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Branding your school district


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School districts should have a universal message and look just like corporations:
- Create a strong, appealing identity;

- Effectively promote your mission; and

- Establish a positive image of the organization.

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Branding your school district

  2. 2. WHAT IS BRANDING? Prediction of what to expect X Emotional power of that expectation _______________________________________ BRANDING
  3. 3. ADVERTISING/MARKETING VS. BRANDING Branding is not a quick promotional effort Branding is not a campaign of any length Branding is a solid, long term foundation for all other aspects of the organization to grow around
  4. 4. CREATING THE FOUNDATION Ellen Ondrey – Messaging Sheryl Scheatzley – Internal branding of vision statement
  5. 5. WHY CREATE A BRAND? Creates a strong, appealing identity Effectively promotes your mission Establishes a positive image of the organization
  6. 6. EFFECTIVE BRANDING Be easily recognizable Create professionalism in all communications Express what the organization stands for and presents value to the community Differentiate the organization from its competitors Be a beacon which draws people to your organization Be a symbol that instills trust and confidence
  7. 7. CONSEQUENCES OF NO BRAND OR POOR BRAND Looks unprofessional and destroy credibility Make it difficult for the public/customers to determine what you do Make it difficult for the public/customers to recognize your materials Fail to show the value of what you do Fail to inspire people to take action (i.e. volunteer, read your materials, donate to your school, attend an event)
  8. 8. BRANDING BARRIERS No clearly defined message or graphic identity Too many communicators No controls over materials No access to approved logo, etc. Poor understanding of importance of branding
  10. 10. DEVELOPING A BRAND Create basic messages and a graphic identity to be delivered in all communications How is your school district “wrapped” or presented to its constituencies? Yours should have its own personality, identity and set of characteristics.
  11. 11. LOGO Your logo is one of the most important tools in establishing a graphic identity and is integral to the branding process!
  12. 12. MESSAGES Tagline Every Student a Star Mission The mission of the Middletown City Schools is to provide our culturally diverse students with highly-challenging and engaging school work, which assists them in gaining valued knowledge and skills. We will continue to operate the district in a fiscally responsible manner with a priority of student achievement. Vision Recognizing the need to prepare students to become productive members of a democratic society, we envision that the Middletown City School District will: • Raise achievement levels of all students • Eliminate achievement gaps • Earn a rating of "Excellent" on the school district's state report card
  13. 13. MAKE IT EASY FOR STAFF TO COMPLY WITH STANDARDS Create templates/preformatted materials Letterhead Envelopes and Business Cards Fax sheets Thank you and note cards Tablecloth and banner Newsletter or brochure templates Website (page templates) Flyers
  14. 14. PHONE GREETINGS Hello, thank you for calling xxxxxxx xxxxxxx, of the Middletown City School District, where Every Student Is A Star. This is xxxx xxxx, Principal of xxxx xxxx School. Your call is important to us. If you know your parties 4 digit extension you may dial it at any time, or press 1 for the dial by name directory.
  15. 15. WEBSITE CONTROLS Identify content managers throughout the district and provide training Create template for all pages Use controls for colors & fonts
  16. 16. OTHER STYLE GUIDE CONSIDERATIONS Use of district/school’s name (no acronyms first) Use of staff titles, school programs, etc. Board Listing Contact Information Non-discrimination statement Publication date
  17. 17. After Branding
  18. 18. STAFF TRAININGS Identify the “communicators” in each of your schools Train these “key communicators” on the branding standards, including a primer on how to place the logo, use the templates, etc.
  19. 19. CREATE BRANDING FOLDER Branding folder should house logos, mission statement, administration listing, images, templates, etc. Give access to those in need
  20. 20. MONITOR Whenever possible, review materials for compliance. Ask communicators to send you copies of publications. Review your website on a regular basis. Contact staff to fix compliance issues. Retrain if necessary.
  21. 21. A VALUABLE BRAND A Brand must be championed at the highest level of an institution before it’s introduced to external audiences. Every member of an organization plays an important role in perpetuating an institution’s Brand.