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Daktari newsletter Nov-Dec 2012


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Daktari wishes you a Merry Christmas and an Happy New Year for 2013. You are invited to read our November - December 2012 Newsletter.

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Daktari newsletter Nov-Dec 2012

  1. 1. Daktari NewsletterNovember – December 2012
  2. 2. ‘Snuffle, snort’, which is ‘hello there’ in Herbie speak. But I will switch to English now. I love living here at Daktari. The best time is walk time, when I go out with people and the dogs. And food time is not bad either! I am Willie, the scrub hare, but the small children call me abunny. I keep busy patrolling theenclosure, which I share with the tortoises. They are very slow & lazy, so it is my job to look extra busy to make up for them.
  3. 3. Hi everyone, I recently got surgery to fix my injured wingand I’m stronger than ever! My vet (Provet wildlife Services)says there is a chance that I can fly again. Scotty is back at Daktari  I can see you are looking at me and I don’t blame you. As you know I’m Storm the Spotted Eagle Owl and I’m just awesome! I arrived recently at Daktari, because I fell out of the nest. When I’m strong enough, which I’m sure I will be, I will go back to the wild!
  4. 4. We love it here. There are many games that we play in the trees and around the Lapa. We don’t mind sharing the Lapa with thevolunteers at all. We also love to play with Loki, who is a greatbuddy even though she is much bigger than we are. Hello, we are the dormice and I just pooped on my brother’s head  I did it because I can! I’m sitting on him, but also my sister. We like to have fun & sleep. When I was just born, I was all alone with my siblings, luckily Daktari adopted us and they promised to release us on Christmas day!!!
  5. 5. To raise money for Daktari, we decided to start a fundraising contest. The competition is open from the 1st of December until the 31st of January 2013. The idea is to raise a minimum of 1500 EUR and the person with the highest amount wins  So you still have a chance to win this amazing prize! See below.
  6. 6. Volunteering at DaktariWin: 1 week volunteering at Daktari Bushschool & Wildlife Orphanage.
  7. 7. Sausage Tree Safari Camp + 2 luxurious nights at the big 5 lodge Sausage Tree Safari Camp! Website
  8. 8. Wildlife vet Peter Rogers + 1 week volunteering with our amazing wildlife vet Peter Rogers and his assistant Janel!
  9. 9. Tshukudu Game Lodge+ 1 week volunteering at Tshukudu Game Lodge! Website
  10. 10. If you would like to win this amazing prize:• 1 week volunteering at Daktari• 1 week volunteering at Tshukudu Game Lodge• 1 week volunteering with wildlife vet Peter Rogers• 2 nights at Sausage Tree Safari CampAll you need to do is to fundraise a min of 1500 EUR and have the highestamount. Then you will win this African Experience!www.daktarifundraisingcontest.alvarum.netTips to fundraise:• Throw a party,• Sell cakes,• Swim some laps,…For questions you can contact us on
  11. 11. A special thanks to you:• SiT donated R 2000• An anonymous corporation donated R 10.000• Makro donated R 4000 for our new lounge• Mridula our ex volunteer participated in sponsoring our new lounge with 1200 pound
  12. 12. A special thanks to you:• Thérèse Hutchins donated 1500 dollars• PROCON Marketing, who already donated in August and thanks to our friend Debbie to bring us in contact with them, has donated staff uniforms & safety equipment• A nice camera trap picture, thanks to FORMALITO
  13. 13. Hi, we are students ofMaahlamele eco-club. Wewere lucky enough to be invited on a game drive sponsored by Kristie’s Camp. Robin is an amazing guide, he told us all about the animals of the bush. It was such a cool experience, especially when the elephant was sooo close!
  14. 14. We are getting great lessons every week at our eco-club about animals, nature and all sorts of subjects. It’s interesting andfun. Our teacher, Risette, is going a bit crazy lately, so now we were wondering if you would be able to help her out and write some lessons for us that she can teach us? If you are interested, please contact Risette for more information, Thank you, as you can see, she needs it.
  15. 15. We are the young ABSA students, we are all still in high school. We had the awesome opportunity to visit Kruger Park for two days! We want to thank ABSA for the greattrip and uncleIan for all the We saw a lot of animals! We driving and even had the opportunity to explaining! eat in a real restaurant and sleep in great Rondavels.
  16. 16. I had the opportunity to meet Kutullo’s father. He and Kutullo are so grateful for the donation from Ditte and Greg for his medical check up. Now everything is in order for him to apply for South African Wildlife College. Hi, my name is Grace. I have done a test to get into Southern Cross School. A really awesome school, where I will have all the opportunities and the challenges I need to realize my dreams. I passed the test!!! Now we are looking for sponsors. Please have a look at this link and give me the best Christmas present in the world! Thank you!
  17. 17. Bank: First National Bank, Hoedspruit, SouthAfrica Teach over 200 EcoSwift number: FIRN ZA JJ Club kids in ruralBranch Number: 270652 villagesAccount Number: Cheque Account (Non-Profit) UK US (Tax (Tax62044965129 Deductible DeductibleName: Daktari Wildlife Orphanage, South Africa in UK) in US) Click on required Global Giving icon to donateStichting Daktari Bush School NederlandKvK 53826736ANBI Stichting EnvironmentalING 5254438 te Rosmalen Education for over 300 underprivileged childrenBank: Sparkasse Münsterland-OstBankleitzahl: 40050150Konto-Nummer: 1350 88 888.Name: Spendensammelverein Münster e.V. Text GIVE 2376 to 80088 to give $10!!Reference: DAKTARI-Südafrika – Busch-Schule & $10.00 donation to GlobalGiving. Charges will appear on your wireless bill, or be deducted from your prepaid balance. AllWildwaisen - Station purchases must be authorized by account holder. Message and Data Rates May Apply. Text STOP to 80088 to STOP. Text HELP to 80088 for HELP. Full Terms: Privacy policy: Donate by Pay Pal
  18. 18. Shiloweni still needs Scotty our Africanmore sponsors of R200 hawk eagle needs aper month, sponsor for R200to fill his big appetite! per month. Tugela & Molopo need someone to sponsor Herbie is also them for just R200 looking for a each per month. sponsor to satisfy his huge cravings for R300 per month.Eeyore our blinddonkey, Caline andher baby Elfie, need a Storm the amazingsponsors R300 each a spotted eagle owlmonth. doesn’t have a sponsor yet. For R200 per month. Please check our website for all the animals. Thank YOU!
  19. 19. Thank you to all our friends, donors, sponsors and volunteers, we couldn’t do this without you!!