The Manhunt Manifesto


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The Manhunt Manifesto

  1. 1. The Manhunt Manifesto A brief guideline to mending your local community through Manhunt The Beginnings And God said, "Let us create a sense of community and entertainment amongst man so that they may rejoice and be fruitful." So God created Manhunt and He saw that it was good. Then there was evening and there was morning, the eighth day. Thus, Manhunt was born. The Manhunt Mission Fostering entertainment, cultivating enjoyment and creating a connected community. Through word-of-mouth, Facebook and school resources, the Manhunt Committee organizes events that advance connection and provide entertainment within the local community, as well as benefiting the greater human community. Our inspirational quote: "An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity." -Martin Luther King Jr. We understand the first rule of Manhunt: We don't talk about Manhunt. We understand that the human spirit is composed of four main components: the physical, the emotional, the intellectual, and the spiritual. We understand that these four main components are basic human needs. We understand that, as members of the human community, it is our duty not only to fulfill our own needs, but to help fulfill those of our fellow brothers and sisters, as well. We understand that Manhunt was created for this purpose. -We understand that Manhunt promotes exercise, fulfilling our physical need. -We understand that Manhunt creates enjoyment and communion among friends, fulfilling our emotional need. -We understand that Manhunt exercises strategy, creativity, and knowledge of geographical landscape, fulfilling our intellectual need. -We understand that Manhunt creates moments of simplicity; with only one purpose, one
  2. 2. destination, and one period of time, we are able to concentrate and direct our focus, thus fulfilling our spiritual need. We understand that Manhunt cannot function legally without abiding by all local traffic laws. We understand that all Manhunt events are consensual. -We understand that the destinations are agreed upon by all participants -We understand that the date and time limits are agreed upon by all participants. We understand that Manhunt events are open-they may include men and women of all ages, races, schools, economic or political status, and religious creed. Even if they like the Jonas Brothers, we welcome them with open arms. Basic Structural Understandings We understand that Manhunt is composed of two teams: The Runners and The Chasers. We understand that the purpose of The Runners is to get from Point A to Point B within the limited time and without getting caught by The Chasers. We understand that the purpose of The Chasers is to tag The Runners. We understand that once a Runner is tagged by a Chaser, the Runner becomes a Chaser. We understand that The Runners get a head start, the amount of which is agreed upon prior to the Manhunt. Rights and Restrictions of The Runner We understand that Runners are uniquely designated (through the use of bright ribbon, certain color shirt, etc.) whereas a Chaser may not have any unique designations. We understand that Runners may not use any means of transportation other than their own two feet. We understand that all Runners must abide by local traffic laws. Rights and Restrictions of The Chaser We understand that once becoming a Chaser, the ex-Runner must remove any indication that they were formerly a Runner. (If they had a pink ribbon tied onto them, they must completely hide the pink ribbon.) We understand that Chaser may not pretend that they are a Runner.
  3. 3. We understand that the Chaser may use any mode of transportation: bike, scooter, car, roller blades, helicopter, time machine, hamster-powered sleigh, etc. We understand that the Chaser has to physically tag Runners. We understand that Chasers cannot chase Runners in cars, they must legally park their car on the side of the road, get out, and commence the chase on foot. We understand that Chasers may not puppy-guard the ending destination. Duties of The Manhunt Committee The Manhunt Committee is responsible for organizing Manhunts. Manhunt Committee members receive the title of Manhunt Disciple. A Manhunt Disciple may incorporate any or all of these characteristics: nice, friendly, outgoing, sociable, reserved, introverted, organized, visionary, dedicated, passionate, diplomatic, relaxed, goal-oriented, self-motivated, loving, generous, cuddly, humble, loyal, obedient, leader, self- disciplined, good-looking, accepting, resourceful, persistent, unconventional, non-conformist, creative, intelligent, right-brained, left-brained, and cool. Manhunt Disciples are chosen by other Manhunt Disciples. The Manhunt Disciples must leave behind successors if duties cannot further be fulfilled. The Manhunt Disciples must agree upon a date for the event. The Manhunt Disciples must agree upon the locations of Point A and Point B. The Manhunt Disciples must agree upon a reasonable time limit for the Manhunt. The Manhunt Disciples must promote the Manhunt by any means necessary (provided that this duty is carried out in a respectable and nonviolent manner.) Promotion suggests: Facebook event or other social media outlet, school newspapers, school announcements, fliers, posters, word-of-mouth, text messaging, e-mail, t-shirts, etc. The Manhunt Committee works most effectively when members were friends pre-Manhunt and continue to have friendly relations. Parting words
  4. 4. May you, the reader, be consumed by the spirit of Manhunt. May your thoughts, words, and actions live and breathe this living manifesto. I have experienced magnificent visions of many fruitful Manhunts. Societies will be restructured, friends will be made, alliances will be forged. Humanity as we know will be changed for ages to come. May the community in which you reside flourish and rejoice due to this glorious event. May relationships mend, pains be forgotten, and worries be washed away. And I beg you, remember to be generous and give back. As my brother- in-spirit once said, "An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity." May many moons look upon your lifetime. Peace be with you, Grand Architect Abu Dhabi