Intelligence assessment powerpoint


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Intelligence assessment powerpoint

  1. 1. Intelligence Assessment James Dalton Satterfield 10/28/2011 AP Psychology Mrs. Mitchell
  2. 2. Test Results
  3. 3. Assessment I disagree with the site's conclusion. I am normally able to learn well off a powerpoint, from a book, and from many other visual mediums and perform very well when tested, while this would suggest I would not. I have tested as being of above average intelligence and do rather well in school, but in this have normally below average scores except in intrapersonal and interpersonal categories. I also have a very firm grasp of natural knowledge, being an eagle scout and having spent a large amount of time in the outdoors. My skill at kinaesthetic learning was also put very low, but for learning knots and other actions people normally think I pick them up rather fast. I think this test is too heavily affected by many people's overconfidence and overestimation of their abilities, along with the very vague descriptions and choices it was almost impossible to perfectly gauge yourself or others. You don't learn what they are, but merely what they think of themselves, which are too entirely different pictures based on their self-esteem and pride.
  4. 4. Interpersonal <ul><li>Interpersonal intelligence is your intellect in dealing with others, and understanding them and how they think and feel. I choose the memory chapter to use my interpersonal assignment with. I would go around testing my friend's memory with random sequences, testing if they would remember them better if they chunked them into groups, for how long, and the affect of various distractions on their learning. These test would be documented and turned in. </li></ul>
  5. 5. Intrapersonal <ul><li>Intrapersonal intellect is an understanding and knowledge of yourself. These people normally keep a journal and are well attuned to their own thoughts and attitudes. I would choose this with the introduction to psychology chapter, I could write about my hopes and expectations for the class and perhaps have a similar description at the end on my final thoughts and if my assumptions were false or correct. </li></ul>
  6. 6. Linguistic <ul><li>Linguistic intelligence is your intellect regarding words, spoken or written. These people excel at using large vocabularies and complex language task. I would choose the neuroscience and behavior chapter for this. I would have someone write a one page paper summarizing and describing the contents of the chapter in as much detail as possible (maybe longer then a page, then). </li></ul>