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Many people ask me for some of my best YouTube tactics, especially when it comes to ranking a YouTube Video in Google. There are a variety of YouTube tips and tricks for ranking a YouTube video, but perhaps one of the simplist is to make sure that you rename the video file using your keyword, before you upload the video to YouTube.

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How to Rank a YouTube Video in Google, Youtube Tricks

  1. 1. 10 Hidden Secrets You Need to Know About YouTube! The Missing reference guide for successfully using YouTube
  2. 2. About this guideWhy a YouTube GuideIf you don’t already know, YouTube is one of the most visited sites in the world.Unfortunately, most people never use YouTube to it’s fullest potential; especially thosetrying to use YouTube to promote their businesses, products or services.In this guide, I am going to expose my top ten secret features of YouTube that mostpeople never know are there and never use.About Ray The Video GuyRay has been working in the video production fieldfor about 15 years. In that time, he has worked inlocal and network television. This has includedworking for on programs such as The Late Showwith David Letterman, The Montel Williams Show,Ghosthunters, Tarita Virtue, Nursing Spectrum andmany others. Ray has also worked as a TVcommercial producer, creating ad campaigns forlocal and national companies.After internet video became a reality, Ray beganworking with local and national companies on usingonline video for promotional purposes. Onespecialty has been utilizing the power of YouTube to help companies spread theirmessages.Ray is also the author of a number of books and products dealing with YouTube, videoand internet marketing.
  3. 3. Top 10 YouTube TricksSearch Visibility1. Use Good TitlesYou may have heard this 100 times already, but it’s important to state... and you’d besurprised how many people don’t title their videos well. A properly titled video should beclear on what the video is about and should have a good keyword. In other words, ifyour video is about the 65 Ford Mustang, you would want to have ‘1965 Ford Mustang‘in the title - preferably twice.2. Fill out the descriptionIt amazes me how often this is overlooked. Youtube gives you a lot of space to writewhatever you want in the description - use it! Put as much text as you can, and useyour keyword(s) multiple times.3. Put a link in the descriptionOne great feature of YouTube is that you can put a link in the description. This issomething you want to use. Whether you want traffic to go to your blog, your FacebookPage, or an affiliate link, be sure to put it at the top of the description4. Fill out your channelWith every YouTube account comes a channel. A channel is like your personalhomepage which has your videos and other info about you. This is a great opportunityfor you to get some visibility. Try to fill out all your information, especially yourdescription. And of course, try to use your keywords in the description as well.
  4. 4. 5. Link to your other sitesIn the new YouTube updates, YouTube added theability to add links to your other sites, directly fromyour channel. This offers a great opportunity to link toyour other social media channels, websites, productsand more.6. PlaylistsPlaylists are a way of grouping similar videos intocategories. Doing this makes it easy for your visitorsto watch all your related videos, and it also providesanother opportunity to optimize your media usingkeywords for the playlist names and descriptions.7. AnnotationsAnnotations are a way to add notes onto your videosas well as links to your channel and other videos.Adding keywords as annotations is said to help with your video’s search visibility8. BacklinksYou’ve probably heard of backlinks. These are links on websites that lead back to yourwebsite. The idea is that the more good backlinks you have, the better your website willrank. Well, the same goes for YouTube videos. Adding backlinks to your videos canhelp boost their performance in the search engines.Tricks You May Not Have Known9. ChapteringOne hidden feature of YouTube that nobody is using, but can be really helpful is addinglinks to a point in your video. Suppose that you had a video called “5 YouTube Tricks”.In that video, you will likely have a time where tricks 2, 3, 4 and 5 come in. If you pastthat time into the video description (or comments), it will create a clickable link to thattime in the video. So, if tip 2 starts at 30 seconds into the video, then typing “0:30 - tip#2 Use Good Titles” into the description will make a link to the start of tip #2.10. Embedding videos onto your site(s)Whenever you upload a video in Youtube, an 11 digit alphanumeric ID is assigned toyour videos. By default the URL should be like this 11 digit code EEhJLSNtLEc is the video ID of your uploaded videos.
  5. 5. Here are some ID code add-ons you may not have known.ResolutionTo view the Youtube video in high quality append the following at the end of the URL as&fmt=6 or &fmt=18 (480p) or  &fmt=22 (720p HD) or &hd=1Ex: viewers to a specific timeDo you find some part of the video very interesting? You can easily skip to that point byadding a specific time in the URL of the videoAdd #t=xxmyys at the end of the URL  (xx is minutes;  yy is seconds)Ex: Your VideoTo have a video on your site autoplay; add &autoplay=1 to your video IDEx: Suggested VideosTo remove related videos from the end of your video, you can add ?rel=0 to the end ofthe URL., there you have it! These are the ten quick tips for improving your YouTube channel.If you want to learn more, including detailed instructions on how to set up and use allthe new features of YouTube you can check out our YouTube Market Crusher.Good Luck!Ray The Video Guy