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  1. 1. Musician/SingerDakota Ketelsen
  2. 2. What they do.• Musicians Perform for live audiences and in recordings• They are always looking for a location to host a performance and due to this travel a lot• Many start off by just playing at special occasions to put a name out, than go into a specific genre when a career is start• A lot of practice and rehearsal is needed to become a successful artist.• A lot of musicians do photo shoots or interviews along with their music career to let the audience get a better idea of them.
  3. 3. Workplace• Often perform in concert halls, arenas or clubs• 43% of musicians are self-employed• Those who perform in nightclubs are always on the move• Many musicians find part time or intermittent work, and go through long stages of unemployment• Some go to full time work with music as only their part time career
  4. 4. Colleges/Education• 2 of the top schools for music production and programs are The Institute of the Artsin Philadelphia and Full Sail.• At the Institute of the Arts you can major in vocals which explore many types of music to bring different methods into your personal style• Also at the Institute you have to perform to audiences periodically that increase in size to provide easier time getting used to performing.• Full Sail is an online college that provides the software you need and is accessible anywhere. You can visit with your classmates and instructors at any time
  5. 5. Qualities• Passion for work• Patience• Good Timing/rhythm• Motivated• Appeasable• Preparation• Organized• Follow Directions
  6. 6. Financial Benefits• Lots of money and material rewards• Even after you quit making music, you can continue to write or you have opportunities to be asked to come to different events.• Music put up on websites still brings you money.
  7. 7. Advancement Employment Opportunities• You build a name for yourself• Featured on multiple entertainment things• You can open your music related business