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Meet the Parents' Session - 30th Oct 2009


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Presentation Slides for upper and lower secondary students' parents.

Published in: Education
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Meet the Parents' Session - 30th Oct 2009

  1. 1. Welcome to Damai Secondary School Meet-The-Parents Session 30 Oct 09 Lower/Upper Sec
  2. 2. Objectives To inform about the revision of school start time from 2010 To share about the Area of Focus for school for the next few years To establish „CLOSER‟ partnership with parents for holistic development of pupils To provide opportunity to raise concerns and seek clarifications
  3. 3. “Children do best when parents are enabled to play Four key roles in their children‟s learning : Teachers (helping children at home), Supporters (contributing their skills to the schools) Advocates (helping children receive fair treatment) Decision-makers (participating in joint problem solving with the school at every level)” . Henderson and Berla
  4. 4. Rationale for Revised School Start Time  For „structured‟ time for „Quality Family Bonding‟ (esp. Tue)  For „Time-Tabled-Time‟ for professional development of staff (on Tue)
  5. 5. School Start Time Jan 2010 Time/Day Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri 7.30am Trs Report 7.45am ALL ALL ALL ALL Report Report Report Report 8.00am Pupils Report 12.30pm ALL 1.30pm LS LS 2.00pm ALL 2.30pm US ALL US
  6. 6. Areas of Focus
  7. 7. Area of Focus  Help pupils learn with engaging teaching methods eg. Netbooks, HPs  Emphasis on pupil‟s attendance, assignments & performance with regular feedback to parents  Pupils set & monitor own progress
  8. 8. Your Role  Monitor homework, academic progress of your child  Recognise effort made & improvement shown by your child (encourage child to talk about school work)  Sign ALL returned test papers  Support the school initiatives *
  9. 9. Area of Focus  Set school, class expectations  Introduce Year Heads  Introduce Character Development Assessment (10%)  Improve communications with parents (eg. via SMS for absentism, email of conduct/progress)
  10. 10. CO-CURRICULAR PROGRAMME Leaders School Character of Good Character Development Plan with a Strong Sense of Belonging to School and Nation - VALUES EDUCATION PROGRAMME - - SERVANT LEADERSHIP - - CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT THROUGH CCA - SOCIAL EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING Vibrant & Nurturing School Experience FAITH NE VALUES Full Commitment Aspirations & Achievement Responsibility Respect Resilience Integrity Teamwork High Expectations Integrity Care (&Service) Harmony (&Equity)
  11. 11. CO-CURRICULAR PROGRAMME Leadership Framework Anchored on School Values
  12. 12. Area of Focus  Time Out Programme  Pupil Leadership Framework
  13. 13. Your Role  Break down communications barrier  take personal interest in your child‟s interests & activities  use a comms medium your child is comfortable in (eg. Sms, blog, twitter)  set up family „rituals‟ (eg. Tues breakfast date)
  14. 14. Your Role  Help your child develop good study habits  work out with your child a schedule for study and play  reading or doing your own work while your child studies  keeping distractions to minimum during study time
  15. 15. Your Role  Be aware of signs of misconduct  Not doing homework  Show lack of interest in studies  Skipping lessons/ school (truancy)  Breaking school rules frequently  Showing disrespect & defiance to you & teachers  Using rough & vulgar language
  16. 16. Your Role  Be aware of signs of misconduct  Packing home clothes to change after sch  Keeping late hours  Smoking  Sporting tattoo marks  Showing self-mutilation marks  Spending long hours on phone/ internet
  17. 17. Your Role When you notice above signs  work with form teacher/Year Head  be supportive when teacher calls  attend teacher-parent conferencing sessions  follow through on school‟s recommendation
  18. 18. Areas of Focus  Introduce Water Sports Programme Sec 3 Parents Sec 2 Sec 4 Sec 1
  19. 19. Your Role  Create opportunities for your child to „show off‟ his/her newly acquired water sports skills  Encourage them to develop the skills as part of healthy lifestyle
  20. 20. Your Role In Summary • Know your child‟s school activities • Participate in your child‟s school life • Be involved in your child‟s learning • Be alert to early signs of misconduct • Be a parent volunteer/ join the Parent Support Group/ attend school events *
  21. 21. Appeal for your Strong Support • Parents Involvement Programme – Fund Raising (Sponsorship/Donation/Volunteer) • Feedback Form
  22. 22. THANK YOU For Your Attendance & Participation Have a Quality Year End Break with Your Child