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DAKTARI Newsletter - July, August, Sept 2014

DAKTARI Bush School & Wildlife Orphanage is a registered non-profit organisation located in South Africa, near the Kruger Park. Its mission is to inspire and educate local underprivileged children to care for their environment through the medium of a wildlife orphanage. Here is the Newsletter for the months of July, August and September 2014. Have a look at what we have done and all the exciting news have happened during that time!!

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DAKTARI Newsletter - July, August, Sept 2014

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. Teachers! The Floor is Yours A very special and unique day with the teachers of the different schools we work with! They came to our 2 camp for an interactive discussion about the education of our next generation. Teachers! In your opinion: “What impact does DAKTARI have on the local children?”
  3. 3. News from camp… And… ACTION… Again! After the teachers, this is the children who were under the spotlight for 2 days. A Dutch TV Crew came to make a program which deals with children’s stories from all over the world. Click here to play the Documentary!! 3
  4. 4. News from camp… Build4DAKTARI, what are the results? 1 Office extension 2 Ablution Block 3 Tented platform Sponsor 4 Bricks HERE, DAKTARI will build! We still need your help to purchase the materials left and start the building!
  5. 5. News from camp… Soccer Tournament at Willows Stadium There was a soccer tournament in a neighbouring village and DAKTARI were asked to make a speech. Our role? To convince the youth to go green and not to throw rubbish on the ground. Mission accomplished? Well, we will see… 5
  6. 6. Animal news! A little surgery for Erishka The vet had to cut Erishka’s tail because she was biting it a lot. We now have to wait for her complete recovery to release her with the others mongooses in October. To be continued… 6 Maxi got a Baby!! Congratulation for your lovely baby Maxi!! He is very shy but he starts more and more to come with his mom to say hello in the camp!
  7. 7. Animal news! Madonna, our new Meerkat! 7 Her arrival story… Madonna, a little word? Thank you DAKTARI for welcoming me! Tikki and Gaspar are great, I feel good with them and I love the food!! I was alone, abandoned in this area where I am not from, and now I have a lovely new family!! READ MORE about Meerkats
  8. 8. Animal news! Release of our little Python! After taking good care of him during a few months, we released our baby Python in the wild, for a better and free life. 8
  9. 9. Animal news! A Spotted Owl, Rescued and Released 9 “Hello Guys! Thank you so much for saving me from the electric fence and taking me to the vet!! Look at my face, see how happy I am, glad to have found my freedom again. I love so much fly!! See you soon DAKTARI! I am watching you from my tree…” Here is the scroll the Owl sent to us…
  10. 10. Children News During the months of July, August and September, DAKTARI received 84 children, to teach them about the environment, conservation, politeness and job opportunities. We couldn’t do it without YOU and all our wonderful international volunteers, who come to give lessons and take care of animals. A big THANK YOU! 10
  11. 11. Children News 11 Game Drive at TSAKANE In August, the 10 best kids of DAKTARI had the chance to go on a Game Drive at TSAKANE Safari Camp. The Head Ranger took them for a three-hour drive, they watched giraffe and other wild animals and he taught them about conservation and water ecology. Thank you so much TSAKANE for sponsoring these 10 kids to go on a Safari! READ MORE
  12. 12. 12 Special Days Mandela Day! We all joined hands in solidarity for Mandela Day!! 18 July, Nelson Mandela's Birthday!! Hands Across SA Brigitte Bardot’s Birthday The 28th of September was the 80th birthday of Brigitte Bardot!! We are so grateful for her support and hope that everybody will answer to her desires toward the protection of the animals.
  13. 13. Outreach Programme 13 Maakosha, Oaks Village FOCUS ON THE OAKS VILLAGE A waste management problem DAKTARI has a community management project with the municipality. The mission of this project is to develop the Oaks village to be known as an “Eco Friendly Touristic Village”. We first want to put in place a recycle solution. We are waiting for the approval of the municipality and the delivery of 20 cement dustbins and 3 recycling cages to equip the village at some strategic places.
  14. 14. Outreach Programme ECO-CLUB DAKTARI will organise a show with the children of the Eco Club to enhance the idea of a clean village during the call for public participation that will be done by the municipality. Also, to help with this project, the children will be involved in painting the dustbins and decorating them. 14
  15. 15. Outreach Programme 15 Welcome to Maakosha Guest House! Maakosha, the Lady of the Oaks, continues to welcome more and more DAKTARI volunteers in her house. We would like to say a huge thank you for her dedication and happiness. She represents a key figure for us to motivate the community to be involved in our recycling project. Click here for more details.
  16. 16. 16 SALE 20% OFF Click here or send an email to: inquiries@daktaribush SPECIAL DAKTARI OFFER!! *Offer available from the 1st of November to the 13th of December 2014. New booking only.
  17. 17. Special thanks to… All the DAKTARI team would like to say a warm thank you to Deltec Power Distributors. They donated all of the goods, sundries and labor needed for our new solar installation. Moreover, the cable and mc4 connecters were given by lapp cables. THANK YOU so much for your time and consideration. More solar electricity at DAKTARI for a brighter future!! 17 Solar Installation 4 Chakras Group ApexHi, one of the DAKTARI funders, has decided to sponsor us by sending a professional assistance for a whole year (4 Chakras Group) so DAKTARI can be sustainable for the long-term. A special mention must be made to Jacque and Rodney-Thank you so much for your advice, help and strong strategic input. Together we took the steps to ensure a more secure and prosperous future.
  18. 18. Special thanks to… Thank you to Procon/Consafe (Michelle Mac Gregor) for their donation through our board member Debbie Compton. 18 Donations Brigitte Bardot A huge and warm thank you to Brigitte Bardot Fondation for their donation toward the mongoose camp. Donation HP Donation Procon Thank you to HP, for donation of a printer organised by Rochelle Van Rooyen. Please note that we still looking for sponsor for cartridges or toner. Contact Michele at: Thank you for your help 
  19. 19. Animal of the month You now know everything about the adventures of DAKTARI these last 3 months. We hope you have enjoyed to read our newsletter. 19 WHAAAAT!! Already finish?! Noooooo!! See you in 3 months for more exciting news! Stay Tuned DAKTARI friends!!
  20. 20. A last word? “Dear Michele and Ian, Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to say that I admire what you do to improve the life of children and animals. When I came across your project with Shiloweni for the first time while surfing the Global Giving website, I couldn't NOT help the beautiful cat that you saved. I've always loved cats, you know, no matter how big and wild they are. Later I came to know and respect your other projects in DAKTARI school and orphanage. You teach the kids, open their eyes to their beautiful homeland and give them a chance for a better life. Knowing that somebody cares for you is important, so you are very important for these boys and girls and of course for your animals :) Thank you very-very much and all my best wishes! Tanya” 20 DONORS, DO THE SAME! Give us your feedback at We are very sensitive to your encouragement as it’s a way of supporting us as well  Thank you for your support!! THANK YOU so much Tanya!!!
  21. 21. HOW TO DONATE 21 In South Africa Bank: First National Bank, Hoedspruit, SA Swift number: FIRN ZA JJ Branch Number: 270652 Account Number: Cheque Account (Non-Profit) 62044965129 Name: Daktari Wildlife Orphanage, South Africa In Germany Bank: Sparkasse Münsterland-Ost Bankleitzahl: 40050150 Konto-Nummer: 1350 88 888. Name: Spendensammelverein Münster e.V. Reference: DAKTARI-Südafrika – Busch-Schule & Wildwaisen - Station UK (tax Deductible in UK) USA (tax Deductible in USA) If you are donating from the UK or USA use the global giving links to the left, or from South Africa and Europe use the bank transfer details to the right or Pay Pal button below… Thank you 
  22. 22. Thanks to all of you for your continued support! Visit our website: Follow all our adventures on Facebook and Twitter Follow all our great pictures on Instagram! Don’t miss our videos and subscribe to our Youtube Channel Help one of our projects on Global Giving NEED MORE INFOS? Contact