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BrightEdge webinar on winning with Search


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Webinar with BrightEdge team on winning with Search - the Adobe Acrobat SEO story from 2011 to 2015.
Converting more customers online through a 5-step methodology of Strategy and Organize, Identify Demand, Scout Competition, Optimize Content, and Measure Impact

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BrightEdge webinar on winning with Search

  1. 1. Dave Lloyd Sr. Manager, Global Search Marketing April 28, 2016 Winning with Search How Adobe Converts More Customers Online
  2. 2. BRIGHTEDGE CONFIDENTIAL Proven model to attract and convert more customers online Scout Competition 5-step methodology -- data-driven approach to drive performance for organic channel Identify DemandMeasure Impact Optimize Content Strategize and Organize
  3. 3. BRIGHTEDGE CONFIDENTIAL Strategize & Organize for Success Scout Competition Identify DemandMeasure Impact Optimize Content Strategize and Organize
  4. 4. BRIGHTEDGE CONFIDENTIAL The Iceberg of Success Acrobat / Doc Cloud since 2011 7 product launches 2 content reduction initiatives 1 domain migration 1 acquisition 3 brand name changes 7 different key stakeholders 30 major themes optimized 5 current Acrobat content areas
  5. 5. BRIGHTEDGE CONFIDENTIAL Adobe Acrobat SEO story (2011- present) How we run the program end to end Real life examples Led to • Significant brand value • 35% yearly SEO Visits increases • 241% YoY Visits & 115% Units increase on non-brand pages (2014) • Direct impact on Trials & Revenue
  6. 6. BRIGHTEDGE CONFIDENTIAL The SEO Mix Content & Localization RELEVANCE Ranking impact: 30-50% Linking & Social IMPORTANCE Ranking impact: 30-50% Site Architecture & Technical TRUST Ranking impact: 25%
  7. 7. BRIGHTEDGE CONFIDENTIAL Pre-Launch Strategy (2012) Category Weight Progress Components Timeline Domain Health / Site Architecture 25% 70% Domain value, total inbound links, site architecture, PLS, indexing, 404 issues June >> Launch Content Optimization 25% 80% Content Quality, Keywords in Title, Headers & Content June >> Launch Social 10% 40% URL inclusion in blogs and Facebook Likes, Shares, and Tweets of the URL Sept >> Launch Cross-linking (internal) 15% 70% Anchor text links from, Blogs, TV,, AcrobatUsers, Popular Searches August >> Launch Backlinking (external) 20% N/A Links from theme relevant sites – quality content earns links August >> Launch Localization 5% 20% Global keyword research, optimization, & QA July >> Launch Reporting NA Ongoing BrightEdge and Adobe Analytics Ongoing Digital Media NA 50% PDF and video optimization July >> Launch Communication NA Ongoing With Execs quarterly and stakeholders ongoing July >> Launch
  8. 8. BRIGHTEDGE CONFIDENTIAL Strategy - Takeaways  Cover the full algorithm in planning  Written plan you can share with stakeholders for mutual accountability  Educate teams on user experience and SEO best practices consistently  Always prioritize Effort vs. Impact
  9. 9. BRIGHTEDGE CONFIDENTIAL Objective: Align to your customer’s keyword journey Scout Competition Identify DemandMeasure Impact Optimize Content Challenge Identify keywords with: 1. Sufficient demand 2. Relevant content 3. High conversion potential
  10. 10. BRIGHTEDGE CONFIDENTIAL Identify high-demand topics across the buyers journey Awareness Consideration & Intent Decision • “what is a PDF” • “edit documents” • “merge to PDF” • “best PDF software” • “Acrobat trial” • “Acrobat price” • “buy Acrobat” • “how to merge PDF files”
  11. 11. BRIGHTEDGE CONFIDENTIAL Meet the customer at their query Awareness Consideration Decision Retention
  12. 12. BRIGHTEDGE CONFIDENTIAL Document Cloud Search (Paid + SEO) Strategy Awareness Conversion Objective: Drive awareness, interest and preference early in the Document Cloud buyer journey KPIs: Total impressions, top position on key non-brand terms, free trials Example Keywords: PDF to Word, edit PDF Objective: Accelerate adoption of Document Cloud services & Acrobat through trials and subscriptions KPIs: DC subscriptions & trials, Acrobat perpetual units, cost per subscription Example Keywords: Buy Acrobat, Document Cloud Pricing
  13. 13. BRIGHTEDGE CONFIDENTIAL Search Demand Search Intent Relevant Content How many search? Issues: Quantity of searchers, balance with product & web needs What is their task or goal? Issues: Relevant brand & non-brand queries, competitors, customer journey Awareness Consideration Purchase Retention What can we say about it? Issue: Delivering optimal content & conversions Identify keywords
  14. 14. BRIGHTEDGE CONFIDENTIAL Google Trends insights (2012) Search Insight: Search volume for brand terms like “Acrobat” and “Adobe Acrobat” are trending downwards per Google Trends for Search. On the other hand Search for Non-branded terms including “PDF” is continuing to rise Google Trends 2013
  15. 15. BRIGHTEDGE CONFIDENTIAL Google Trends insights (2013) Compare brand terms vs. non-brand feature clusters and synonyms
  16. 16. BRIGHTEDGE CONFIDENTIAL Align with content stakeholders (Messaging Kit - 2013)
  17. 17. BRIGHTEDGE CONFIDENTIAL Identify keywords based on story themes PDF editing 194,200 PDF editor edit PDF edit PDF files how to edit PDF files PDF editing 135,000 40,500 12,100 6,600 1,600 Merge/combine 112,700 Merge PDF PDF Merge Combine PDF Merge PDF files Combine PDF files 49,500 27,100 18,100 9,900 8,100 Create: Word to PDF 391,600 Word to PDF Word to PDF converter Convert Word to PDF doc to PDF how to convert word to PDF 135,000 110,000 74,000 60,500 12,100 Create: scan to PDF 138,800 jpg to PDF jpeg to PDF jpg to pdf converter convert jpg to pdf Scan to PDF 40,500 27,100 27,100 22,100 22,000 Create PDF 1,409,100 PDF creator PDF converter PDF writer Convert to PDF Create PDF 1,000,000 301,000 49,500 40,500 18,100 Content reuse 1,253,500 PDF to Word Convert PDF to Word PDF to Word converter How to convert PDF to Word PDF to doc / PDF to Excel 450,000 301,000 301,000 90,500 60,500 Other core product storiesCreate PDF story
  18. 18. BRIGHTEDGE CONFIDENTIAL Top targeted terms and rank (2012) Site Keyword Rank today Rank expectation (end of Q3) Rank expectation (end of Q4) Demand Acrobat & Create PDF PDF Creator 100+ 50 20 1,000,000 Acrobat & Export PDF Convert PDF to Word 16 10 7 301,000 Acrobat & Create PDF Word to PDF converter 13 7 5 110,000 Acrobat PDF editor 9 6 4 135,000
  19. 19. BRIGHTEDGE CONFIDENTIAL Data Cube - High Volume, Long Tail, or High Value
  20. 20. BRIGHTEDGE CONFIDENTIAL Changes in Keyword Search Volume
  21. 21. BRIGHTEDGE CONFIDENTIAL Data Cube – Site Comparison and Keyword Gap Analysis
  22. 22. BRIGHTEDGE CONFIDENTIAL Identify Demand - Takeaways First, do no harm - retain the most targeted organic traffic Make a business case for missed-opportunity keywords (and content improvements) with: 1. High conversion potential 2. Sufficient demand 3. Relevant content Educate teams regularly on how keywords can be incorporated throughout all content
  23. 23. BRIGHTEDGE CONFIDENTIAL Objective: Identify competitors, share of voice, and rank opps Scout Competition Identify DemandMeasure Impact Optimize Content Challenge Many competitors, even more keywords, and difficult to identify ranking opportunities
  24. 24. BRIGHTEDGE CONFIDENTIAL Manually identify internal competition to win there first
  25. 25. BRIGHTEDGE CONFIDENTIAL Create BrightEdge keyword groups 21 Product keyword groups 800+ keywords 8M+ Total Search Volume
  26. 26. BRIGHTEDGE CONFIDENTIAL Share of Voice, Content Performance, Anomaly Detection
  27. 27. BRIGHTEDGE CONFIDENTIAL Competitive Position - Takeaways Work with teams to confirm competitors SEO, Paid, Social competitors Business Unit and Product Marketing teams Inform VIPs regularly of current market share Use data (Paid + SEO) to share wins and missed opportunities to get buy-in for ongoing work
  28. 28. BRIGHTEDGE CONFIDENTIAL Objective: Use best practices to improve dedicated pages and improve page value Measure Impact Optimize Content Challenge Sharing best practices and focusing efforts to maintain momentum with other teams How decisions about content, design, & linking might impact future Search traffic
  29. 29. BRIGHTEDGE CONFIDENTIAL Align to overall content & product marketing strategy (2012) Create PDF HTML to PDF Print to PDF Scan to PDF Office to PDF Combine PDF Merge files Create PDF ports Add rich media Page Types Overview Solutions Summaries Product Solution Details Product Feature pages
  30. 30. BRIGHTEDGE CONFIDENTIAL Content Recommendations Plan (2013) Action Next steps / who Timeframe Finalize top keyword themes (13) for Product Features pages SEO Team Complete Finalize secondary terms SEO Team Complete Map keywords to Product Features pages SEO & Product Marketing Complete URL naming SEO Team Complete Discuss edits to Product pages to focus on brand terms SEO and Content 4/19 discussion - in parallel with decisions on non-brand themes Title & content edits on brand terms on Acrobat, Pro, and Standard pages SEO and Content 4/11 EOW Search Results analysis of top terms SEO Once updates to Product pages are complete, do again for Product Features updates
  31. 31. BRIGHTEDGE CONFIDENTIAL Content Optimization Plan (2013) 99 pages optimized with Editorial & Messaging for 155 non-brand keywords
  32. 32. BRIGHTEDGE CONFIDENTIAL Match your content to key customer care points Product Page Support Page Quick start guide PDF
  33. 33. BRIGHTEDGE CONFIDENTIAL Recommendations
  34. 34. BRIGHTEDGE CONFIDENTIAL Linking strategies to improve user experience Category Tactics Description Internal Links Link on theme-relevant non- brand terms Identify pages, subdomains, or blogs for linking on non-brand terms Internal Links Linking on brand terms Content for linking on brand terms New Links Leveraging Existing Contacts People we already have working link relationships with in the tech/software industry New Links Brand Mention with No Link Pages that mention Adobe but do not have a hyperlink in place to Every non-brand KW will have 'Adobe' appended for research query. Update Links Wrong URL Pages that currently link (with exact or partial) to Adobe but to the wrong PLP Update Links Broken Links Pages linking to Adobe but something is wrong in the code making the link a broken link with no benefit. Social Guest Posts Articles/Blog Posts written on other sites offering strategies, tactics etc...crediting Adobe back as a resource, author or as one of the tools mentioned. Social Social Promo New Content Creating content for the purpose of "Going Viral" to increase traffic, branding, social shares and links.
  35. 35. BRIGHTEDGE CONFIDENTIAL Manually identify internal linking opps Exact Match Anchor Text Other internal content
  36. 36. BRIGHTEDGE CONFIDENTIAL Competitive Keyword Analysis (2012) – ‘pdf editor’ Competitors above us have a combination of: – Root domains (5) – Dedicated landing page (5) • Rank in May 2012 (#11) • Rank in 2013 (#7 for LP and #14 for Pro) Legend PR=Quality of URL by Google Age = Domain Age BL = Backlinks to URL BLS = Backlinks to Site Source: Rank Ranger
  37. 37. BRIGHTEDGE CONFIDENTIAL Competitive linking data
  38. 38. BRIGHTEDGE CONFIDENTIAL Optimize Content - Takeaways Create new content or update previous to improve both user experience and rankings Enroll content creation team in the user experience, Social, Paid Search AND SEO benefits of content creation Identify linking opportunities to retain targeted traffic
  39. 39. BRIGHTEDGE CONFIDENTIAL Objective: Identify KPIs and show performance improvements Identify DemandMeasure Impact Challenge Choosing the right data and reporting on incremental change
  40. 40. BRIGHTEDGE CONFIDENTIAL Total Organic Keywords and Rank Change
  41. 41. BRIGHTEDGE CONFIDENTIAL Conversion data – integration with Adobe Analytics
  42. 42. BRIGHTEDGE CONFIDENTIAL Acrobat Key Wins (2014) Product Features pages ↑ 241% Visits Product Features pages ↑ 115% Units 53% AXI Google Share of Voice vs top competitors (69% with DEX) 69% of Target Non-branded keywords on page 1 in Google SEO Visits from 2011 to 2014
  43. 43. BRIGHTEDGE CONFIDENTIAL Product home pages Product Features pages Other pages Specs, FAQs, full feature list Industry pages Buying Guide Provide insights 60% of entries to Product Features page types Visitors spend 38% of their time on Product Features pages, longer than other page type Pages with non-brand focus are among the top performing pages (SEO + all channels) Product home pages Product Features pages Other pages Specs, FAQs, full feature list Industry pages Buying Guide
  44. 44. BRIGHTEDGE CONFIDENTIAL  66% Share of Voice vs competitors  60% increase in rankings on Page 1 in Google  45% growth in SEO visits  65% search demand for Non-branded keywords (35% Branded)) SEO wins (2015) Impact: Increase in Organic rankings Impact: Share of Voice vs Competitors Tips: produce engaging content focused on features More details: Source: Share of Voice (total value for all ranking keyword) for Document Cloud, BrightEdge data Branded Keywords Non Branded Keywords
  45. 45. BRIGHTEDGE CONFIDENTIAL Measure Impact - Takeaways Share what matters Collaborative and transparent about the ‘why’ and ‘what’ of performance Insights, beyond data, on what could be improved as a result
  46. 46. BRIGHTEDGE CONFIDENTIAL Overall Takeaways 1. Advocate – tell the story of SEO’s value to the end user Strategy, Content, Competition, Data 2. Collaborate - build relationships and showcase the value of other teams 3. Persevere – stay with best practices consistently