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Fire Eagle Guest Pass

a hack created at Open Hack London 2009

hacked together using:
- Yahoo! Blueprint
- Yahoo! Fire Eagle
- Google App Engine

in under a day.

see it live at

slightly more info at

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Fire Eagle Guest Pass

  1. 1. Fire Eagle Guest Pass What is 'Guest Pass'?
  2. 2. Fire Eagle is a location broker
  3. 3. (see Fire Eagle is a location broker
  4. 4. You tell Fire Eagle where you are I'm on Great Russell Street, in London OK
  5. 5. You tell Fire Eagle the friends and family who you don't mind knowing where you are Let Bob and Fred know where I am if they ask OK
  6. 6. Fire Eagle takes care of the rest Bob Where is he? on Great Russell Street, in London
  7. 7. Fire Eagle takes care of the rest Mysterious Mike Where is he? I wont tell you!
  8. 8. What if you want to share your location with someone for a specific time or event?
  9. 9. What if you want to help a client find where you are for a meeting, but don't want them to see what pub you go to afterwards?
  10. 10. What if you want to share your location with someone who doesn't have a Yahoo! account?
  11. 11. (drum roll)
  12. 12. Ta da.
  13. 13. Ta da. Fire Eagle Guest Pass
  14. 14. You create a Guest Pass and give it an expiry time. For example, in 15 minutes My Guest Pass
  15. 15. You send the guest pass URL to someone. My Guest Pass ?
  16. 16. ‘ Guest Pass’ will email it to them for you if you like.
  17. 17. Or copy the URL into a new SMS message.
  18. 18. They get informed that they have a Guest Pass
  19. 19. They get a link which includes the Guest Pass token in it.
  20. 20. They use the Guest Pass to see where you are. No need for them to sign up for anything. No need for them to have an account or password.
  21. 21. A Yahoo! BluePrint mobile site displays your location in a way best suited to their mobile’s capabilities.
  22. 22. If they’re using a computer, they get an interactive Flash map instead.
  23. 23. They can’t see where you are afterwards.
  24. 24. You chose the expiry time when you created the Guest Pass.
  25. 25. And a mobile-friendly site lets you manage and revoke existing Guest Passes if you change your mind. Oh no! I need to hide!
  26. 26. What if they still can’t find you?
  27. 27. If they scroll down to the bottom, they can tell the mobile site where they are …
  28. 28. Say they were at Waterloo train station…
  29. 29. It would show them where you are in relation to them …
  30. 30. … with turn-by-turn directions for how to get to you.
  31. 31. That’s it.
  32. 32. The hack lives at:
  33. 33. Thank you.
  34. 34. Thank you. (PS – Sorry to Fire Eagle for a fairly poor description of what they do. Please do check out for a better description!)