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Structures And Forces Science Power Point


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Structures And Forces Science Power Point

  1. 1. Structures and Forces Science PowerPoint By Oilersrock
  2. 2. Arch
  3. 3. Purpose of an arch Structure • An arch is a structure that spans a space while supporting weight (e.g. a doorway in a stone wall). • An Arch is a frame structure • An Arch is made to support very heavy loads
  4. 4. Frame structure
  5. 5. Purpose of a Frame Structure • A frame structure is the frame of an object that supports the rest of the structure
  6. 6. Beam bridge
  7. 7. Purpose of a Beam Bridge
  8. 8. Solid Structure
  9. 9. Purpose of a Solid Structure • A solid Structure is a structure that is solid • A solid Structure is formed from a solid piece of some strong material
  10. 10. Eiffel Tower
  11. 11. Purpose of the Eiffel Tower • The Eiffel Tower is a frame Structure mostly Designed for Looks • The Eiffel Tower is Made of Iron, Which is very strong • The Eiffel Tower is a Globally Known around the world
  12. 12. Truss bridge
  13. 13. Purpose of a truss Bridge • A truss bridge is very strong • It is a frame structure • The triangles in a truss bridge are very strong, that’s what makes a truss bridge so strong
  14. 14. Dome
  15. 15. Purpose of a Dome • A dome is a Shell Structure • A Dome is a structure that can Keep Heat in very well, and they are easy to put up and build • Dome structures are Good for Arenas and all year round buildings
  16. 16. Great Wall of China
  17. 17. Purpose of The Great Wall Of China • The Great Wall Of China is a Solid Structure • It was built to keep out mongrels • It is a series of stone and Earth and Dead bodies • It is said to be the largest graveyard on Earth, because people who died building it got buried in it
  18. 18. Suspension Bridge
  19. 19. Purpose of a Suspension Bridge • It is a Frame Structure • A suspension Bridge is a type of bridge in which the deck is hung below suspended cables on vertical suspenders
  20. 20. I-Beam
  21. 21. Purpose of an I-Beam • An I-Beam is a solid structure • The shape of an I-Beam is very strong and durable • I-Beams have less mass than solid Beams
  22. 22. The End