in manners. Consider yourself embraced. But it's our page, we ! ! ! ! set the rules, it was ever thus."
  28. 28. The media take notice...
  29. 29. Saturday 20 March •Over 4,370 blog posts have been written about Nestlé and Greenpeace •1,500 tweets in the previous 24 hours have been seen by an estimated 540,000 people •...and Greenpeace aren’t finished yet....
  30. 30. “Download the video and put it on your favourite video sharing site”
  31. 31. Sunday 22 March
  32. 32. And then, on 17 May
  33. 33. Lessons from Greenpeace’s KitKat Campaign •Social media is now a very powerful, global organising tool •There’s nothing like a good fight to motivate your supporters •You can start, facilitate and guide a campaign - but you can’t control it •You could also be on the receiving end
  34. 34. 6 Child’s I Foundation Joey’s Appeal
  35. 35. Thank You www.askdirect.ie www.twitter.com/damianobroin www.slideshare.net/damianob www.delicious.com/damianob damian@askdirect.ie