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The Leading Villas of Bali portrays the best of Bali Private Villas.


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The Leading Villas of Bali portrays the best of Bali Private Villas. Bali is often referred as Australia's Paradise Isle. Exclusive Bali private villas that offer total privacy, elegant style in an idyllic setting, If you're keen on an area i.e. Seminyak, you will find many Seminyak Bali Villas. These Bali Villas in Seminyak are Private, spacious and well equipped, they're staffed providing the occupant with a perfect restful holiday on Bali the paradise Isle.

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The Leading Villas of Bali portrays the best of Bali Private Villas.

  1. 1. Hand Picked Villas Bali The Villas Bali Luxury Bali Private Villas, Exclusive & Elegant +62 361 862 7373 The Leading Villas of Ba- Booking Villas in Bali. Budget Villas in Bali. The Villas Bali.June 2012 - Issue 2 Please click above to view our range: We are pleased to announce even easier The White Waters of the River Telaga Waja with a Twist in its Tail ways to contact us: January 2012 - by Nigel Saywell-Lee______________________________Due to the success of Booking Villas in Bali, What a day, more on Bali as this really is aThe Leading Villas of Bali, The Villas Bali and place of considerable contrasts, I fully intendBudget Villas in Bali we are pleased to add twomore facilities, making contact with us even to take you around the coastline, cover Balieasier. Private Rental Villas and this I will do. But you can’t just visit this island for the sea alone youAustralia, Canberra +61 2 6100 3737 have to know about the inner workings of this place. At least that’s what I think, as to comeUK, London +44 208 144 0831 here and just view the Indian Ocean from the shores would mean that you would leave thisFor those of you outside of these areas we can Island having missed its great outdoors. Per-still be contacted on: haps this is my way to justify my ramblings atBali: + 62 81 337 8311 83 / + 62 361 862 7373 this junction no doubt you can share your comments if you feel that I am deviating from the important subject that are dear to you. I believe this blog toWe are excited about these locations and wish be an exciting blog, packed full of thrill seeking events, as I pen this blog I amto share in that excitement by way of a launch still full of adrenalin from the trip that I have taken on the river Telaga Waja..discount the first 50 bookings made throughthese numbers will enjoy a 10% discount on Today was a great day it was one packed full of activity, it was a day for the rivertheir villa rental, a bottle of Hattens wine - and the river that we chose was the river Telaga Waju. It is a fast rivercolour of your choice and a complimentary categorized as a 3/4 on the Richter scale of white water, I believe that is a highermassage whilst here on Bali. scale than the Ubud run of white water which I have done now twiceAll you have to do throughout my life and I can say even that is an event not to beis call us and missed.quote "OfficeLaunch" I wanted to explore this and indeed blog about it, as I said in my intro Bali remains a place of considerable contrasts. From the sedateWe look forward shores of Sanur to the wild seas off Uluwatu, Canggu etc, to the riceto serving you fields of Balis hinterland, the mysteries ofbetter. Cont page 2 /…..Best regards toeveryone To write this blog, I feel like a barrow Editorial Team: boy on a market stall in the east end ofSulis London talking an audience through the CV Bali Puri Gelis - where relaxation fea- counts, we believe that tourism is the life tures and bene- This place is a steal for the surf blood of Bali. Bali is a Paradise Isle and weIn the meantime please take a look at the fits of a oven minded:pages of The Leading Villas of Bali for the many will ensure you leave wanting to come back. cleaning product. By: Nigel Saywell-Leesplendid stylish Villas that have grown in the Contact Information:beauty of their surroundings. Why? Because this place that I am referring to herehttp://www.theleadingvillasofbali.com in these paragraphs of mine, are just a steal, for $25 Australia, Canberra per night, you not only get a fantastic room, +61 2 6100 3737This collection of villas can also be seen on the modern in appearance including flat screenpages of http://www.bookingvillasinbali.com TV’s as well as an en-suite that you would UK, London expect from a 5* hotel or an exclusive Bali +44 208 144 0831 Private Villa; but you get breakfast as well!Due their superb pricing you can also see this Indonesia, Balicollection in http://www.budgetvillasinbali.com Two things came to mind today, these were +62 81 337 8311 83 / surf and if you like turf, turf being the place or +62 361 862 7373As if this is not enough then take a look at the somewhere safe, secure and comfortable topages of The Villas Bali. http://www.thevillas- put your head. Let’s take the turf part of thisbali.com blog as it is this part that has inspired me today, Email us at: Cont page 2/… info@bookingvillasinbali.com /To enhance your Asia experience then take alook at http://www.statura.co.uk Sulis@bookingvillasinbali.com
  2. 2. Hand Picked Villas Bali The Villas Bali Luxury Bali Private Villas, Exclusive & Elegant +62 361 862 7373 The Leading Villas of Ba- Booking Villas in Bali. Budget Villas in Bali. The Villas Bali. Please click above to view our range:White Waters of theRiver Telaga Waju Click below and seeCont. from page 1 the luxury of theseour inflatable threw our legs over the featured villasside and we went for it, it was brilliant.Soon after this ultimate event we ar- Villa Arsanarived at our final point, here makan,food was served and every morsel sa-voured and enjoyed.We moored our boats at the water’s Homes under the Hammeredge, we stripped ourselves of the life- June 2012jackets and we started our assent to thepoint where showers, towels and moreimportant carbohydrate was on hand to A modern contemporary newly built 2 floor,replenish our depleted fuels of life. 3 bedroom house with pool for sale in Balis exclusive area of Ganda Pura, Denpasar.The boats were deflated and several This property has been designed, built withBalinese ladies were on hand to bal- a European influence, in so far as it has A superb Holidayance the boats on their heads and then many of the luxury trappings that you need Destinationhead to the top of this ravine where for todays busy life style. It comes with athey deposited the boats on some wait- pool and gazebo as standard.ing pick up allowing the boat to perform ______________another journey later this day. I should Its style is clean, modern and contempo-add that the climb to the point of food rary, it has as standard AC in many of thewas perhaps a climb of 500 steps with living areas, a European style kitchen with Villa Atas Ombakthe car some 100 steps further on up. a breakfast bar.Having said all of this I would not havemissed this event for anything as it was The master bedroom has an en-suite.just fantastic. There are many features in this property and it would appear mundane toThe company that we used traded un- mention them here, but I will point out that there has been a great deal ofder the name of BMW, Bali Mitra Wah- thought that has gone into the layout of this property, the terraces and balco-ana Rafting they prided themselves on nies, the electrical wiring and the plumbing.quality, safety and enjoyment, all ofwhich I can certainly vouch for and Front garden area enclosed with concealed wall lighting and gate post lights.would recommend them, they are A feature to ensure you can easily be found as friends and family visit. Thisfriendly, precise and care for your safe- property is for the aspiring family who are busy with work commitments and It goes on foreverty – A great day out. need a place to unwind and relax. It sits at the end of an enclosed road and comes I am sure with all the good fortune that that provides. The property is stylish and ideally located, a must for the up and coming family. ______________If you are interested to see this unique and exclusive one off property - please make a call to Sulis on: + 62 361 8627373. Villa Casa Mateo Staying Connected in Bali Syam estimates that 90% of Internet-dependent High-Speed, Dependable Inter- businesses are gathered in the island’s south in net Connections are Absolute order to take advantage of the concentration of Prerequisite to Developing Ba- Internet networks, with service to many more remote li’s Tourism Industry areas of the island still plagued by low connection speeds. Bali News: Staying Connected in Bali Steps, however, are underway to improve and ex- (6/1/2012) pand the Internet infrastructure in Bali. On Saturday, May 26, 2012, BIZNET Networks held a reception A serene clean and Bali Daily has reported on the celebrating the expansion of its Fiber Optic network airy masterpiece close link between Internet usage to Ubud in Central Bali. in Bali and the rapid growth of the island’s tourism sector. ______________Zulfadly Syam, chairman of the Bali chapter of the Association ofIndonesian Internet Providers (APJI), described the Internetbusiness in Bali, saying: “The Internet users are mainly foreignvisitors, hotels, tourism businesses, offices and urban residents.” This publication is the copyright of Statura Ltd
  3. 3. Hand Picked Villas Bali The Villas Bali Luxury Bali Private Villas, Exclusive & Elegant +62 361 862 7373 The Leading Villas of Ba- Booking Villas in Bali. Budget Villas in Bali. The Villas Bali. Please click above to view our range: A Popular Italian Restaurant near Beach La Lucciola La Lucciola La Lucciola is an Ital- ian Restaurant located near Semi- nyak Beach. The restaurant is very popular, guests need to re-KU DE TA ‘Fine Dining’ and world class entertainment serve in advance to get seats for dinner. Popular menu is pasta and pizza. The restaurant frequently changes its menu, you can enjoyA decade has passed since KU DE TA first announced its arrival different kinds of menu every time you come to the restaurant. Theback in 2000 and the legacy of one of Asia’s most distinctive and best time is when sunset time enjoying a romantic moment.beloved lifestyle destination icons continues to go from strength tostrength. As the seasons change and the years roll by the elementsbehind the success and growth of KU DE TA remain unchanged.The uniquely gracious and hospitable spirit of the Balinese and thestunning world-class Seminyak beach-front location of KU DE TA are at thevery foundation of what makes thevenue so magical, but it’s the reputa-tion KU DE TA has fostered for inimita-ble fine dining any time of the day ornight, discreet attentive service, cuttingedge design and architecture and theroster of big name international per-formers that consider the place a trop-ical home-from-home. The Trattoria Established in 2002 in the popular area of Seminyak. The trattoria brought the best of Italian cuisine made famous by its cooking tech- niques that have been based on well founded home cooking - “The way Mama” did it. The executive Chef Olivari Vanni and the manager Edoardo Guerrini grew up in Italy and applied there trade both in Italy and in New York.Potato Head Beach Club A well based knowledge of all that is Italian and applied on a global scale.Potato Head Beach Club makes its grandeur mark at one of Balisprestige location surrounded by some of the best restaurants, bars,and retail. "We wanted to create some-thing original from Indonesia that couldbe seen and enjoyed by the Indonesianand international audience. As a localventure, we wanted to make our pres-ence felt within the international sceneand Bali seems to be the perfect step-ping stone," says co-owner Ronald Ak-ili. This publication is the copyright of Statura Ltd
  4. 4. Hand Picked Villas Bali The Villas Bali Luxury Bali Private Villas, Exclusive & Elegant +62 361 862 7373 The Leading Villas of Ba- Booking Villas in Bali. Budget Villas in Bali. The Villas Bali. Please click above to view our range:White Water Rafting Bali view white water rafting invites you to ride the raft on the river along the 14 km. Enjoy the greatest point of Telaga waja river for your fun to be memorable day in Bali. Our friendly staff and our guide have been fully trained by both Australian and international stan- dards incorporating all aspects of swift water rescue. We offer the highest quality for safety and has chosen the best location to conduct wateradventure need more than 2 hours on river. After all that adventure and excitement you will bestop for hot Buffet lunch in a real nice place to hang out and taste our Bali coffee is included.Botanical GardenBali Botanic Garden is unique in Balias a place for botanical research, con-servation, education and recreation. Itprovides a place where you can relaxin beautiful and peaceful surround-ings while learning about the use ofplants in the daily lives of Balinesepeople as well as many interesting tropical rainforest plants and birdlife.The Bali Botanic Garden is situated on 1250-1450 m alt. with area 157.5 hectares (389 acres).Temperature is about 17 - 25 centigrade in daytime drop to 10 - 15 centigrade at night withhumidity 70-90%. The weather is unpredictable, please prepare warm clothe, umbrella or raincoat.Bali Tree Tops Adventure Bali Treetop Adventure Park is a fun activity set in an open air environment for group and family in Indonesia. 7 Adventure Circuits from one tree to another with height range between 2-20 meters. 72 challenges for all level and ages : Suspended bridg- es, Spider Nets, Tarzan Jumps, Flying-Fox, Flying Swings, and many more fun challenges. 12 flying fox up to 160m long.Bali Treetop Adventure Park is accessible to all whatever their level of agility orexperience. With different circuits, everyone can find the right circuits for his/her leveland age, or even try the more challenging circuits. Bali Treetop Adventure Parkreceives clients from 4 years old to over 70 with a maximum weight of 120kg. This publication is the copyright of Statura Ltd
  5. 5. Hand Picked Villas Bali The Villas Bali Luxury Bali Private Villas, Exclusive & Elegant +62 361 862 7373 The Leading Villas of Ba- Booking Villas in Bali. Budget Villas in Bali. The Villas Bali. Please click above to view our range: This article has been inspired by the many attrac- tions that Bali has to offer, not least the Bali Safari and Marine park. I mention this facility as it is home to many endangered species; all of which are well protected and cared for at this Safari park. The Safari whilst bringing together the Balinese way of life; which as Ihave said in earlier articles is rich with serenity and calm. Other attractions incl:This serenity when combined with the African Sa- van-nah makes for a unique relaxed loving but an edu-cational experience.The Safari provides a habitat that is all encompassing to the 50 or so species, all of whichare available for visitors to see and appreciate. But, regardless of their excellent care, theSafari also provides, indeed the Safari feels that it is its duty to provide an educationalexperience and has developed a framework which has been devised to encourage us all tobe at one with our environment, pointing out the need to protect our surroundings, instillingupon us the reality that we share our surroundings as it is home to so much that is beautiful The Sun Bearabout life. The key message that comes across is how we, mere mortals, impact the delicatebio diversity/balance which of course is causing many species, such as the wonderful leopard to become endangered, which as you know is just one animal, many creature even plants are at risk. The Safari provides a framework for a first hand experience of working animals, such as the elephant. These majestic creatures move around the Savannah with such grace and are secure in their habitat. Of course you have the opportunity to ride these fabulous animals as Elephants on the Beach they are of such a happy disposition. For this article I have just touched on the goodwork that this Safari does for animals everywhere. But it should be noted that their key A Plea on behalf of themessage is: The Safari has a duty to educate the Balinese in ways that make them Safari and Marine parkresponsible for their/our cause and effect on the habitats of these defenseless animals,plants etc.. In doing this the Safari has developed and are by now well used to executing aneducational program that is devoid of its location. In other words the Safari will travel toplaces of learning in order that young students can begin to form their behavour’s such thatthey are responsible and considerate to their surroundings.One creature worthy of note, as it is a species that is unique to Indonesia; it is that of theKimono dragon, here you will find them and you will be able to experience their inquisitivebehavour, appreciate their abilities, one of which is the way in which they utilise their tongueto sample the air around them.It is no wonder that the Bali Safari and Marine Park has been nominated to win theprestigious award for Indonesian travel and tourism A must see for all visitors to the wonderful island of Bali. This publication is the copyright of Statura Ltd
  6. 6. Hand Picked Villas Bali The Villas Bali Luxury Bali Private Villas, Exclusive & Elegant +62 361 862 7373 The Leading Villas of Ba- Booking Villas in Bali. Budget Villas in Bali. The Villas Bali. Please click above to view our range: Police Telp: 110 Consulates: MEDICAL Fire dep Telp: 113 AUSTRALIA BIMC hospital (Inc. Canada & New Zealand) Telp: 0361 761 263 Search & Rescue Telp: 111/115/151 Jl. Tantular 32 Renon - DenpasarInternational SOS - Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai 505x, Telp 0361 241 118kuta TAXI - blue bird - 0361 701 111Telp: 0361 710 505 FRANCE Approx Taxi Fares: Airport to: (Consular Agency)Prima Medika Hospital Jl. Pulau Serangan 9 x - Jl. Mertasari Gg II No. 8, SanurDenpasar Sanur: Rph 200,000 Telp 0361 285 485Telp 0361 236 225 Seminyak: Rph 150,000 Canggu: Rph 175,000 GERMANYSANGLAH PUBLIC HOSPITAL, Denpasar Nusa Dua: Rhp 175,000 (Honorary Consulate)Telp 0361 227 911 Ubud Rph 275,000 Jl. Pantai Karang no. 17, Sanur Telp 0361 288 535SURYA USADA PUBLIC HOSPITAL Jl, PulauSerangan no 1 - 3, Denpasar Tipping: ITALYTelp 0361 235 041 (Vice Consulat) Airport bag follow the published rates consulato)Ambulance 118 - outside the terminal Rph 20,000 Lotus Enterprise Building Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai, Jimbaran Taxis do not expect a tip Telp 0361 701 005 Restaurants, depends on the JAPANAirport information: establishment Consulat General)Telp: 0361 751 001 ext 5123 Jl. Raya Puputan No. 170, Renon DenpasarGaruda Indonesia - Ngurai rai airport Telp 0361 227 628Telp: 0361 751 011 ext 5204 NETHERLANDSGaruda indonesia - Kuta Paradiso hotel, Kuta - Honorary Consulate)Telp: 0361 225 047 Jl. Raya Kuta No. 127, Kuta Telp 0361 761 502Singapore airlines - Ngurah rai airport -Telp: 0361 768 388 / 766 940 USA (Consular Agency)Cathay Pacific - Ngurah rai airport - Jl. Hayam Wuruk 188, Tanjung BungkakTelp: 751 011 ext 5396 - Denpasar Telp 0361 233 605Japan airline - Jl. Raya Kuta, TUban -Telp 0361 757 077 / 764 733 BRITISH (Honorary Consulate)Malaysia airline - ngurah rai airport - telp 764 995 Jl. Tirta Nadi no. 20, Sanur Car and Motor bike hire Rates Telp 0361 270 601Qantas - Grand Bali Beach Hotel, Sanur -Telp: 0361 288 331 SWITZERLAND & AUSTRIA Motor Bike : (Consulate)Thai airways - Gran Bali Beach Hotel, Sanur - Rp 25.000 - Rp 35.000 / day Jl. Patih Jelantik, Komplek Is tana KutaTelp: 0361 288 141 / 755 064 Galeria Blok Valet 2 #12, Car: KutaAir France - Grand Bali Beach Hotel Rp 150.000 - 300.000 / day Telp 0361 751 735Telp: 0361 288511 / 755 523 Car + driver + petrol :Air New Zealand - Ngurah Rai Airport, Rp 450.000,- based on 8 hours per dayTelp: 0361 756 170 This publication is the copyright of Statura Ltd
  7. 7. Hand Picked Villas Bali The Villas Bali Luxury Bali Private Villas, Exclusive & Elegant +62 361 862 7373 The Leading Villas of Ba- Booking Villas in Bali. Budget Villas in Bali. The Villas Bali. Please click above to view our range: Bali Villa Holidays are the best or are they? June 2012 Bali Private Villas - Booking a holiday can be a difficult process, holiday companies advertise special offers to entice you to make a booking through them, these offers often appear to be unbelievable, but when you try to book them they add many mandatory extras such as; Luggage allowances are so low in their weight allowance that you have to pay for an additional amount in order to carry what you require for a good holiday. On the plane if you want an isle seats, or if you are traveling as a family or just a couple and would like seats together this can again be an extra charge, you may find that you are restricted as to your time of departure, or there is a requirement to stay away from home for a minimum period of 16 days etc., by the time that you add all of the extras Featured Villathen these “special deals” are not special at all. Villa AzayaAll to often resort hotels and holiday companies have offers of all inclusive packages (room, breakfast, eveningmeal and sometimes, as can be the case in the Caribbean, free drink) all of this look to be good value in the glossy Villa Azaya is a contemporary-brochure, but when you arrive at the resort you are given sets of meal vouchers for a 3rd rate canteen. A canteen styled, five-bedroom, Seminyakwhich is surrounded by 1st class restaurants which you can of course use, but you have to pay extra by redeemingyour vouchers and your voucher is suddenly almost worthless. In the Caribbean some resort hotels have all Villa Rental.inclusive drinks offers, often the bars are few and far between. When you do find their bars they have employed so Visitfew staff that it is like visiting an International rugby match at one of the worlds stadiums, the customers waiting to www.bookingvillasinbali.combe served could number 20 people wide and 5 people deep, whilst there is only one bar tender on duty. And search Villa AzayaIn order to avoid disappointing holidays many people are opting to book private villas for their exclusive use, wherethey are not in a scrum when ordering a refreshing drink, where they can prepare their dinner or choose to go to aquality local beach restaurant. A private villa will have its own pool with pool side beds, ample shade so it will notbe necessary to climb out of bed at 4 am to make sure you get a sun bed in a good location around a crowded hotelpool. Holidays should always be a true definition of the word holiday, to take a break, to relax from the rigors of youreveryday life.The only real way to be sure of a true holiday, a place where you can truly relax is to book a private villa, whereyou have your own pool, a bar that you bring with you from duty free or stock locally from the nearby Minimart. Soyou can make a cocktail as and when you want, your own crisps or nuts to savoir as you maximize your time aroundyour own pool under your own gazebo. The Leading Villas AndOne place that has embraced the private villa rental concept is that of Bali, Bali has 100’s of private villas for holidayrental. Most of these private villas come with their own staff, theyre positioned close to all the beaches, places of Booking Villas support:interest, they are close to boutique shops artisan areas and world class restaurants. Bali’s villas have everythingclose at hand that you will need for a luxury holiday in the sun. The villa market in Bali is a competitive market andcompetition has driven style, elegance, safety, it has provided all the furnishings and linen to match a holiday thatsfit for royalty. These villas are simply stunning in appearance as they are elegant and stylish, but above all they’recomfortable to stay in for the duration of your holiday.The Balinese culture is primarily based on Hinduism, this make the Balinese of a serene and calm disposition. Thepeoples core belief is that of karma, karma leads their way of life as it influences their every action and behaviour,they believe they should always try to lead a good life as it is their belief that they will be favoured at a time of theirpassing. This attitude to life ideally suits them to the hospitality industry as karma has taught them to be relaxedwith themselves and with others. It is this attitude together with the fantastic climate that has made Bali such aunique and sought after holiday location.Bali is often referred to as Australias Hawaii or the Paradise Island. However, booking a villa in Bali is not asstraight forward as it at first can appear. But if booked correctly and it really is easy to book correctly, you will have This publication is compiled andthe best holiday ever. produced in accordance with the requirements of Bali TigaThere are a few things to remember:1. Balis villas are owned by private individuals and as we all know humanity comes with a good and a bad side Our Mission is to:so you need to be aware as to what you are booking and from whom you are booking your villa. I will explain thisin more detail later in this article. Provide and care for all visitors to Bali to ensure complete relax-2. Global, large faceless website companies that market hotel rooms from a drop down menu are now providingholiday rental villas. These companies due to the Internet are global but run on minimum staff, their staff are ation for whatever their reason.predominantly sales or IT orientated, they invariably sit in some provincial town in the middle of England. Thesecompanies are positioning villas as though they are hotel rooms in a city centre hotel/…..To complete your read of this article please link through here:http://theleadingvillasofbali.blogspot.com/2012/01/normal-0-false-false-false-en-gb-x-none_13.html This publication is the copyright of Statura Ltd