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Dale Thomas Vaughn | Strategic Communications


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Dale Thomas Vaughn | Strategic Communications

  1. 1. Outstanding Communicator outstanding communicator “Dale's an - one of the best I've come across in my career. His understanding of earned media and strategic communications sets him apart. In addition to his obvious marketing and communications abilities, he's very pleasant to work with and makes those around him better. He grasps concepts and situations quickly, even in industries that are new to him. I fully recommend Dale for leadership, training, marketing, and strategic communications roles.” Mark Holley Director, Marketing at Education Management Systems Dale Thomas Vaughn Strategic Communications
  2. 2. 120% “Dale is one incredibly talented guy. One word describes him..."smooth". He is very sharp. He picked up our concepts very fast and shaped them way beyond our wildest imagination. What a writer!! You get 120% with Dale.” Doug Hughes CEO at Productive Entertainment, Inc. Dale Thomas Vaughn Strategic Communications
  3. 3. Rising Thought Leader a rising thought leader of his generation “Dale is intelligent, insightful, articulate and culturally rounded. He's a person most people would follow or trust based on his passion, reasoning and genuine desire to make the world a better place. I feel it's an honor and privilege to be a mentor and friend to Dale. What I've learned in return has renewed my hope that the Millennial generation can bring positive change to the challenges and divide we face globally.” Robert Land Founder & CEO at HealthShift, Inc Dale Thomas Vaughn Strategic Communications
  4. 4. Second-to-none “Dale is a dreamer to every extent of the word. I have nothing but the utmost respect for him as he continuously comes up with new ideas and makes those dreams into reality. I worked with Dale in London, England and we were travel partners in Europe for over 3 months through France, Spain and Portugal. I continued to work with Dale as a financial columnist on until the website changed format and focus. His ability to motivate others and find positives in the worst of situations is admirable and second-to-none. Dale is a loyal friend and amazingly hard worker. I would be honoured to work with Dale again in the future.” Kai Hochhausen MBA Office at University of Calgary Dale Thomas Vaughn Strategic Communications
  5. 5. Professional a high-energy professional “At Ticketmaster, Dale was , with attention to detail regardless of the breadth of the assignment. A generalist, he was able to build out a project from concept to completion.” Wendy Webb Corporate Board of Directors; Jack In The Box, Inc Former Chief Communications and Investor Relations Officer; Ticketmaster Entertainment Dale Thomas Vaughn Strategic Communications
  6. 6. Dale Thomas Vaughn Strategic Communications
  7. 7. I help worldwide companies build trust so that they can make more money and better fulfill their purpose Dale Thomas Vaughn Strategic Communications
  8. 8. The Good Men Project Content Strategist & Editor of Leadership & Mentorship 2.5 million pageviews per week ...on par with The New Yorker Dale Thomas Vaughn Strategic Communications
  9. 9. Writing Experience 100’s of press releases, strategic web content, 4 ebooks, baseball writer, winery reviewer, editor at The Good Men Project Stop Surviving, Start Living - D a r e t o L i v e f o r T o d a y - A guide to Finding and Living Your Passion at Any Age Written by Dale Vaughn Dale Thomas Vaughn Strategic Communications
  10. 10. Central Coast Wine & Food Media Relations, Social Media Strategy, Partnership Development Dale Thomas Vaughn Strategic Communications
  11. 11. Media Impressions at Education Management Systems Posi1ve Neutral Nega1ve 900,000 New Messaging Strategy: Redefine “Success” 675,000 450,000 225,000 Result: Success 0 1987-­‐2012 2013 My Start Date Dale Thomas Vaughn Strategic Communications
  12. 12. Productive Entertainment Inc. Content Strategy, Media Relations, Executive Communications Dale Thomas Vaughn Strategic Communications
  13. 13. Founder, Next Gent Leadership, Branding, Content, Podcast, Video, Workshops, Events NEXT GENT empowerMENt 3 steps to becoming a fully evolved and empowered man April 27-29, 2012 For More Information about Next Gent contact: Next Gent™, LLC. Dale Thomas Vaughn ©Next Gent LLC. Curriculum Designed by Dale Vaughn & Chris Clanton. We appreciate your commitment to honor the copyright of this material. Dale Thomas Vaughn Strategic Communications
  14. 14. Corporate Identity Strategy at Ticketmaster “The Global Connection to Live Entertainment” Message evolve from “Ticketing” to “Connecting” The Founder’s Story Corporate Essence Video Campaign Equivalency value of $2.5 million in 6 months WINNER 5 Silver Tellys Including Best Producer Dale Thomas Vaughn Strategic Communications
  15. 15. Employee Communications at Ticketmaster Internal Communications, Intranet/Employee Portal, Team Green, “TM 101” Dale Thomas Vaughn Strategic Communications
  16. 16. Media and Investor Relations at Ticketmaster Executive Communications, NASDAQ Analyst Meetings, Media Campaigns Dale Thomas Vaughn Strategic Communications
  17. 17. Communications Strategy External Communications Vision/Mission Development Media Relations Campaign Planning Brand Strategy Leadership/Management Leadership Transitions Team Building Workshops Media Relationship Management Messaging Strategy Mentorship Workshops Pulse Measurement Marketing Strategy Leadership Workshops Spokesperson Training Creative Strategy Creative Project Management Press Releases Content Strategy Business Development Article Writing Employee Communications Strategy Research Investor Relations Strategy Environmental Impact Strategic Planning Social Media Strategy Brand Naming Social Media Campaign Management Social Media Measurement Crisis Communications Marketing Communications Essence Video Production Blog Development/Management Event Production Internal Communications Intranet/Knowledge Management Industry/Companywide Webcasts Logo Conception 47 With More Than Key Deliverables Speechwriting Presentation Design Presentation Management Investor/Analyst Documents Intrapreneurship Social Responsibility Strategy Social Responsibility Management Culture Committee Content Development Book Writing Book Proposals White Paper Writing Content Management/Editing Podcast development/production
  18. 18. Four Strategies Clarity Clarify our brand promise, market position, and key messages. Access Promote Access to our assets with digital communications infrastructure, media relationships, and community conversation loops. Trust = Money Transparency Create Transparent communications practices that promote trust and build brand loyalty with consumers and stakeholders. Authenticity Live up to our Authentic purpose and principles. Deliver what our community expects us to deliver, on time, and with gusto. Trust in the Bank = Money in the Bank If trust wavers, we lose money. If trust strengthens, we make money. Trust builds influence in the market, industry, and within the company. Brand trust is also the most important factor in Employee Retention, saving on HR costs, protecting against workplace litigation, and increasing productivity. Dale Thomas Vaughn Strategic Communications
  19. 19. I help worldwide companies build trust so that they can make more money and better fulfill their purpose Dale Thomas Vaughn Strategic Communications
  20. 20. Dale Thomas Vaughn contact visit link connect write +1 817-846-6121 call Dale Thomas Vaughn Strategic Communications