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In house SEO Strategy - BrightEdge Share 14 - Dave Lloyd, Adobe


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In House Search Marketing & SEO presentation at BrightEdge Share 14. Focus is on maximizing SEO through strategic, integrated, and comprehensive strategies. Case study focused on Adobe TV updates related to content, conversion, keyword expansion, internal linking, URL migration, and keyword ranking & visits growth.

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In house SEO Strategy - BrightEdge Share 14 - Dave Lloyd, Adobe

  1. 1. Dave Lloyd, Sr. Manager, Global Search Marketing Adobe
  2. 2. Global team of 6 delivering Organic & Site Search strategies for all Adobe products • Deliver industry best practices • Drive KPI-focused results • Showcase Adobe Marketing Cloud products Personally,14 years in Search & Digital Marketing @davelloyd1 Team Charter
  3. 3. Ownership of, Support, TV, and Blog subdomans Monitor 20,000 SEO keywords, 80 languages, 250 subdomains or regional sites, & 210 competitors +15% YoYVisitor & Conversion increase –from an SEO perspective #6 most linked-to web domain
  4. 4. Maximize SEO, your most cost effective channel Strategic • Focus on customers through competitive & audience analysis • Focus on top business priorities & KPIs Integrated • Align Search best practices with major Content Marketing goals Comprehensive • Global market opportunity of brand & non-brand keyword focus • Reduce risk whenever possible
  5. 5. • Unique content with product-focused and non-brand terms • Thousands of archived videos & frequent new content • Landing pages for dedicated terms • Conversion opportunities Business Issue –Adobe TV content underperformed
  6. 6. 1. Expand SEO marketable universe through content & linking improvements 2. Mitigate risk of content removal on • Extensive keyword research increases available content • Leverage domain strength to boost TV via ideal linking 3. Accelerate Creative Cloud conversions directly from TV content • Expanded conversion pods and better Calls to Action Solution –Summary of Changes
  7. 7. The SEO mix
  8. 8. Keyword Expansion • Product & non-brand keywords added as tags to new episode content • Keywords include terms removed from main website due to content reduction or strategy shift • 168 new terms targeted across 4 geos –North America, Germany, France, and Japan –with total monthly search demand of 3.6M
  9. 9. Site Search results match query to URL, description, and tags Added meta- description that used keyword h1 h2, bold keyword Non-brand tag clouds Search- friendly URL
  10. 10. After Before Improve internal linking from to
  11. 11. Migrate to new search-friendly URLs Old URL New URL indexed New URL ranking Before After
  12. 12. Keyword ranking improvements
  13. 13. Results Growth of 48%+ Visits and 50%+ Free Subscribers over 9 months April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan Visits May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan Subscription Signups
  14. 14. Concern Influence Control Expand what you Control & Influence Influence Control
  15. 15. Thank You Dave Lloyd @davelloyd1