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TechCamp 2013 Dublin - Managing The Data Center with System Center 2012 R2


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Utilizing the hidden functions of SCVMM, learn how you can manage your end to end Data Center Fabric, from Server Deployment, Layer 2 and 3 Network Switching and Software Extensions eg Nexus 1000v, to the Storage Subsystems on both Block and File level SCVMM has 3rd party supported implementation answers for all your needs.

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TechCamp 2013 Dublin - Managing The Data Center with System Center 2012 R2

  1. 1. Manage the Data Centre with System Center 2012 R2 (VMM/SPF/WAP) Damian Flynn, MVP
  2. 2. @damian_flynn Damian Flynn is the Infrastructure Architect. His current focus is on Software Defined Networks (SDN) with “Windows Azure Pack”, with perspective on Orchestration of repeatable processes in “Dev/Ops” scenarios. He has a keen interest in Cloud Computing from both a business strategy and technical viewpoint and presents sessions on building and managing Private/Hybrid Clouds at a number of industry events. Damian authored the Cloud chapters on two books, is active in many MS Programs, blogs at &, tweets at @damian_flynn, and has published a number of white papers and technical articles.
  3. 3. Session Objectives • Shift to Cloud Computing • Manage the Datacenter with SCVMM 2012 R2 • Fabric Management – Manager Storage, Fabric and Compute • Services and VM Management
  4. 4. CLOUD COMPUTING • Why do we need Management? • Why should I do Cloud Computing? • How do I move to the Public/Hybrid Cloud?
  5. 5. Enabling IT
  6. 6. Cloud Transition Advanced Virtualization Shift from Basic to Standard Resource Pooling Efficient Capacity Planning Shift from Standard to Rationalized Fabric Management Service Management Enable Dynamic IT model
  7. 7. System Center Virtual Machine Manager VMs and Services (Infrastructure) System Center Virtual Machine Manager Deployment Management Automation Monitoring Tenants (Service Customers) Clouds (Resources Pools) Storage Network Compute Data Center Fabric iSCSI, Fiber Channel, SMB, Storage Spaces Logical Networks, VLAN’s, NVGRE Hyper-V, VMware ESXi, Citrix Xen
  8. 8. Storage
  9. 9. System Center VMM Storage Investments Insight Flexibility Automation
  10. 10. System Center VMM Storage Plumbing Windows Storage Management API (Windows PowerShell and WMI) Vendor-provided SMI-S provider (CIMXML or WMI) Storage Array Pass-through API for extensibility (WMI) Vendor-provided transport and/or protocol Storage Array Just Bunch Of Disk JBOD
  11. 11. Windows Storage Partners
  12. 12. System Center VMM R2 Storage Features • Virtual Fibre Channel support • Management of zones • Leverage of the Windows Server 2012 ODX capability • Shared VHDX support • Integration of storage differencing disks optimizations. • Storage spaces File • Provision Scale-Out File Server cluster (Inc. Bare Metal)
  13. 13. System Center VMM 3rd Party Management
  14. 14. Storage Management Demo
  15. 15. Networking
  16. 16. Is Network Management Relevant??? Paul, Are you nearly ready yet? I wish I could just buy Damo a pint, and have all this done in his software defined network.
  17. 17. System Center VMM Network Management • Logical Networks • Physical Network Infrastructure • Network Sites • Network Sites / VLANs • IP Pools • IP Address Pools for deployment
  18. 18. System Center VMM Network Management • Logical Networks • Physical Network Infrastructure / Sites / IP Pools • VM Networks • Virtual Networks for VMs • Port Profiles • New Features from Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V • Logical Switch • Logical Network Switch which combines all features
  19. 19. System Center VMM Networking
  20. 20. System Center VMM SP1/R2 Networking
  21. 21. System Center VMM SP1/R2 Networking
  22. 22. System Center VMM SP1/R2 Networking • Software Defined Networking • Hyper-V Network Virtualization • Extensible Virtual Switch • Network Policy/Offloads • • • • • SR-IOV DHCP Guard IPSec Task Offload Bandwidth Control Trunk Mode
  23. 23. Multi-Tenant NVGRE Gateway • Virtual Machine running Server 2012 R2 with RRAS Role • On dedicated Hyper-V Host • 50 S2S VPNs / 200 virtual Subnets per single GW • Service Template for Scale Out / Redundancy • Support for Site-to-Site VPN with 3rd Party Products from Cisco, Juniper, Citrix
  24. 24. System Center VMM IPAM Integration AD DC / NPS / DNS SCVMM IPAM Management Server DNS DHCP • Extend IPAM with virtual IP Addresses managed by VMM
  25. 25. Network Management Demo
  26. 26. Clouds, VM Templates and Services
  27. 27. Services Overview
  28. 28. Services Overview Why Services? • • • Manage multi-tier applications across multiple servers as a single unit Scale out based on demand Composibility of OS and Applications, allows users to manage fewer OS images Template • • • • Specifies machine and connectivity requirements Starting point for services Deployed services are always linked to their templates Enables servicing of the instances
  29. 29. Services Demo
  30. 30. Self Service
  31. 31. App Controller • Manage VMs and Services • Private & Public Cloud • Windows Azure & Hoster
  32. 32. Windows Azure Pack • Cloud Offerings for your Private Cloud • Service Providers • IaaS
  33. 33. Questions? Download TWO Free
  34. 34. THANK YOU! Damian Flynn MVP Cloud and Datacentre System Center