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ES Group Information


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ES Group Information

  1. 1. Focus Knowledge PartnershipEllington Savage was founded in 1993 tofocus on solving the senior and complexrecruitment needs of sophisticatedclients. Now celebrating two decades ofgrowth in reach and reputation, we haveevolved to become a group of recruitmentpractices serving clients more broadly.While Ellington Savage lends its name tothe Group, our practices are brandedseparately so that target markets canmore easily identify with their areas offocus.Collectively, we can resolve yourrecruitment needs from executive levelright through to mid-management andoffice administration roles. And all withinthe context of one client-focusedrelationship.We look forward to working with you. E L L I N G TO N S AVAG E G R O U P Level 3, 2 Barrack Street Sydney NSW 2000 +612 8234 0200
  2. 2. The Ellington Savage Group operates an integrated recruitment modelthrough specialised practices. We serve the same clients with equal passionand commitment. Founded as a specialist recruiter to financial services, thissector remains our long suit, although we now consult to a much broaderrange of industries. Across our practices we share intelligence, resourcesand infrastructure and have a disciplined approach to accountmanagement.What binds us is an unshakeable commitment to professional conduct andexcellence of service. Honesty, trust and commitment are the foundations toour business partnerships. The careful construction of our client portfolio isdesigned to minimise any potential for conflict of interest. It also means thatour success depends upon growing and retaining key clients and this focusshows in everything that we do.Our practices in overview:Ellington Savage is an executive search firm serving clients’ seniorrecruitment needs. Operationally agile, we partner with a select portfolio ofcompanies to resolve their executive recruitment needs across an incrediblydiverse range of disciplines.ESperille is a mezzanine level recruitment organisation offering permanent,temporary and contract recruitment services. The practice operates acrossall core corporate disciplines and provides valuable support at midmanagement tiers.EScalibre focuses on the recruitment of EA’s, PA’s, Office Managers andrelated administration functions for both permanent and contract roles.“Our clients enjoy relationships where they have our clear focus, rather thanbeing lost among a number of competing options...”
  3. 3. Ellington Savage Group is included on the panels of prestigiousorganisations because we provide expertise and service that augment theservices of more mainstream recruiters. Some include us because of ourproven track record in completing difficult or specialised assignments;others simply choose to work with an organisation that believes inpartnerships and operates accordingly.Our PeopleWe attract and retain experienced, knowledgeable and mature consultantswith proven track records. No recruitment company can be better than thepeople delivering the service, and we have some of the best in the business.Our people are capable of understanding, interpreting and delivering on abrief – not simply submitting resumes. And with our high staff retentionrate, the understanding and intelligence acquired remains with thebusiness. Mark Matehaere is Executive Director and co-founder of Ellington Savage Group whose executive recruitment career spans more than twenty five years. Prior to his recruitment career, Mark completed his Bachelor of Laws and MBA at the University of Otago in New Zealand before initial roles in sales and marketing in the manufacturing, travel and media sectors. Mark remains actively involved in the completion of senior and complex search assignments for clients across a range of industries.Paul Hannaford is Executive Director of EllingtonSavage Group and one of its two founders. Paul hasover twenty four years of recruitment experience,nearly twenty of them with Ellington Savage. LikeMark, he takes umbrella responsibility for theoperation of the business. As a recruiter, heconcentrates on senior assignments for clients in adiverse portfolio, typically using executive search,and manages a number of key client relationships.Prior to moving into recruitment, Paul served tenyears in the finance sector, most recently in humanresources.
  4. 4. TEAM AND PRACTICE LEADERS Matthew Roome has been a senior consultant with Ellington Savage Executive Search since 2007, having previously been Head of Research for more than seven years. Matthew has worked across the full range of assignments undertaken in that time, gaining exposure to an array of industries and disciplines. Prior to joining Ellington Savage, Matthew worked with another Sydney-based recruiter to establish a contact centre recruitment business.Matthew started his career in direct marketing and contact centres in theUnited Kingdom before relocating to Sydney. He holds an Upper Second ClassHonours Degree in History & Political Science from the University of York, UK.Gareth Jones joined us in 2009, bringing with him a decadeof recruitment experience from the UK and Australia. Priorto relocating to Australia in 2005, Gareth spent five yearshoning his consulting skills in London where he built highlysuccessful relationships with a number of top tierorganisations. He worked a further four years recruitingsenior professionals within the Sydney finance marketbefore joining ESperille to strengthen the reach andcapability of our permanent team.Gareth has risen to become manager of ESperille’s permanent recruitmentteam. Lisa Macbeth joined ESperille in 2011 and now leads its contracting team. Originally from Scotland, Lisa is now an experienced recruiter within the local financial services market. Since 2007 she has partnered with tier-one local and international banks, wealth management and insurance companies to resolve a range of recruitment issues, but with some focus on roles in Accounting & Finance and Marketing & Communications. Before moving into recruitment, Lisa had an extensivecareer in sales. She holds a BA (Hons) in Business & Management, specialisingin Marketing.
  5. 5. Breda Holden joined the Ellington Savage Group as Office Manager in 2002 and took up her current role leading our EA and Office Support recruitment practice (EScalibre) in 2004. With a Diploma in Legal Studies in Ireland, Breda worked for a time as a legal secretary before moving to London where she undertook a Diploma in Secretarial Studies and a Teachers Diploma - ultimately becoming a Secretarial Instructor in England and Ireland. Breda moved to Sydney in 1993 and worked as an ExecutiveAssistant in the finance industry and as Office Manager with anOlympics-related marketing initiative. Equipped with her first-handknowledge as an Executive Assistant and Office Manager, Breda bringscredibility and insight to this specialised area of professional recruitment.Sara Marshall is Head of Research for Ellington Savage anddrives the management and delivery of intelligence thatunderpins every executive search assignment. Shepresently leads a team of three professionals in this criticalfoundation to our capabilities.Sara joined the Ellington Savage Group in 2000 and hasbeen managing our research function since 2010. She hasworked across a wide range of projects and disciplineswithin Australia and internationally, as a Consultant andResearcher. Before moving to Australia Sara gained over 10years recruitment and training experience in London, working for both aleading recruitment company and a US investment bank where she ran theEuropean graduate recruitment and training programmes.Sara has a MA Hons in History and Modern Languages from the University ofOxford. ELLINGTON SAVAGE GROUP