Dalia Sadany - 7 Deadlly Sins of Interior Design


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Flair Egypt Magazine (Dec 2012) - Designing a residential project is far beyond a materialistic, lifeless experience. It’s truly personal; “we design a home not just a house “ is one of my strong convictions. I always stress on the necessity that homeowners who choose to handle that ordeal personally and not hire a professional to tackle the job, should educate themselves on certain basics in order to prevent reoccurring and common faux-pas. While reading through the deadly sins, I am sure you will find that many of them sound familiar.

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Dalia Sadany - 7 Deadlly Sins of Interior Design

  1. 1. featureThe SevenDeadly Sins ofInterior DesignDesigning a residential project is far beyonda materialistic, lifeless experience. It’s trulypersonal; “we design a home not just a house“ is one of my strong convictions. I alwaysstress on the necessity that homeowners whochoose to handle that ordeal personally andnot hire a professional to tackle the job, shouldeducate themselves on certain basics in orderto prevent reoccurring and common faux-pas.While reading through the deadly sins, I amsure you will find that many of them soundfamiliar. Nevertheless, the most commonmistakes are easier critiqued and discussed,than actually prevented, while other, less-orthodox misses, easily slip the mind ofan inexperienced homeowner. Avoidingthese mistakes will undoubtedly save timeand money, the two most vital factors thataffect your dream project as well as assistin achieving the harmonious, coherent,interior space that you aspire to have.By Dalia SadanyDeadly Sin # 1 - Plan & BudgetMany people get enthusiastic about their project with-out thinking ahead, and eventually find themselvesstranded halfway and out of ideas. Several homeownersget absolutely engulfed in an interior assignment thatexceeds their pre-planned finances.Solution:Have a vision of what you’re going to do from the start,and plan it out properly. Many people spend more timeorganizing their grocery list then actually sitting downwith a pen and paper to jot down a redecorating planthat could cost thousands of pounds. Write your visionor thoughts down and share them with your co-resi-dents. Once everyone agrees, STICK WITH IT! Effectiveinterior designing requires a lot of planning and orga-nization. If you rush through a few steps, you may findyourself making decisions that have unfortunate conse-quences. So be careful! Deadly Sin #2 - Slave to “Fad”Money, Money, Money. Don’t let your imagination over- Pictures in magazines are usually exceptionally flashy andpower your bank balance. It’s nice to visualize your tempting to copy, especially the so called “in trends” and garding your living space, or else you might end up with anhome once you’ve finished it, but make sure it’s not some people tend to get caught up in that endless endeavor. incoherent design, where nothing falls into place, blendsgoing to bankrupt you. Keep your plans in line with your Solution: in, or resembles you and/or your family; in other words,estimated budget and if you think you’re going too far, Remember that the house is yours–inside and out; it your space will very quickly go from “glamorous” to “ri-pull back and take another look at it. Remember to should mirror, reflect and resemble you, your personal diculous.” Remember, that just like in the fashion world,always pay close attention to your maintenance cost; preferences, your life style, and your interests. Always be fads and trends do not last, so do not “force” yourselfmake sure it will not exceed your estimate. true to yourself when it comes to making decisions re- to live with a fad, which you might hate in a year or two.
  2. 2. Deadly Sin # 3 - Mimeses Definition: allowing your taste to be over-influenced by that of other people to the extent that you end up loosing your own “self,” and resort to duplicated theirs. Solution: Even if you are incredibly taken aback by your friend’s fabulous new place, do not resort to cloning their style. What works for them might not necessarily work for you. As much as a white Ultra-suede Fritz Hansen 3-seater is a sublime piece of art in your friend’s interior space, it’s deeply doubtful that it would be a fruitful addition to your family’s living room, es- pecially with your little 5-year-old sweetheart who just discovered the glories of finger-paints!Deadly Sin #4 - Quality vs. Quantity“Over vs. Under-priced purchases”In other words, “trying too hard,” by purchasing a lot of expensive items in an at-tempt to add value, while struggling to cut cost by compromising the quality of othervital elements.Solution:When it comes to expensive, or designer, items, it’s better to have one exquisitemasterpiece known as a “focal point,” that pops out, rather than numerous ones,which would create a cluttered effect. When it comes to cases like these, remem-ber, that less is always more.Avoid cheap knickknacks.The quality of good items will last and may hold resale value ifyou choose to eliminate them later. Cheap products are always cheap and will end up ina dumpster sooner or later. Just be sure that you are getting proper value for the amountof money you’re investing. Also remember, that as much as the fact that expensivedoes not always mean fabu-lous, note that not all what ischeap is a good deal, you haveto check durability, finishes,as well as after-sale services,which might be needed. Deadly Sin #5 - Clutter A multitude of people are more inclined to possess a surplus of items; in some cases, people find it emotionally difficult to let go of old items, finding themselves with a busy collage of even more find it emotionally difficult to let go of old ones and end up with a busy collage of things lying around that will give a disorganized and messy look to their abode. Solution: This is by far the most common mistake I see in my line of work. It has been said that your room reflects your state of mind. An overcrowded room always looks cluttered, disorganized and certainly smaller no matter how many times you clean–or organize–it. Be sure to leave plenty of walking space.Try to grasp some idea of what scale and proportion are all about. Scale is the size of each piece, while proportion is how they relate to one another. Allow the room to breathe. Stay away from the tendency to fill in the empty spaces. Having furniture that is multi-functional will reduce the number of pieces in a room. If you like to store items, at least keep them out of sight. Holding onto old, inherited pieces is an addition if it is a designer-branded piece of furniture; un- less you can remodel, repaint, reupholster that piece give it away. Everything has a shelf line, holding onto something just because you have it, isn’t going to glam-up your space. Be very precise about what you keep, what you let go of, what you add to your new room, and eliminate items you seldom or never use. Think Zen rather than flea market and you’ll be on the right track. 59
  3. 3. Deadly Sin # 6 - Too much vs. Too little colorMixing any two colors in an attempt to create a vivid palette and work on that, otherwise you will end up los- then nothing will stand out. Choose colors that coordinateambience, versus opting for a monochromatic color pal- ing the much-needed serenity your space should have. with each other.The room will look well organized and youette to tone down the designated space. Remember, you will most likely occupy this designated can make objects pop out instead of drowning everything inSolution: living space for a while, and a bad color scheme could the same hue. Keep a comfortable and neutral color palette;Don’t pick too many colors for one room. It will make wreck an otherwise excellent idea. don’t try to match different items with the same color, andthe room look too busy. Opt for one, compatible color In the mean time, if there is too much matching in one room remember, it’s always easier to contrast than to match.Deadly Sin # 7 - Bad LightingAn extremely common mistake that is usually poorly and table lamps for reading. Chandeliers offer overallhandled and continuously underrated is the lighting factor. ambience and illumination. Track and recessed lightingSolution: provide accents for art and tasks. If you are going to useBe certain that lighting makes or breaks a project. Light curtains, bear the following in mind: dark curtains drownis truly the emotion of the room. You don’t want the a room. Use curtains or blinds that allow you to controlroom to be too bright–increasing levels of tension and and manage the light. Natural lighting is the definitelyanxiety– and at the same time too dim, which will lead the best. Opt for types of lights that will enable youto a gloomy atmosphere. There is a grand variety of to set the tone yourself when natural sources are nolighting fixtures to choose from, so don’t be afraid of a longer ready at hand.little research. Avoiding these generic traps could prevent your dreamHave several light sources in a space, and do not just interior task from turning into to a haunting nightmarerely on one overhead ceiling fixture. Incorporate floor where amendments could bleed your pockets dry.