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Taking SCVMM 2012 R2 to the next level, Understanding the architecture which powers the Windowss Azure Pack, Including Web Sites, Service Bus, Databases and of Course IaaS

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Techdays Berlin - Deliver Your Cloud Like A Hoster

  1. 1. Deliver Your Cloud Like a Hoster Investigating the Windows Azure Pack 2013
  2. 2. @damian_flynn Damian Flynn is the Infrastructure Architect. His current focus is on Software Defined Networks (SDN) with “Windows Azure Pack”, with perspective on Orchestration of repeatable processes in “Dev/Ops” scenarios. He has a keen interest in Cloud Computing from both a business strategy and technical viewpoint and presents sessions on building and managing Private/Hybrid Clouds at a number of industry events. Damian authored the Cloud chapters on two books, is active in many MS Programs, blogs at &, tweets at @damian_flynn, and has published a number of white papers and technical articles.
  4. 4. Cloud OS Consistent Experiences Windows Azure Web Sites Apps Database VMs Customer Subscriber Self-Service Portal Self Service Portal Moves On-Premises Service Plans Users Provider Portal Service Provider Web Sites Apps Database VMs Consumer Self-Service Portal Common Mgt. Experience Worker Role Web Sites VMs SQL Other Service Caching Services CDN. Bus Media,, etc. Cloud-Enabled Services Move On-Premises Web Sites VMs SQL Service Bus SMA Future Services R2 w/ Service Provider Foundation Workloads R2 Consistent Dev. Experience
  5. 5. Consistent experiences across the Cloud OS Service Management Portal Device Friendly | Standards Based | Azure Consistent | Federated Identities | Active directory Service Management API Web Application IaaS - Elastic Tiers Microsoft SQL Reliable Messaging Azure Consistent Highly Scalable Virtual Networks MySQL Standards Based Federated Identities Dev-ops optimized Window and Linux Always On Support Cross Cloud Active Directory Integrated SCC Gallery of apps Fully self-service Fully self-service Standards Based Fully self-service Fully self-service Virtual Machines Device Friendly Management Automation Windows Azure Pack Framework Web Sites Databases 7 Service Bus
  6. 6. Windows Azure Pack Framework Service Management Portal Service Management API Controller (Web farm framework) SPF API (Service Provider Framework) Database API SMA API (Service Management Automation) Gateway Web Farm Front-end/Workers System Center (Virtual Machine Manager Component) MS SQL Database MySQL Database Runbook Services Message Broker Service Windows Server Windows Server Windows Server Windows Server Windows Server Web Sites Virtual Machines Databases Management Automation Service Bus (Application Request Routing) (SMA Runbook Component)
  7. 7. Consistent experiences across the Cloud OS Windows Azure Pack Framework Service Management Portal TENANT PORTAL | ADMINISTRATIVE PORTAL Service Management API Admin API Admin Authentication API Tenant Public API Tenant Authentication API Tenant API SQL Management Database 9
  8. 8. Consistent experiences across the Cloud OS Windows Azure Pack Deployment
  9. 9. Providers Offer and administer services that are provided to customers Consumers Consume infrastructure and apps from service providers as “off the shelf” solutions extreme focus on cost self-service administration maximize per-customer profit acquire capacity on demand hardware efficiency empowered operations automate everything predictable costs differentiate on SLAs get up & running quickly
  10. 10. Administration Portal • Offer Services to Tenants via Plans • Provide Add-ons to subscriptions • Manage subscriptions • Administer Services • Extend and customize
  11. 11. Web Sites • Build highly scalable web applications • Iterate with integrated source control • Manage your app with realtime • telemetry • Scale up with one click • Support for .Net, Node.js, PHP, Python
  12. 12. Virtual Machines • Windows Azure-consistent IaaS • User Experience & API • Virtual Machine Roles • Portable • Elastic • Gallery • Windows and Linux Support • Virtual Networks • Site to Site connectivity • Tenant supplied IP addresses
  13. 13. Databases • MySQL and MS SQL • Quota Management • Self Service
  14. 14. Management Automation • PowerShell 3.0 • Check-pointed Workflow • PowerShell Module Support • HTML5 Code Editor • Optimize and extend services using runbooks • Manage runbooks and jobs • Integrates with other systems including System Center
  15. 15. Service Bus • Messaging service for cloud apps • Guaranteed message delivery • Publish-subscribe messaging patterns • Standard protocols • (REST, AMQP, WS*) • Interoperability • (.NET, Java/JMS, C/C++) • Management Portal Integration
  16. 16. Usage Reporting • Continuous usage metering per tenant subscription • Per-subscription Billing APIs • IaaS Data Warehouse • Server Inventory Reports
  17. 17. Danke schön! @Damian_Flynn