Towards Building your Home


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Where to start the home building process? What to look out for when choosing your plot of land? How to plan your budget? Which professionals to hire? These are some of the aspects that Dalia Sadany addresses in this article about building your new home which also includes useful tips and illustrative diagrams

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Towards Building your Home

  1. 1. 54 Dalia speaks JULY 2011 55 As we have clarified in the previous issue To make these absolutely rich yet dry their living are always learning. Theres a That we will start our journey through the chapters a bit more pleasing and palatable mountain of knowledge you can acquire fascinating massive field of construction we will relate it to a live example of a client before setting shovel to soil. The more generally through its main arteries as who owns a piece of land and is planning you know before jumping into your house architecture , contracting , interior design to construct a residential haven for building project the greater your chances and landscaping. As well as its other himself as opposed to the most common of things going relatively smoothly. branches, finishing materials and their examples known here in Egypt of owning usage, zones and their finishes etc. a predesigned property in a compound of the various ones sold by one of the Financing Line up Your Team Begin by assessing how much you are Youll need a team of experts to design Throughout your lives you have at one real estate development companies that willing to invest in building your dream and construct your house. Key players will point or another came across a horrific emerged and spread vastly in the last home, putting into consideration that include a contractor and an architect for experience that you have been through or two decades , since that example would your expenditure is related to budgeting the first stage which is constructing the heard of concerning the construction of a eliminate two of the major role players in clarified later in point number 4 , so have building , you will also need an interior building , a renovation project, a finishing that field who are "The architect " and" The some flexibility until you reach your final designer and a landscaper unless they and or interior decorating assignment, so main contractor" and corner us only with budgeting. are the same entity as your architect, and we all know how extremely hectic as well the roles of interior designer, landscaper a finishing contractor unless they are the as money draining experience that could and other figures that are needed in the same entity as your main contractor for be. Especially to those of us who are not case of an already constructed building. Choose Your plot the second stage of finishing. professional or completely devoted to Whether you are building your home in such dreary experience. The next couple There is nothing like building your own a suburban development or a site with of issues will be extensively informative home. In this issue I will be helping you sweeping sea views, you will almost Budgeting and could sound extremely flashy less but organize your thoughts on building your always need to choose the land before you Dont forget when you are planning hoping that you will bear with me to go own home from scratch. This starts by select floor plans or other details. You (and your budget to put all factors into through them to indulge later on into the selecting a parcel of land and getting any pros you hire) will need to investigate consideration, consult each pro you more exciting , glamorous departments the right team together to carry out the factors such as soil condition, draining, are hiring to evaluate their expenses of this wonderful magical field. work process. zoning and building codes in the region. approximately , clarified in the following item list knowing the approximate costs will help you modify your building plans for example or any of the other aspects from the list below to meet your budget 1- Land cost. 2- Any land treatment, needed for construction. 3- Your designers fee. 4- Building permits. 5- Construction expenses (inclusive main JUST ASK contractor fees). P.S. dont forget expenses needed for Important Pointers before electrical and water sourcing whether starting the process piping or pumping if needed. 6- Interior designer and landscapers fees DALIA Building a new home begins long before that is if they are a different entity the foundation is poured. To avoid costly than your architect. mistakes during the construction process, 7- Finishing expenses (inclusive your start with these four important steps.I contractor fees). cant emphasize enough how critically 8- Landscaping fees (inclusive your contractor important this planning phase is. There is fees whether hard or softscape). so much to know about building even a 9- Furnishing expenses inclusive basic house, that you will never be able to appliances, and fixed furniture. know everything before breaking ground. 10- Your house warming party!!! Even folks who make home building ASK JULY 2011
  2. 2. 56 Dalia speaks JULY 2011 57 Second, be your own architect, but hire a good HIRE contractor. Residential buildings are considered PROS TO DO PRO "exempt" buildings and in most jurisdictions do not require the stamp of an architect on them. Which means JOBS anybody can design them. If the person has the experience and the ability, then there is nothing wrong with that. Even the homeowner can choose to go out and sub-contractor database? Do you know purchase some software program and how to deal with them? There are lots design their own home. The contractor of aspects you need to think about will gladly build whatever is on the plans carefully before considering this option. as long as they get paid. Even if it results It is doable, but it is a full time job and in something unlivable. However there very stressful. You might end up making are times when it is prudent to call in a lots of costly mistakes in the process. The professional, somebody who has the project will take you longer to complete, training and skills to do the job right but on the bright side you might end up saving some money. As for the contracting some people are not meant to be owner-contractors, as Third, hire both the architect But an important point has to be taken it takes a strong personality to manage and contractor. The four methods of into consideration in this case is that sub-contractors, as well as extensive The stunning homes you see in glossy how to explore new and unexpected This option you are hiring all professional construction to get the governmental permits for knowledge of the availability and pricing magazines are almost always custom- possibilities. The architects fee is a tiny role players to make sure the job is done the building , architectural and civil of the building materials designed by licensed architects. They fraction of construction costs, but their right abided by contracts These contracts Well you have four options to construct stamped drawings must be prepared , are the unique creations of men and complete services usually results in will include the scope of work, delivery your house whichever option you choose together with some letters of recognition Again with absence of detailed drawings women with the skill and the know- overall costs savings to a client dates, fees and payment terms. In general depends on many factors as will be of supervision responsibility has to be and material specifications your presence the scope of work for the architects will discussed below. Having said that, I have admitted , which basically means that on site will be required on a daily basis to include sets of drawings and material organized the options for you starting you have to draft these drawings via an make all the design decisions and supervise specifications as well as supervising with least stressful to the most. official architect and civil engineer which implementation. This is definitely a much implementation. It is standard practice will cost you some sum of money ( not as better option than doing everything that the designer will make site visits much of course as performing the design yourself, but doable if you are up to it. First, be your own architect- procedure all together) Divine, our contracting company had a till project completion. In the next article , I will extensively explain how to contractor. couple of experiences with this option with deal with architects, choose them and In this option you play architect and a client. The client, a retired businessman calculate their fees .On the other hand contractor, make the design selections Watch out for some possible and design enthusiast was on site all day contractors contracts will include what is yourself and hire the relevant sub- everyday with our contractor for the entire contractors and suppliers as and when problems when acting as 16 months it took to complete the project. known as BOQ "bill of quantity" , as well as materials specs and delivery dates. you need them. You also have to plan owner contractor: It was a stressful experience for him, but All of this will be explained fully as well and manage the entire process. It sounds he thoroughly enjoyed being on site and in future articles , when I elaborate on easier than it actually is. • Construction cost overruns preparing his own designs. You need lots the role of contractors and ways to deal • Managing contractors to finish on time of time on your hands, dedication and with them, types of contracting models Look at it this way your project is one or to show up for work patience not to mention a professional as well as different contracting payment big project involving several projects contractor to work for you . Again in this ways . But to all honesty this method is some running concurrently and others • Depleting your personal savings method the issue of admitting official definitely less hassle for you as an owner overlapping each other so careful planning is a must to avoid making • Being taken by unscrupulous drawings and documents for the permits need to be handled as mentioned earlier than the prior two, since as it is known contractors "hire pros to do pro jobs" costly mistakes. How strong is your in the prior method. You can reach me at my email Useful terms 1- Architecture - the art and science of 2- BOQ - an itemized list of materials, 4- Contracting - its when a client (or 5- Finishing - a decorative texture, 7- Interior design - multi–faced 8- Landscaping - is both science and 9- Scope of work - The division of work 10-Specifications/ Specs - written to designing and making buildings, parts, and labor (with their costs) project owner) selects professional appearance, or installation of a profession in which creative and art , its the study of modifying to be performed under a contract supplement working drawings, its the style in which buildings are required to construct, maintain, or service providers to bid and surface (or the substance that gives technical solutions are applied the visible features of an area of or subcontract in the completion of a narrative list of materials, made repair a specific structure. execute construction or finishing it its final appearance) within a structure to achieve a built land through living elements as in a project, typically broken out into methods, model numbers, colors, of a building (project) interior environment and a lifestyle plants (softscape) or constructed specific tasks with deadlines. allowances, and other details 3- Building process - a term used to 6- Furnishing - to supply and provide enhancement elements as paving, platforms, which supplement the information express every step of a construction furniture in a room water features , buildings, sheds , contained in the drawings. project from its conception to final fences (hardscape) acceptance and occupancy. ASK JULY 2011