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Airblade Pdf Zmag Pages

  1. 1. The fastest,most hygienichand dryer.
  2. 2. The problem withother hand dryersToo slowOthers take up to 43 secondsto dry hands.UnhygienicThey suck in dirty restroom airand blow it back onto hands.Energy hungryMost of them heat the air sothey’re expensive to run.Did you knowDamp hands can spreadup to 1,000 times morebacteria than dry hands.** esidual moisture determines the level of touch-contact associated bacterial transfer following R hand washing; D.R. Patrick, G. Findon and T.E. Miller; Epidemiol. Infect. (1997), 119, 319±325.
  3. 3. The problem with paper towels Expensive to run They need constant stocking and disposal. Carbon footprint Paper towels rely on carbon emitting road transport – giving them a carbon footprint of 12.5g.* Can’t be recycled Most paper towels cannot be recycled, so they end up in the ground or the incinerator.* Creates hazardous waste Busy restrooms can be left with trash cans overflowing with soiled towels, a potential hygiene hazard.*** aper Towels data from Madsen 2007 report – Life Cycle Assessment of Tissue Products, P Prepared for Kimberly Clark, Environmental Resources Management: 39,000 dries per year, 1.5 towels per dry. Dyson Airblade™ hand dryer data based on same number of dries used in the Madsen report, 12 second dry time, 5 years use. Also includes standby power consumption and emissions generated by manufacture, transport and disposal. 12 second dry time based on NSF protocol P335.** ournal of Applied Microbiology – Comparative evaluation of the hygienic J efficacy of an ultra-rapid hand dryer vs conventional warm air hand dryers; A.M. Snelling, T. Saville, D. Stevens and C.B. Beggs.
  4. 4. Only one hand dryerworks properlyFastestHands are dry in 12 seconds.Filtered airHEPA filter removes over 99.9% ofbacteria from the air drying hands.Less energyUp to 80% less energy thanwarm air hand dryers.Lower running costsUp to 97% less thanpaper towels per year.No towelsNo paper waste.RecyclableMost component partsare recyclable.Did you knowDyson Airblade™ hand dryers are installed inwell known locations all over the world, includingUniversal Studios, The Museum of Modern Art,New York and LA Dodgers Stadium.
  5. 5. No other hand dryer So no other handhas this technology dryer works like itDyson digital motor + HEPA filter + Airblade™ technology = The fastestUsing digital pulse Dirty washroom air The air is then forcedtechnology, it spins is forced through this, through two continuous The most hygienic81,000 times a minute. removing over 99.9% apertures the width of a hand dryerIt’s the only hand dryer of the bacteria. So hands human eyelash. The result,motor powerful enough are dried using cleaner two sheets of 400mph air Costs less to runto draw in 68 cubic feet air, not dirty air. that scrape water fromof air a second through a hands in just 12 seconds.HEPA filter, and then dryhands in 12 seconds.Spins 81,000 No carbon Filtered airtimes a minute brushes means no carbon particles 0.3mm apertures Filter with Antimicrobial antimicrobial ABS external coatings housingAnti-vibration Iron coresystem rotor with no windings Restroom air
  6. 6. Scientifically evaluated The only hygienicand approved hand dryerA recent hand hygiene study by “ e asked independent public health W Only the Dyson Airblade™the Bradford University Infection specialist NSF to define the criteria for hand dryer meets every part of NSF Protocol P335Group has been peer-reviewed and a hygienic hand dryer. It’s somethingpublished in the Journal of Applied no one else had ever done before. Air filtrationMicrobiology.* The report found that The result is NSF Protocol P335 – Air used to dry hands must be HEPA filtered.washing hands alone is not enough. and the Dyson Airblade™ handMicrobial counts on skin actually dryer is the only hand dryer that Drying timedecrease when hands are dried meets every part of it. So it’s the Hands must be dried in underproperly. Drying is now recognised as only one certified hygienic.” 15 seconds. NSF have defined dry as 0.1g of moisture. Dampa vital part of hand hygiene routines. hands can spread up to 1,000 Karen Hall times more bacteria.Out of all machines tested, the Microbiologist, DysonDyson Airblade™ hand dryer was Touch-free operation The hand dryer must start andfound to be the most hygienic – stop without user contact.significantly reducing bacteriatransfer compared to warm air dryers.And unlike paper towels, Airblade™technology doesn’t leave trash cansoverflowing with soiled paper towels,a potential hygiene hazard.For more information and toread the full report please* ournal of Applied Microbiology – Comparative evaluation of the hygienic J If a hand dryer doesn’t have this efficacy of an ultra-rapid hand dryer vs conventional warm air hand dryers; A.M. Snelling, T. Saville, D. Stevens and C.B. Beggs. logo, it’s not certified hygienic.
  7. 7. The only hand dryer approved Only one hand dryer has the for food environments by HACCP Carbon Reduction Label“ he technology addresses a number T Approved for the No stone left unturned Every single component of unacceptable risks posed by hand food industry Materials and manufacture HACCP International has represent 7% of total emissions. dryers in the past. It’s easy to clean Everything we make or use has certified the Dyson Airblade™ The Dyson Airblade™ hand and is a touch-free system. It also has hand dryer (AB02) suitable a carbon footprint. It represents dryer has 275 components a fast dry cycle. With the inclusion of for use in the food industry. the total amount of carbon dioxide and even the smallest one a HEPA filter, these features combine It’s the only hand dryer to and other greenhouse gases was assessed. achieve this accreditation. to reduce considerably the risk of generated during its life. Waterways vs. highways microbiological contamination and Traditionally hand dryers Transportation represents less thereby meet HACCP International’s have not been used in food Working with the Carbon Trust, than 1% of total Dyson Airblade™ food safety criteria.“ preparation environments. Dyson has measured the carbon hand dryer emissions. Most of it They leave staff with damp is by energy-efficient ships. It’s hands because they’re footprint of the Dyson Airblade™ far lower than paper towels, too slow, they blow dirty hand dryer. The calculation which continually rely on road Clive Withinshaw washroom air onto clean covers: materials, manufacture, transport for re-stocking. Director, HACCP International hands and their surfaces transportation, use and end-of- can harbor bacteria. Less energy = less carbon The Dyson Airblade™ hand life disposal. Fast dry time and no energy dryer has a 12 second hungry heating element mean dry-time, HEPA filter and the Dyson Airblade™ hand dryer anti-microbial coating. uses up to 80% less energy than warm air dryers. Hand me down The Dyson Airblade™ hand dryer is guaranteed for 5 years. But when it does eventually stop, many component parts are recyclable and the impact of doing so is a negligible part of its carbon footprint. The Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point is an internationally recommended system of food safety management.
  8. 8. Reduces your carbon footprint Saves you moneySwitch from paper towels The Dyson Airblade™ handPaper towel production requires dryer costs you less to runnatural resources. And paper towels Faster dry time and no energy-need constant restocking. Both hungry heating element, meansprocesses are carbon intensive. running the Dyson Airblade™ hand dryer costs up to 97%By changing to the Dyson Airblade™ less than paper towels.hand dryer, you can significantlyreduce your carbon footprint.The Dyson Airblade™ hand dryerhas a 70% smaller carbon footprintthan paper towels.* 4.31g 8.23g 20.14g $35 $60 $1,460 CO2 per dry * CO2 per dry* CO2 per dry* per year* per year* per year** ata from Gagnon and Panaretos, 2009 report [Comparative Environmental Life Cycle Assessment of Hand Drying Systems, Prepared for Excel Dryer, Inc. Quantis]: D * sage based on 2 paper towels per dry (data from Dyson internal research – Sept 2008). 1400W machine shown. Calculations include standby power. Cost based on U 260,000 dries, 20.14gCO2e per dry for virgin paper towels. Additional data: Emissions factors for Airblade™ and Xlerator used for US, Airblade 12 second dry time and average paper towel cost of $0.01 and an electricity charge of $0.0989 per kWh. Source: US Department of Energy. Paper towel dispenser and Dyson Airblade™ hand Xlerator 20 second dry time based on NSF protocol, calculations include standby/rundown, Airblade manufacture use AB04 primary manufacturer data, 4.31gCO2e per dry. dryer purchase costs are excluded from comparison. 12 second dry time based on NSF protocol P335.
  9. 9. Inside the Dyson Guaranteed to lastAirblade™ hand dryerRapid hygienic drying Touch-free operation Long lifeScrapes water fromhands with high-velocity Intelligent infra-red sensor control for touch-free Dyson machines are engineeredsheets of air – like awindshield wiper. drying and minimal energy use. to last. The Dyson Airblade™ hand dryer underwent three years of development and refinement before it was launched. The performance of every component was rigorously Easy to clean tested, with high-quality materials Tough, sealed ergonomicLong life, energyefficient Dyson design for easy cleaning selected for endurance. and motorNo carbon brushesto wear down. The long-life Dyson digital motor uses electronics to switch the motor phasing – using neodymium magnets instead of carbon brushes that Anti-microbial additives wear down. Robust outer casings Switched Anti-microbial additives are integrated into all are made from either aluminum reluctance motor Digitally switched at external surfaces. or polycarbonate-ABS. 6,000 times per second, making the high-compression Dyson engineers make things fan spin 81,000 better – improving performance by times a minute. inventing new efficient technologies. This uncompromising approach explains the 5 year parts guarantee on all Dyson Airblade™ hand dryers. HEPA filtration HEPA filtration removes over Robust and durable casing Resists chips and scratches. Repair work labor costs are covered 99.9% of bacteria from the for the first year too. air used to dry hands.
  10. 10. 12 second dry timeSheets of air traveling at over 400mph scrapewater from hands like a windshield wiper. Costs less to run Dries 22 pairs of hands for the price Product range of a single paper towel.* Uses up to 80% less energy than warm air hand dryers Patented Dyson digital motor spins 81,000 times a minute – delivering a much faster AB02 has an aluminum casing AB04 is made from a tough, dry time using less energy. for high-impact venues and is polycarbonate ABS – and is 50% available in 120v and 208v. less carbon-intensive to manufacture Carbon footprint than the aluminum equivalent. The only hand dryer awarded the Carbon Reduction Label. The most hygienic hand dryer A HEPA filter removes over 99.9% of Aluminum Gray White bacteria from the air used to dry hands. Touch-free operation Starts and stops automatically. No dirty buttons to press. Easy to clean Sealed casing infused with anti-microbial additives eliminates 99.9% of surface bacteria. Tough and durable Robust, vandal-proof casing. 5 year warranty Comes with a five year parts and first year labor limited warranty. Approved for the food industry The only hand dryer approved for food environments by HACCP.* alculations based on average paper towel cost of $0.01 and an electricity C charge of $0.0989 per kWh. Source: US Department of Energy.
  11. 11. How to order the Dyson Airblade™ hand dryer: Order by phone direct from Dyson US 1-888-DYSON-AB Call for details of Dyson’s service, terms and conditions. For additional information, advice or support you can contact our team of Dyson experts whenever you need them. Our helpline is open 7 days a week or you can visit our website for product information or online support. HACCP International certifies the Dyson Airblade™ hand dryer as appropriate for use in food facilities that operate in accordance with a HACCP based Food Safety Program.©2011 DYSON Printed on 100% recycled paper using soy-based inks.02.01.11 The Carbon Reduction Label is the registered trade mark of the Carbon Trust.US1039301 The NSF logo is the registered trade mark of the NSF International. The handprint The BSF welcomes Dyson’s approach logo is the registered trade mark of the British Skin Foundation. HACCP International to promoting skin health and hand Non-food Certification Mark is the registered trade mark of the International hygiene through producing its HACCP Alliance. revolutionary hand dryer.