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V2 - Head Hacking : The Magic of Suggestion and Perception

  1. Head Hacking : The Magic Of Suggestion and Perception Dale Pearson Founder of The Journey to Master Manipulation
  2. Disclaimer The contents of this presentation are the result of Dale Pearson’s own research, experiences and opinions, and not that of his employer or associated clients.
  3. Language is Powerful Just by reading this, you are allowing me control of a small piece of your mind ThankYou :)
  4. Call Me Dale Information Security Professional Social Engineer Hypnotist Mentalist :) Geek
  5. Today’s Journey • Types of Social Engineer • BecomingThe Master Manipulator • Findings from the Journey • Code Injection - Manipulate • When does it all work • Ethics and Protection - Mindfulness • What’s Next... Are you familiar with NLP, Hypnosis, Body Language, Micro Expressions and Mentalism?
  6. Types of Social Engineer We are master social engineers as babies, over time we lose our tech, as the real world dumbs our senses and reduces our mindfulness.
  7. What is Social Engineering • Wikipedia Says - Social engineering is the act of manipulating people into performing actions or divulging confidential information, rather than by breaking in or using technical cracking techniques; essentially a fancier, more technical way of lying. • Probably true to some SE’s, however an experience SE it will be more than a lie it will be reality. • Do we have Jedi Powers? Mind Control?
  8. #1The Opportunist • Attractive Individual • Available - Not Busy • Got Some Skills • FirstTimer • Infrequent #1 - 3 are projecting a lie. They are not creating an alternate reality. Social only, no tools, no engineering.
  9. #2 Natural Confidence • Talks theTalk • Not Always Walking the Walk • Good Communicator • Comfortable Interacting • Lacks Expertise Very heavily social based, still no tech, still no engineering
  10. #3 Professional • Skilled in Infosec • Regimented • Knowledgable • More Art, Less Science Social, got abit of tech going on. Engineering is starting to happen.
  11. #4 Seasoned Pro • Repeatable Process • Experience • Handles Confrontation • Passionate • Knows Everything No Longer a Lie, Its Reality Now we have the social skills, and we have tools, we have tech, we have the engineering component.
  12. #5 Master Manipulator • Understanding of How and Why • Has a Game Plan • Multiple Outs • Passion and Education • Tried andTested • Constant Evolution • Creative • Cocky Social Engineering to the max, tooltastic. Got some science going on. Its like a martial art. Its muscle memory of the mind. Constant subconscious awareness of all.
  13. BeThe Master Manipulator How can I hack the mind. How can I achieve mind control? I then studied NLP, Hypnosis, Mentalism, Body Language, Micro Expressions. All of these things to look at how I can abuse the games of the human mind.
  14. Best tool for Human Manipulation The Human Mind | It’sVulnerable 1,680,000 MHz Pentium Processor Limbic System – Animalistic – Fight of Flight Subconscious – Power House – 11,000,000 pieces of information a second Conscious – Our Reality – 16 to 40 pieces of information, based on what we perceive to be priority information Critical Factor – Mental Firewall – Filters communication between subconscious and conscious The mind likes to help, it fills in the gaps. One reason why hypnosis cant be used in evidence gathering. The mind leaks information, utilise it. The Mind is an extremely powerful tool. 100 Million MIPS (Million computer Instructions Per Second) | 100 Million MB Memory | 100Trillion Calculations Per Second Like everything it has flaws. If we can understand these flaws, we can manipulate it. The master manipulator understands how to exploit these flaws to their benefit, and get the required commitment. 0.00054% of information passes through.
  15. I don’t want you to think of a Chocolate Keyboard Mind’s Negatives Become Positives Negative suggestions are perceived as positives, because the positive is embedded in the command. To process a negative, we need to think of it in a positive, and then decide to not think about it.
  16. • Created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the 1970’s.Went separate ways in late 1980’s • Based on the study of therapy.Words and Sentence Structures. • Promoted as a Science of Excellence, but its not Science. Its an Art, a Process Neuro Linguistic Programming Richard Bandler was a Philosophy and Psychology student, John Grinder was a Lecturer of Linguistics Studied and Sat in onTherapy sessions with Fritz Perls,Vagina Satir, Milton Erickson Word and Sentence Structures Promoted as the Science of Excellence – META (challenging specifics, questioning) and MILTON (Opposite of META, ambiquous, metaphoric) Models
  17. • Rapport is important.We like people like us, and we like people to like us. • We are all playing our own game of life, to manipulate we need to have people play our game. Re-Frame. • Feedback, ask what it would take to make it happen. NLP Essentials Key words like, but, and, imagine, question, all used to adjust the brains processing of language. Re-Framing is focusing on current thoughts and process, and adjusting focus to new goals. After a while NLP became a disappointment. The practitioners didn't want to question the processes, and what I was researching in regards to SE. It was like its the way its written in the Bandler Bible, or no way, your doing it wrong.
  18. Hypnosis • Concept of Hypnosis known since 1840’s. • James Braid called it Neuro Hypnotism. Nervous Sleep. • Wakeful State of Focused Attention. • Its the art of vagueness and assumption. I approached the study of hypnosis due to someone I meant in the NLP world. They had recently started studying hypnosis and when talking about SE, said wouldn't it be amazing if you could hypnotise someone, and just get them to give you information. I was very sceptical, all the way up until I became THE HYPNOTIST.
  19. The Hypnotists Dave Elman Milton Erickson JamesTripp Anthony Jacquin David Calof On my journey of becoming the hypnotist, I read some of the work of Dave Elman and Milton Erickson, and attempted to replicate my own hypnosis. With alot of failure. I discovered the art of impromtu hypnosis in Anthony Jacquins book Reality is Plastic, things clicked. I was still getting some fail, but I was getting results, and I also took up mentalism to give me some no fail protocol. I then came across a little of Dave Elmans work, he stuck someones fingers to a piece of paper. Eyes open, just pure language instruction. No sleep. Blew My Mind. Then I was introduced to James Tripp, and his Hypnosis without Trance program. I studied it, and found myself able to hypnotise those who I couldnt hypnotise before. It really became clear to me that this process can help we SE, but is there really hypnosis, trance states, etc. Is it just command injection into the mind.
  20. Hypnotic State • Pacing and Leading. Confirming what is really happening, then leading to the desired result. • Bypassing the Critical Factor, the guardian / firewall of the mind. • Get continual feedback.Ask whats happening. • Trance and NonTrance options. Using Hypnosis I have stuck people to things, made them forget things, especially there name. If you can be made to forget something you have known since your 2 years old, imagine what else can be done. A Truth and Lies routine can be effective in disclosing information people would not usually share. Make someone see something thats not really there, like Doctor Who’s Telepathy Paper.
  21. Hypnotic Phenomena Tool for every occasion | Something for Everyone Amnesia Catalepsy Ideomotor Anaesthesia Post Hypnotic Suggestion Hallucination Regression Time Distortion There are all sorts of phenomena available to you as a hypnotist, what will be your tools of choice.
  22. The Findings So its been an interesting journey, researching, studying and practicing what I have found. So here are my high level findings.
  23. The Big Because Connecting the dots • Because Everything Happens for a Reason • Giving Reason shows Respect • Provides Motive • Creates a Connection The way our minds work and process things, based on our up bringing and culture means that we need a reason. We need a reason why our hand sticks to the table, we need a reason why our name goes from our mind, we need a reason to see something that isnt there, we need a reason why we should disclose the information to you.
  24. InYour Favour • Get Agreement • Choose the Right Ear • We stay true to what we say • Go there first • Share their perspective • Don’tThink, Know Getting agreement is very important, we are all playing our own game, agreement gets people playing our game, and this is key. Just someone as simple as changing the position they are standing gets us on our way. The left side of the brain processes the linguistic input from the right ear. Findings show that you are twice as likely to get what your asking for when speaking into this ear due to the left side of the brains compliance to positive thinking. Robert Cialdini’s research shows that getting people to confirm they are happy to engage with us, means they will. As we stay true to what we say. Going there first is important, we lead by example in expression, emotion and body language. Sharing the perspective, makes us more effective, and can accurately communicate the same experiences. When we lie, we give off all sorts of subconscious signals. To be successful, make it your reality. Don’t think you belong, or deserve, Know you do.
  25. It All LeadsTo Language This is a crucial point Micro Expressions, Hypnosis, Body Language, Mentalism, NLP and Magic. The common link and power is Linguistics.
  26. Power of Language In Action So I have rambled on about my journey of discovery, especially around hypnosis and nlp. So whats my point. My point is, that social is about getting on with people, and this is very important. However many people do not look at the engineering. Language is key technology to the social engineer, and with this tech we can really make things happen, and know why.
  27. Code Injection We can use language to manipulate peoples minds, to get the desired outcome We can use our manipulative language, to inject our subconscious commands into our subjects brain, and significantly put the outcome in our favour. We need to prioritise our injected information, our commands and instructions.
  28. Prioritise Information • Bring Awareness to key words - NLP • Build agreement frames,YES Set - Hypno • Pace and Lead, Reality to Desire - Hypno • Pattern Interrupt, confusion - Hypno • Changing of focus, question - NLP • Anchor States, give Command - NLP • Physical Misdirection - Mentalism • Don’tThink, Be - Body Language So we know that only 0.00054% of information is marked as priority and passed through to the conscious mind to act on. So what have we learnt about having the language we communicate to be prioritised. It is crucial to understand this before proceeding.
  29. Code Injection - Step 1 • Planned Path • Big Because | Reason • Establish Rapport • Agreement and Buy In • Lead to dominance • Constant Monitoring So the first thing we need to do to get our information considered as a priority is to establish rapport and compliance at some level. Once this is establish, we need to lead the subject in the direction of our game, and our desired outcomes. It is important to continually monitor this loop. Its like we are dancing, and dont want to slip up.
  30. Code Injection - Step 2 • Get them playing your game • Consider your options - Pattern Interrupt - 5 + Open Loops - Utilise Confusion • Create aYES set • Anchor emotions Now we have the loop started, we really need to have them playing our game. We will continue to make adjustments to them physically and mentally, share opinions, ideas and concepts. If needed we can add confusion in various forms, to create a gap in the minds processing, we can then leverage this, and fill the gap with our goals. We can also anchor these positive and negatives states to instantly reuse. Essentially what we are doing here is bypassing the critical factor, the guardian of our mind. We can now inject our instructions.
  31. Code Injection - Step 3 • Inject your code • Change the focus of conversation • Share the Experience • Communicate expectation, Command • Result • Success, Failure, Learn So now we have bypassed the critical factor. It is now time to go from fact, imagination, to reality. We focus the conversation on what we want to achieve, but its important to keep sharing those experiences, if we want confusion, show confusion when questioning. Then we need to communicate our commands, make it happen, if there is conflict, simply ask what it would take to make it happen, and then re-loop to step 2 and use the feedback to adjust the loop and injection accordingly. It can sometimes take upto 3 injections of the command for it to really stick, especially if it is something that may be less believable to them everyday. Now we hopefully get our results. If we don’t its still a success, understand why it didn't work, learn, adapt and retry.
  32. Engage Regardless of the success engage in the process. If successful, continue as intended. If unsuccessful, fail gracefully, as if it was part of the plan (as it should be).
  33. WHEN DOES ALLTHIS WORK • 100% of people 80% of the time • Individuals Baseline is Essential • No One Size Fits All • Feedback and Adjustment is Important • Everything Happens For A Reason Visual Auditory Kinesthetic So you might be thinking this is all well and good, but it wont work on me. Its all rubbish. Thats great, it shows me your thinking, but I encourage you to do your own research and learning, and experiment, and then make an informed decision. I dont want you to just take my word for it.
  34. Human Exploitation is Wrong So lots of people say, this knowledge is not good. We shouldn't be able to manipulate people this way, its dangerous. We all manipulate people all the time, adverts, marketing and sales people, our kids.
  35. Unless its your friendly social engineer Why so serious?? I say its part of everyday life. A social engineer will be doing this in an ethical manner to show how the mind can be exploited by a criminal to impact your company.
  36. ETHICAL So is it ethical. The way I do it.... YES. I always seek permission at some level. I don’t aim to make anything personal. I always try to give someone something in return, fun, strange experience. I don't tread where I don't feel confident, and I don't go against peoples requests. If there is any doubt, no matter how small. Walk away, don’t do it.
  37. Mindfulness • Be Aware of Agreement Frames • Be Aware of Ambiguity and Confusion Statements • Be Aware of SubtleTouches • Be Aware of Multiple Stories • Be Aware of what someone doesn't want you to think about • Be Mindful, Everyone is Susceptible So we have spoken about how it works, and how to make it happen, and hopefully given you some ideas, and its got you thinking. But how do you reduce your chances of becoming a victim. Well just from this presentation you now have some awareness, which puts you above the level of knowledge and exposure the average person has.
  38. So you have listened to me ramble on, what are you going to do next?
  39. Educate Hopefully I have sparked some interest, perhaps your not so sure, or don’t believe any of it. Great, I don’t want you to take my word for it, I want you to educate yourself, and make your own mind up.
  40. This mind map shows the authors I have studied. They have various materials, and I will try and update as much information in the resources section of the website. For now just Google the authors and get learning.
  41. If your interested in seeing some entertaining hypnosis, where people have given permission to publish the recordings of my hypnotising them, please check out my YouTube Channel.
  42. Practice I know what your thinking, I am not confident enough to go and try this stuff out. There is no such thing as confidence, its just about not having fear. Another thing that helps in a pair of brass balls, to just get out there and do it. Oh and of course, permission is important, so don’t forget your get out of jail free card.
  43. To Fail IsTo Learn Difficult Isn't Impossible When you go out and try these things, your going to fail. You will try many things, and especially in the early days you will make mistakes. However this is all part of the learning process. If the Swiss had just given up when they failed on things, we wouldn't have the awesome swiss army knife and the lovely chocolates. Don't get me wrong, its going to be difficult, but difficult isn't impossible.
  44. Tell Me WhatYou’re Not Thinking About? @headhacker | @daleapearson