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Common electrical problems in a house


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There are many different ways that electrical issues affect your home and belongings, there are some basic electrical problems that homeowners face on a regular basis. Each of these electrical problems must be addressed in a timely manner. Otherwise a dangerous situation may occur, including electrical fire and shock.

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Common electrical problems in a house

  1. 1. Common Electrical Problems In A House
  2. 2. This is a problem which is more common in old houses. The electrical outlets are not grounded which can be a safety hazard as it can result in an electric shock.  Open Ground
  3. 3. This is very difficult to detect. In this case neutral is connected to the ground which makes entire outlet hot orcharged. False Ground
  4. 4. Most three prong electrical outlets have three wires, Hot, Neural and Ground. If the Hot and neutral are reversed the condition is known as reverse polarity. Reverse polarity
  5. 5. Aluminum wire in itself is not a problem. It is only at its termination that it requires special treatment or outlets to prevent oxidation and arching. Presence of Aluminum wire in the House
  6. 6. Exposed wires, can cause an electric shock or fire. All wires must be properly spliced and protected within a junction box. Exposed/damaged electrical wires
  7. 7. When a GFCI receptacle will no longer reset after tripping, you need to hire an electrician to inspect the area and possibly replace the outlet.  Malfunctioning GFCI
  8. 8. Over time, electrical tape can deteriorate and expose bare wiring which can result in a potential fire hazard. If the electrical boxes in your home use electrical tape to secure the wire connections, remove the tape and replace it with high-quality electrical wire caps. Electrical Tape Used in Electrical Boxes
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