Executive Briefing July 29th V2


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Presentation of "Business transformation through Cloud" at HP Executive Briefing July 2011

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  • He is credited with inventing the passenger liftHis main contribution was inventing a risk mitigation strategyHis design is used today in most buildings
  • If you look outside the window right now, Can you imagine those buildings without lifts?All of the people inside that building going up and down the stairs?If there were no lifts, how would the dynamics of business change?Would Singapore be as densely populated if all of the HDB’s were only 3 storeys, like the ones in Tiong Bahru?Would Singapore and it’s businesses be as productive as they are today?
  • The efficiency Lifts/Elevators have brought to businessStairs still exist, but are they the most efficient way to move up and down a building?For those large organisations out the window, this has brought about improvements in their employees productivity
  • Many enterprises are spending the bulk of their budgets on operations that is creating a widening gap between what the enterprise demands and what IT can deliver. What they need to do is flip the ratio, moving to 70% innovation and 30% on operations. So faced with these challenges, how do you embed technology to create your own Instant-On enterprise?
  • This is how many of those businesses out there are viewing the traditional methods of providing IT - when compared to cloudCloud is a more efficient way of delivering IT services.Through Standardisation, Virtualisation and AutomationHas the potential to save you money and provide an optimised way of delivering IT services
  • Executive Briefing July 29th V2

    1. 1. ©2011 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. <br />The information contained herein is subject to change without notice<br />Driving Business Transformation with Cloud<br />Damian Hamilton<br />Cloud Consulting & CI Principal<br />APJ Technology Consulting<br />Executive Cloud Forum 2011<br />
    2. 2. Who is this person?<br />
    3. 3. Today…<br />He has given you 30 minutes of productive time<br />By the time you leave here, you will have 60 minutes of productive time – just because of him<br />His name is Elisha Otis<br />
    4. 4. Did he transform business?<br />If you look outside the window right now (for my benefit, pretend you can see through blinds), <br />Can you imagine those buildings without lifts?<br />All of the people using the stairs?<br />If there were no lifts, how would the dynamics of business change?<br />Would Singapore be as densely populated?<br />Would Singapore and it’s businesses be as productive?<br />
    5. 5. Think about…<br />The efficiency Lifts/Elevators have brought to business<br />Are stairs the most efficient way to move up and down a building?<br />The employee productivity through this efficiency<br />
    6. 6. Could IT be this efficient?<br />
    7. 7. IT’s opportunity to Ignite the Business<br />Flip the Ratio from Operations to Innovation<br />30%<br />Needs <br />to be<br />New IT Project<br />Initiatives<br />70%<br />Ongoing IT Operations<br />INNOVATION OPERATIONS<br />
    8. 8. Efficiency of Cloud<br />Many businesses look to cloud:<br />Efficiency improvements<br />Cost savings<br />Cloud is a more efficient way of delivering IT services:<br />Standardisation, Virtualisation and Automation<br />Can save you money through optimisation of assets<br />
    9. 9. June 2011 “The Personal Cloud: Transforming Personal Computing, Mobile, And Web Markets”<br />Productivity and Convergence of Cloud<br />Individuals Build Their Personal Cloud From Core, Component, And Work Services<br />
    10. 10. Services in the Cloud<br />June 2011 “The Personal Cloud: Transforming Personal Computing, Mobile, And Web Markets”<br />One subset of this model is the Work Services<br />
    11. 11. Services in the Cloud – Starting point<br />Private cloud1<br />PUBLIC cloud1<br /><ul><li>Server Capacity On Demand
    12. 12. IT Management
    13. 13. Business Apps (CRM, ERP)
    14. 14. Email
    15. 15. Personal Productivity Apps
    16. 16. Website Creation & Management
    17. 17. Storage Capacity on Demand
    18. 18. IT Helpdesk
    19. 19. Collaborative Applications
    20. 20. Data backup/Archive Services
    21. 21. App Dev. & Test
    22. 22. Tech. Computing Apps
    23. 23. Data Analysis and Mining
    24. 24. Custom Applications
    25. 25. Applications with sensitive data</li></ul>TRADITIONAL IT<br />Each company has unique needs that must be assessed to determine the right destination for each workload – but in all cases, IT must manage across the hybrid environment <br />Notes: (1) Based on the percent of customers indicated they would adopt cloud for a given workload in their organization, rated 4 or 5 on 1-5 scale, IDC May 2010<br />Source: IDC, EB Strategy Analysis<br />
    26. 26. How can HP elevate your business on a Cloud journey?<br />
    27. 27. Steps in the evolution towards Cloud<br />Customers will evolve at different speeds<br />Become a Service Broker<br />Aggregate Internal and External Services<br />Self Provision Services on-demand<br />Virtualiseand Automate<br />Standardise and Consolidate<br />IT Transformation to “Strategic Service Broker”<br />Business Transformation<br />On-premises, Outsourced, Cloud, or Hybrid<br />
    28. 28. Enabling Transformation<br />Professional services to plan and implement<br />Implement<br />Plan<br />Cloud Application Transformation Services<br />Assess<br />Roadmap<br />Design<br />Implement<br />Cloud Discovery Workshops<br />Hybrid Delivery Service<br />Workload Assessment<br />Cloud InfrastructureTransformation Services<br />Cloud Security Service<br />Secure<br />
    29. 29. Starting with a Cloud Discovery Workshop<br />
    30. 30. Transformation Journey<br />16<br />HP Confidential<br />
    31. 31. Transformation Journey<br />17<br />HP Confidential<br />
    32. 32. Transformation Journey<br />18<br />HP Confidential<br />
    33. 33. Cloud Service Portfolio<br />19<br />HP Confidential<br />
    34. 34. Cloud Service Portfolio<br />20<br />HP Confidential<br />
    35. 35. Cloud Service Portfolio<br />21<br />HP Confidential<br />
    36. 36. Cloud Infrastructure<br />22<br />HP Confidential<br />
    37. 37. Cloud Infrastructure<br />23<br />HP Confidential<br />
    38. 38. Cloud Infrastructure<br />24<br />HP Confidential<br />
    39. 39. Cloud Financials and ROI<br />25<br />HP Confidential<br />
    40. 40. Cloud Financials and ROI<br />26<br />HP Confidential<br />
    41. 41. Cloud Financials and ROI<br />27<br />HP Confidential<br />
    42. 42. Call to Action<br />28<br />HP Confidential<br />
    43. 43. “WOW, you guys have really changed – I’m used to waiting 10 weeks to get anything from you… This is great and shows how IT improves our productivity and innovation”<br />Your Business Users… 2011<br />
    44. 44. Current Approach (in most companies)<br />BU: I have a project<br />BU: I need IT to install the App’s for this project<br />IT: OK, what systems do you need?<br />BU: I’ll get the App’s people to talk to you<br />BU: Here is a list of the hardware and the requirements for the applications<br />IT: we will order them in, they will be installed in about 6-8 weeks, then we’ll need to image them, then you can have them – about 10 weeks.<br />BU: How much will they cost? We’ve estimated $xyz<br />IT: will get back to you, but last time it cost more than $xyz<br />So what happens next…?<br />
    45. 45. Today… Business has options<br />Option 1 - BU: OK, I’ll have to revise budget – can you order them and let us know when they are ready…<br />Option 2 – BU: We’ve seen some deals on white label products, can you buy those instead, we don’t need to buy that expensive brand… (how will this affect IT SLA guarantees to business – do they even exist?)<br />Option 3 – BU: Don’t worry, we’ve seen services on a public cloud provider that are cheaper, we’ll have a go at those… (How will IT manage these?)<br />
    46. 46. Today… Option 4<br />Option 4 – IT:<br />Actually, we’ve built a private cloud. We created a service catalogue based on what we’ve seen the business units buying, you should find services that match what you need and you’ll have access to them in a few hours. <br />Let me know if you need help with understanding the catalogue.<br />Also, you can use the catalogue to estimate project costs in the future, saves the embarrassment of asking for more money.<br />And if you need some custom services built we can also do that, we should be able to do this today and get a price for you… Might help us ensure that the services we provide are in line with what you guys need for your next project…<br />BU: WOW, you guys have really changed – I’m used to waiting 10 weeks to get anything from you…<br />
    47. 47. Thank you<br />