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Dive into google play services api


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Dive into Google Play Services API

It's for recap. Most slides imported from Google I/O presentation, "What's New in Google Play Services" ( )

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Dive into google play services api

  1. 1. Dive into Google Play Services API +LeonardoYongUkKim
  2. 2. Google Developers Experts (GDEs) are experts in one or more Google developer technologies.
  3. 3. Google Play Services?
  4. 4. So what we do is we push out the new version of Google Play services to everyone, basically straight away. If, for whatever reason, that update hasn't happened, the first time an app runs which requires the newer version, that will force it to pull that new download down.
  5. 5. I think we push it out to everyone within about a week +RetoMeier
  6. 6. Play Game Services