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FlipSwitch, a complete turn-key solution offered by American Virtual Academy for educational organizations looking to start an online high school

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  1. 1. Welcome to FlipSwitch, a complete turn-key solution o ered by American Virtual Academy (AVA) for educational organizations looking to start an online school. Unique within the industry, FlipSwitch offers its users an online solution that is easy, affordable, and most importantly comprehensive. In order to achieve this FlipSwitch integrates the following components: Hosting Technology that allows your starting cost to be just a per student per course fee. Learning Management System (LMS) that provides highly developed tools and reports, allowing administrators and teachers alike to easily navigate and manage their own online program. Robust Curriculum of 110+ courses (grades 7-12), aligned to state and national standards including basic, honors, and AP® offerings. Online learning has never been more accessible. Start your online program today with FlipSwitch.
  2. 2. Getting started is easy! Simply sign up and your eLearning system is ready to go within weeks. The program is ADD STUDENTS incredibly user–friendly. Once you have a & TEACHERS FlipSwitch account, just input students and teachers and assign courses. Teaching and management can be done anywhere with an internet connection. ASSIGN No Start-Up CostsCOURSES FlipSwitch is economical because it is a hosted solution. There is no need to buy expensive software, servers, or have a dedicated IT specialist. We supply the technology and support. Our ongoing upgrades and updates are a part of your service agreement, ensuring your system is kept current and reliable. What kinds of programs? The types of programs you wish to offer Scalable are entirely up to you. Our curriculum is completely customizable. Your courses FlipSwitch is a subscription–based model. There are no may be as short as 4-6 weeks for summer minimum packages, so you can enroll as few as a YOU’RE READY school and credit recovery, or designed handful of students. You only pay a per student per around the traditional semester model for course fee. FlipSwitch is also infinitely scalable. You TO GO! blended and hybrid classes. could start with a dozen students and later develop an online program enrolling hundreds of students.
  3. 3. Learning Management System Management ToolsDesigned for the teenage learner Add students & teachersUser–friendly technologies Assign to coursesCourse blogs & classroom discussions View reportsCustomizable interface Export dataTeacher Tools Complete CurriculumAdd comments & files to curriculum Over 110 standards−based coursesPowerful communication system Includes Honors & AP® coursesEasy–to–use grade book 100% online deliveryManage course blogs & discussions Activities for different learning stylesFlipSwitch’s hosted solution e ectivelyintegrates technology and curriculum tooptimize online learning. It is designed to empower organizations by offering a comprehensive online solution for 7th−12th grade students, and is based off of 10 years of testing and development. FlipSwitch has been designed to help administrators and teachers successfully start and manage their own online programs. AVA also offers teacher training and technology consulting for FlipSwitch, allowing you to focus on running your school with the assurance that you are getting the best training and support in the industry.
  4. 4. GRADES 9-12 HONORS Fine Arts + Vocational Language Arts 3D Modeling English 9A & 9B Honors Art History English 10A & 10B Honors Basic 2D Design English 11A & 11B Honors Career Exploration English 12A & 12B Honors Computer Basics Work Environment Mathematics Algebra 1A & 1B Honors World Languages Geometry A & B Honors Spanish 1A & 1B Algebra 2A & 2B HonorsGRADES 7-8 GRADES 9-12 Spanish 2A & 2B Spanish 3A & 3B ScienceCore Language Arts Spanish 4A & 4B Biology A & B HonorsLanguage Arts A & B English 9A & 9B French 1A & 1B Physics A & B Honors French 2A & 2BSocial Studies A & B English 10A & 10B Mandarin Chinese 1A & 1B Social StudiesScience A & B English 11A & 11B Mandarin Chinese 2A & 2B American History A & B HonorsMath A & B English 12A & 12B World History A & B HonorsElectives Social Studies Physical Education Government HonorsComputer Basics American History A & B Physical Education Economics HonorsStudy Skills World History A & B Health A & BBasic Reading Skills Government7 Habits for Success Economics ElectivesHealth Human Anatomy and PhysiologyPhysical Education Mathematics Character Education AP®Art Algebra 1A & 1B Child Development Geometry A & B World Geography and Culture A & B Algebra 2A & 2B Basic Reading Skills Advanced Placement Advanced Math A Fitness Fundamentals Calculus BC (Trigonometry) Hospitality and Tourism Chemistry Advanced Math B Law and Ethics US History (Pre-Calculus) Math Basics A English Literature Business & Consumer Math A & B Pre-Algebra A & B English Language Psychology A & B Science Retailing Biology A & B Seven Habits General Science A & B Sociology A & B Chemistry A & B Structured English Immersion (ELL) Physics A & B Study Skills Botany and Zoology World Religions
  5. 5. Make the switch today! Learning Management Curriculum FEATURES FlipSwitch Systems Providers Systems developed by educators Teachers can add to the curriculum Consistent design for all courses Students can customize interface No minimum purchase Hosted service Grade book Assessments & tests Scheduling Discussions/blogs Course & classroom management Import/export users 100% online deliveryCan be used in classroom (Blended) Standards−based courses Electives, Honors, and AP® coursesActivities for different learning stylesDeveloped with proven pedagogiesTo learn more about FlipSwitch,please visit avalearning.comor call 877 •807 •0625.